Reasons #71-73 Why Daily Pick-Ups are Important

Don’t search the blog for numbers one through seventy.  I’ve written quite a bit about how much of a difference having a Focused Daily Pick-Up Time makes, but I haven’t been numbering them.

I used artistic license to emphasize that there are just so many reasons.  And “Reasons Ba-jillion and Ba-jillion-and-One” sounded less official.

If I cussed, I’d probably have said, “More Reasons Why Daily Pick-Ups are So Blankety-Blank Important.”

But I don’t.

So I didn’t.

(But it would have been my favorite option if I did.)

If you’ve stayed with me over my excessively whiny period of the past few weeks, you know I’m struggling big time to keep the house from chaos since my schedule has changed.

Today I ended up not being in such a hurry because I have a sick little boy and had to cancel our guests. My daughter was devastated to miss out on her playtime (and I have completely lost hope that “the sheet” will ever leave our home), but it was nice to be able to take my time and focus on Picking Up.

Reason #71:


Left in an easy-to-forget-we-used-that-bag-for-our-picnic-last-week-when-it’s-laying-on-the-floor-with-other-random-items picnic bag.

Our picnic was exactly seven days ago today.  Obviously, I should have done a daily pick up at some point during those seven days, but I’m just thankful I didn’t wait longer.  Much longer.

Like I would have pre-blog.

Reason #72:

Stuff I save can’t save the day when it’s forgotten in the middle of a pile.

In both yesterday’s table-clearing and today’s Pick-Up Time, I found packets of creamer.  These packets have a place and a purpose.  But since they weren’t in their place, they couldn’t fulfill their purpose . . . and I had to use skim milk in my coffee one day this week when my monster-sized bottle of powdered creamer ran out.

NOT the same.

Reason #73:

Easter grass. 

Hideous stuff.

I had it bagged up and at the door on Tuesday morning, ready to be taken out for the trash.  I’m guessing the fact that there was clutter everywhere caused it to blend in, and kept hubby from realizing it was trash.

Somehow, around Wednesday or so, someone got into it and it was strewn across the floor.  And yet, because of the other clutter, I couldn’t muster the energy to pick up AND sweep up.  Or the energy to figure out who was responsible, or the mental-energy to remember to have the kids clean it up.  Totally lame excuse, I know.

MUST adjust to new schedule.

MUST make Focused Daily Pick-ups a priority.

CANNOT let it keep getting this bad.

A Few Things – Did You Know It’s Almost May???

April’s Decluttering Update

Don’t forget that Sunday is May 1st.  I know.  I can’t believe it either.  I’ll put up the monthly decluttering update linky on Sunday night, so be sure to link up a blog post or share your progress and/or struggles in the comments.  (I won’t mess it up this time!)  Those who get their links in within the first day generally get between 35 and 50 hits, so it’s worth linking up early!

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My "Big" Project This Week

Here it is.
My big decluttering/organizing/cleaning project of the week:
I cleaned off the dining room table.
Perhaps you are thinking, “Ummmm, haven’t you done that before?  Like . . . a hundred times?  And written a hundred posts about it?”
Yes.  Yes, I have.
Yet it continually returns to slob-blogger-post-worthy status.
While I’d love to dig into a nook or cranny and do some down and dirty decluttering this week, I can’t justify that because of the overall state of the house.
It’s a wreck.
I have a friend coming over tomorrow and home groups on Sunday night so I know I’ll be motivated to pick up and de-disasterize the kitchen and living room.
But if I don’t turn the dining room table into its own “project” it will end up being scooped into one big box of clutter and moved to the Master Bedroom.
And we all know how that story would end.
So, I decluttered/cleaned the table.
It wasn’t the least bit difficult, and didn’t take much time at all.  
Mostly, there was Easter stuff.  Baskets and eggs and candy and such.  Plastic eggs were emptied and put back in storage for next year, and candy was moved to one big treat basket.
I rejoiced to find a piece of my beloved banana Laffy Taffy:
And thought unkind thoughts about the parents of my son’s classmates who felt it necessary to tape eggs shut.  
I pitched the long-dead roses from my daughter’s birthday party that we had on April 2nd.
I put trash in the trashcan and took other absent-mindedly-placed items back to their proper homes.  
And now it looks like this:
I like it much better.  I think I should keep it this way forever.  (Har-dee-har-har-har.)
Here’s the real after picture:
That’s a sheet I borrowed from my best friend when we went Christmas shopping and I needed to cover up a gift in the back of my Suburban.  If I don’t put it there, I’ll never remember to give it to her tomorrow.
Actually, I’ll still probably forget, but maybe she’ll read this post tonight.
I’ll be linking this up over at for her 52 Weeks of Organizing.


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