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Linda here, Dana’s assistant, stepping in so she can stay remain in her “zone” as much as possible while she finishes her book. Anyone else out there as excited about her book as I am?!  For Dana, writing a book is a long-time goal and dream that will soon be a reality.

Reality. That’s what it all boils down to, right? Has A Slob Comes Clean helped make it easier to give up on ideals and face reality in your own home? We need to hear about it! Dana will be including quotes from people like you who have accepted their ideals don’t always work in real life and have faced the reality of it all. Do you have an experience to share?

Fill out the form below and it may end up in one of “Nony’s” projects!

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Feel free to state your name as anonymous. As “Nony” I totally understand.

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Did you have other experiences about gaining control over your home you’d like to share? It’s not too late! Go here to see all Dana’s “Share Your Experience” forms.


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