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Podcast 3 is live!  And . . . I’m now in the iTunes store! The podcasts are free to download there, and iTunes makes it simple to subscribe to them.

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In Podcast 3 I share:

Part 3 of my Slob Story

An update on my week

Perspective on clutter – It’s not about figuring out how to organize your stuff, it’s about figuring out how much stuff you can personally handle. This is different for everyone, and decluttering to the point where you only have what you can handle will help your home stay under control.

Posts I refer to in Podcast 3

Five Years Ago . . .

Panic at 3 a.m.

Enjoying My Office! (The post where it hit me that I had added square footage to the house by clearing that room.)

Considering a New Label for Myself (About my need to be a minimalist)

Google + Hangout – How to Gain Traction in Your Home

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To listen to the podcast here or download it to your computer (without going through iTunes), look for the thin gray bar with a play button that is below the “You May Also Like” pictures.


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  1. 1

    So much of what you talk about describes me- All the way down to the “ebay room.” I have been reading all the back posts from the beginning. I could be described as a slob although I hate the baggage of the word. You give me hope that life can change and order can be had in this house. I don’t know where your husband is on this slob journey but mine is a borderline hoarder from a LONG line of hoarders. I try very hard to put limits on what comes into the house but things “appear” here. –Hey. don’t judge I am tired and weak in spirit by the end of the week ;-). Thanks for being vulnerable and putting yourself out there so all the rest of us can learn to be free from (so-much) slobbiness.

  2. 2

    I LOVE your podcast. I feel like you are talking about me when you describe what is happening to you :O) something I wonder… How does your husband fit into all of this? Is he clean/messy? Does he have cleaning assignments or ever say anything about the need to clean? I’m not judging. My husband doesn’t help clean up, and he takes advantage of that a lot, but generally he is a person who is NOT messy so when things get out of control, he mentions it.

  3. 4

    i am really enjoy listening to your podcasts.

  4. 6

    I am sitting and listening to your podcasts from the beginning (001) and sooooooo much of what you are saying resounds heavily with me. I am on 003 now and will try to get through all of them this week.

    Thank you for telling your truth because listening to you I don’t feel so alone. I am like you were especially when you described in podcast 001 about how you felt it would click in and have this perfectly clean home automatically and it just did not happen like that.

    Thanks for these podcasts.


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