Super Easy (and Awesome) April Fool’s Day Dinner Prank

April Fool's Day Prank Dinner Menu at

Last year, for the very first time ever, I thought about making a Prank Dinner BEFORE April 2nd.

Go me!

I posted pictures on Facebook, and the response was great, though it was tinged with a little “Ummmm, thanks for the idea NOW THAT IT’S TOO LATE!”

So here I am, remembering to post it at the very end of March.

Again, go me.

Credit (and affiliate link) must go to FamilyFun Magazine, where I saw the peas and carrots idea years ago. I googled ideas last year, and saw general ones, but then made up my own versions of everything.

I started the meal by declaring that we were going to eat dessert first. The family was thrilled at this idea.

For dessert, we had cupcakes.

April Fool's Meatloaf Cupcake at

Meatloaf cupcakes.

You can use your favorite meatloaf or mini-meatloaf recipe. My husband claims he despises meatloaf (and I’d say the same), so I just made up a meatloaf-ish recipe. I added bread crumbs, seasoning, an egg, and grated cheese to ground beef and shaped it into meatballs. Then, I made instant mashed potatoes, colored them with green food coloring, and snipped the corner off of a ziploc bag so I could “frost” the tops of the cupcakes after they came out of the oven.

Things I’ll do differently this year (now that this is a tradition instead of a prank): I will bake the meatloaf cupcakes without the cupcake liners and then transfer them into the liners. There was quite a bit of grease, so this will allow me to lift them out of the grease and into a clean liner.

Then, we had our veggies:

April Fool's Veggies made from Starburst and Laffy Taffy at

They looked pretty realistic. My family was totally fooled. The main problem was that there were SO FEW! This was the “dish” that took the longest. A VERY long time. Longer than I expected.

I used orange Starburst candy and green Laffy Taffy. The Starbursts I cut with a sharp knife into four pieces each. I put the Laffy Taffy in the microwave for five to ten seconds and then cut off pieces to roll into peas. That was harder than it sounds.

My family was totally enthralled with this meal at this point. They had LOVED the meatloaf/mashed potato cupcakes. When they found out that the vegetables were actually candy, they cheered. I was a hero.

Best. Mom. Ever.

And then, for dessert, we had chicken nuggets.

Chicken Nuggets for April Fool's Day made from Bananas at

I’d looked up ideas that were fairly complicated, but then realized I could simply put graham crackers in the food processor and then dip banana slices in the crumbs.

Don’t those look amazingly like chicken nuggets? They really do.

They look TOO much like chicken nuggets.

Even though I was a hero for all my tricky food up to this point, my children were HORRIFIED that these were not “real” chicken nuggets. My daughter (7 at the time), was especially upset. In fact, she cried. Bawled. Hysterically.

Her disappointment was heartbreaking.

Evidently, I NEVER ever serve chicken nuggets. Ever. She was giddy with happiness through the first part of the meal, partly because of her creative mother, but mostly because she was thrilled at the thought of having chicken nuggets. At home. For dinner!

When they weren’t actually chicken nuggets (duh!), she was devastated.

Kind of ruined the mood, honestly.

FYI, I did buy some popcorn chicken and served it the next week.

What stunts have you pulled for April Fool’s Day at your house?


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MORE Clutter Free Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Even More Clutter-Free Stocking Stuffers at

Last fall, I shared an AWESOME list put together from your suggestions of things to put into stockings that won’t end up as clutter.

This year, I’ve been sharing some ideas for Clutter Free Stocking Stuffers over on my Facebook page for the last month or so. It’s fun to think of things now that might not occur to me during a frantic trip to the store on December 24th.  And, of course, it’s a great opportunity to put out lots of Amazon affiliate links, as I’ll be doing in this post now . . .  (Though, of course, most of these things can be found in any store.)

Please note that these are suggestions. Each one must be examined according to the person whose stocking it will stuff. For real. While one person might think loving thoughts about you while she sharpens her kitchen knives, another might find that knife sharpener in her overly cluttered drawer and think altogether different thoughts about you.

Clutter is oh-so-personal.


Stocking Stuffers for Women (or men)

(If you stuff your own stocking, it’s a great chance to replace some of those kitchen things that need replacing.)

Kitchen Scissors

Can opener

Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils (I got a set a few years ago that I LOVE so much!)

wooden spoons (In case yours are broken or starting to splinter like mine might be.)

New (stain-free, unripped) Kitchen Towels


A Knife Sharpener


Stocking Stuffers for Men (or women)

Fishing Lures

Playing Cards

Anything from the list above that you didn’t have room to stick into your own stocking.

T-Shirts (I got everyone a fun t-shirt last year and they took up LOTS of space in the stocking!!)

SD Cards

Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher (These take at least 4 weeks to ship, so get it now. Hubby got one just like this last year in his stocking, but I’m pretty sure Santa meant it for me. I LOVE that thing!!)

Razor, shaving cream

Nail clippers

Cellphone Car Charger (Just be sure you know the kind of phone so you buy one that’s compatible.)


Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Uno or Phase 10 (Or other card games the whole family can play together.)

Gamewright Little Hands Playing Card Holder or Playing Card Holders which help small hands hold playing cards. (Also see the suggestions from many of you of homemade versions!)

Towel hooks like these (I got plastic ones at Dollar Tree that have worked beautifully for years now.)

Warm hats and gloves

Don’t forget there are many more ideas in my post from last year. Click here!




Practical Tips for Getting Your Mama Body to the Pool

Practical Tips for Getting Your Mama Body to the Pool with Your Kids at ASlobComesClean

Me directing my 10 year old how to take the picture. And NOT drop my phone in the water.

