114 -10 Simple Ways To Have a Tidier New Year Podcast

Podcast #114 from ASlobComesClean - 10 Simple Ways to Have a Tidier New Year



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  1. 1
    Anna Russell says:

    My refrigerator and freezers are cluttered full. I had to tape my freezer shut to keep the door closed this week. Do you have some hints? I have a lot of condiments: salad dressings, jams, jellies, syrups, and sauces for cooking. This week, I even have vegan margarine and cashew milk to cook for my daughter. Do most people throw away nearly full jars of condiments and buy a whole new jar when they make a recipe? I lead a busy life, and decluttering the fridge and freezer is another not-so-fun task. I have a lot of produce, too, so we can pack lunches with fruits and vegetables.

  2. 3
    Anna Russell says:

    I heard you say “What can I do to make this better?” There may be one tiny doable thing that can give me a start (after trash). That may be the cure to paralysis. I need a GIANT poster of it, though. If I can say this to myself, I think there should always be SOMEthing I can answer back in each situation . “Well, I could carry the full recyclable bin out of the house to the storage building until the next trash day.” (I have to bag mine up temporarily, because I get so many.) Anyway, that sentence you said really hit home with me.

    • 4
      Anna Russell says:

      Looking for ONE task that I can do (or item to remove) that makes that area look better may be a key to help me get past the overwhelm in that location and then look for another ONE task.

  3. 5

    Clean the shower while taking a shower: mind=blown. I have a new dish brush thingy, and am going to start this today. Thank you for making things so practical and easy, Dana. 🙂

  4. 6

    Dana – This was such a great episode. (I listen to all of them but I especially liked this one!) Are you planning to make the list of 10 into a post, or did you somewhere and I missed it? It would be great to have all of the tips in one spot for future reference.

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