021 Meal Plans & Freezer Cooking Podcast

Podcast #21 from - Meal Planning and Freezer Cooking

In Podcast 21, I talk about meal planning and freezer cooking.

Mentioned within this podcast:

My version of freezer cooking (with links to recipes and how-tos for pre-cooking and freezing chicken and ground beef)

My recipes

Messy Kitchen Prep and How I Deal With It- (Specifically about ground beef)

How to Package and Freeze Chicken Purchased in Bulk (Also has link to find out more about purchasing from Zaycon)

My current giveaway for a prize pack of cleaning supplies from Zep Commercial.

Details about Zep’s America’s Biggest Hot Mess contest. ($5K prize and house-cleaning)

Why Freezer Cooking Tickles my Organizing Bone (also shows shredding chicken tip)

Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday posts (with links to LOTS of menu plans!)

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    I’ve recently started browning hamburger in the crockpot, and I found that to be a huge timesaver. You can get all the grease off out easily by putting it in a colander after it’s done cooking, and then spraying it with cold water to remove more grease and cool it down so you can put it in the freezer.

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    Did you know you can shred chicken in the mixer? I used to hate making anything with shredded chicken because of that chore, but now, it’s mainly what I use.

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    Elizabeth B says:

    I’ve been trying to eat from the pantry. I look in the pantry now when planning anything and try to incorporate at least one thing into the meal. I fell into the ‘I want to try that someday–maybe next week’ trap and my pantry was full to overflowing. Unfortunately it was all stuff that really didn’t go together or that we weren’t interested in. I am slowly thinning it out, now! Thanks for the tips. I want to be able to prep ahead better.

  4. 4

    I loved the tip about freezing grilled chicken breasts, and I am proud of myself for checking the price per pound before buying it and having my husband grill and freeze it. I also quit scrubbing the dishes before putting them into my brand new dishwasher! And the podcast where you said our time is a container?! Priceless! I also struggle with overcommitting. Church, sports, lucrative hobbies…Oh my!

    I need to show my appreciation by getting on my laptop and figuring out how to comment on Itunes 😉

  5. 6

    After bouncing around on the blog for a while, I am now going through all of the podcasts in order. I really enjoyed this podcast about meal planning.

    Speaking of rice cookers, I almost decluttered mine…because I thought my grandmother had given me the world’s worst crockpot. Then hubby (who loves rice) came along and we use the rice cooker at least once a week now.

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