This post over at the Creative Mom has been going viral, and I love it. It’s totally my philosophy. If you haven’t read it, you should. The author encourages moms to stop worrying about body image and get in the water with their kids.

It’s totally inspirational.

But you know me . . . I’m all about being practical. Inspiration only takes me so far.

So as someone who is committed to taking my three kids swimming at least five days each week every summer, I’ll share what I’ve learned over the past six years of hauling my own Mom Bod to the pool.

Look the Part.

This is the theatre teacher in me. Nothing irritates me more than someone wearing a 1940s costume with a 2014 hairstyle.


What I mean is, be willing to play your role. All the way. Step into your character as Mom with Three Kids.

Sure, it’s awesome if you’re Fit Mom or Slim Mom, but not everyone gets to be cast as that character. Every play needs Frazzled Mom and Overweight Mom and Mom Who Doesn’t Have the Time or Money to Test Every Hair Product on the Market to See Which One Will Keep Her Hair from Frizzing. It’s THOSE characters who make the play interesting.

This is my philosophy. I’m a mom. I’m working on getting fit, but in the meantime I’m embracing my role.

Get swimwear you’re comfortable wearing.

Practical Tips for Getting Your Mom Body to the Pool with Your Kids at

OK. So the first part is more of a pep talk, but now I’m getting specific. (And, just for the record, I’m using some affiliate links.)

There are all sorts of modest, comfortable bathing suits out there.  Unfortunately, though, many are CRAZY expensive. Like, in $80-$100+. For a cheapskate like me, if I wasn’t fully convinced I would wear it more than twice in the summer, that price tag would make me decide I just couldn’t do it.

And that would be my final excuse for not heading to the pool.

So here’s what I do. I buy board shorts. I’ve done swim skirts before, but I don’t like how they float up in the water.

I linked to some for a decent price on Amazon, but I generally get mine at Walmart for around $10-$15. You can wear a one-piece with the shorts, but that makes bathroom trips, ummmm . . . difficult. (Especially with kids small enough that they have to come with you . . . )

I grab a bikini bottom from the clearance rack for around $7. I don’t care what it looks like since it’s not going to be seen. It’s like Swimmin’ Undies.

Then, I’ll spend a little more for a tankini top. Costco had them last year for around $15, but didn’t carry them this year. I got mine at Sears for about $18.

Total cost is around $40, but I’ve worn the same swim shorts for three or four years now. The other items usually wear out after a summer of intense use.

Oh, one more hint that’s really just personal opinion: Halter tankinis make you look awesome. Seriously, they lift the things that need lifting. However, if the things you need lifted are somewhat heavy . . . it will eventually (or soon) KILL your neck. I’m all about being comfortable so I don’t do halters.

Prepare realistically.

If you read and relate to this blog, there’s a chance you’re the mom who loves to think of EVERY possible thing you would need to make a trip to the pool perfect. You might even make a list. And that first time, you would rock it.

But then life happens. So here are a few tips I’ve learned from experience.

  • Drip-drying works. Towels, schmowels.
  • A big box of unmeltable, special snacks marked “POOL ONLY” is a good alternative to making snack decisions on a daily basis.
  • Small Sonic slushes are only 50 cents each from 2-4 in case you forget the special snacks.

Honestly, the ONLY thing I never ever forget (because we keep it in the Suburban) is the sunscreen. And FYI, the Banana Boat Kid’s (or Baby) Tear Free Sunscreenis the ONLY kind that doesn’t burn kids’ eyes or faces. No other “Baby” or “mild” sunscreens have passed that test for us. And believe me . . . we’ve tried them all.

Oh, and if (like me) you don’t like smearing goop on your face, get a hat. Moms are SUPPOSED to embarrass their kids. I’m loving this one. (I got it for less at Costco, though.)

Just Go

I had “get a cover-up” and “bring a friend to talk to”as other things to include, but I’m going to skip that. Just go. If you’ve avoided going with your kids, the first time will be uncomfortable and awkward, but that’s okay. My main motivation for being purposeful about going all the time is that there’s nothing else to do to stay active in the Texas heat. My kids are in AWESOME shape every summer.

My secondary motivation is the joy I get from watching my kids experience childhood.

I do get in the water. I do play with them some. But it’s also perfectly fine for me to yak with my Mama Friends while we tread water (or just stand in the shallow end) while the kids make their own fun.

Without any direction from me, they spend the summer learning to dive by doing 67,001 practice dives. They organize races and relays. They use splash balls and pool noodles to play baseball with kids they wouldn’t even recognize at school when everyone’s wearing clothes. They have Crazy Jump contests and make George Washington hairstyles by flipping their hair up in the water. They learn to do in-the-water handstands and flips.

It’s worth it. Totally, completely worth the hassle and discomfort of stuffing this Mom Body into a spandex suit. Over and over again.

I’d love to hear your tips for getting to the pool/lake/whatever with your kids!


I’m not a fashion blogger. You can stop laughing now. Or a swimsuit model. Seriously, get up off the floor.  I just feel the need to say that I’m not giving advice on how to look your best at the pool. This is how to get yourself there. No matter your size or shape.

I suppose it’s possible that Sonic’s drinks cost more wherever you live. Check the price before you order. If you send me a bill for the overage, I’ll throw it away.

I included affiliate links in this post. Every single time there’s a link to Amazon, it’s an affiliate link. I love love love affiliate links. If you follow one to Amazon and buy ANYthing there (even a new refrigerator), I get a teeny percentage of what you spend while your purchase price is the same as if you didn’t go through my link. It’s one of the ways I get to call this blog my job.


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