Master Bedroom Saga

Decluttering a VERY Messy Master Bedroom

Last August, I overhauled my master bedroom.

Big time.

Here’s the complete saga, all together, so you can watch the videos all in one place.  (There are also links to each of the blog posts in the series.)

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The Master Bedroom Saga: Series Finale

Decluttering the Dresser (Again)

(Click here if you can’t see the video.)

I shared in the Series Finale of the Master Bedroom Saga last week that I spent part of that final day decluttering the dresser.

It was its own project, so I am giving it its own post and webisode.

Basically, I had things in my drawers that hadn’t been worn in forever. All of the stuff piled on top of the dresser was the stuff I actually wear.  But . . . I couldn’t fit the good stuff in the dresser because the bad stuff was taking up all the drawer space.

When the room as a whole was a disaster, it wasn’t really that big of a deal for the dresser to look like this:

But if I was going to tackle the whole room, something (obviously) had to be done.


I had looked through these drawers many times, and hadn’t been able to part with certain never-worn items because of their sentimental value.

For example:

I bought the one on the left in London when I traveled there to visit a friend about a year after I graduated from college.

I bought the one in the middle at a Theatre conference when I was in college.

I bought the one on the right when I lived in Thailand.

See how they each have special memories attached?  See how they’re each more than fourteen years old?

But I was ready.

I had so thoroughly enjoyed my mostly-decluttered master bedroom for two months last fall.  These t-shirts were taking up precious drawer space, and that lack of space was the cause of a major eyesore in the room.

I was finally ready to part with them forever.

Memories are great, but a livable Master Bedroom is better. 

In the end, I decluttered more than I kept.

I even ended up with an empty drawer.


And I wasn’t tempted to go back through the stack of decluttered stuff and pick out a few things to keep. . .

That’s progress, people. 

And here’s the after shot:

I really wish I’d made the bed before I tackled the dresser. 


The Master Bedroom Saga: Series Finale

It’s here.

The finale.

In case you’re new to the blog, last August/September, I worked on my Master Bedroom.  I took out EVERYTHING except the major furniture, and only put back what I really wanted to keep.  It was a success.

For like . . . two months.

During those two months, it looked basically like this:

And this:

But still had this:

Other than the blanket pile, it’s not that bad.  Really, for me . . . it was awesome.  But I waited to share after photos, because I wanted to make it perfect.

In hindsight, I wish I would have just gone ahead and posted those photos.

Because even though it looked like this for a record-breaking two months, eventually . . . November happened.

And I had to pack for five people to go on a cruise.  And then I went to Chicago for three days.  And then I directed a play, and wrote an e-book, celebrated Christmas and New Year’s, and released an e-book.

And by the time I was finished editing and putting out the videos of the work I did in the Master Bedroom, it looked nothing like the after photos I had.

And I couldn’t justify sharing After Photos that were now only a pleasant memory. 

So here goes.  I’m going to share what my Master Bedroom looked like last Thursday morning:

And . . . post over.


That’s not enough?


Here are the real photos:


I have no explanation/excuse.  I just have to say that this is what happens.

When I get overwhelmed and over-busy, I pretend my Master Bedroom doesn’t exist.

And that happens.

But this post isn’t over.

Here’s the thing.  Even as I went through the horrible, terrible, very bad process of getting everything out of the room back in August, I never had the delusion that it would never get like this again.  I knew it would.

I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly . . .

But the point of the Major Declutter was to make future de-disasterizing easier.  It was to get the room to a point where it could be cleaned. Just cleaned.  Not overhauled.

So Thursday, I cleaned up the room.  I did purge my dresser drawers, since that was one thing I didn’t tackle during the overhaul and obviously . . . I should have.  (Post/webisode coming on that later.)

But other than getting rid of threadbare swimsuits and t-shirts that I’ll never wear again, the only other decluttering I did in the room was to get rid of these things that I ran across as I picked up and cleaned.

My point?  Well, usually a big clean-up is a big decluttering project for me.  This wasn’t.  Which meant that it only took me an hour or so to get the room cleaned up.

Everything in the room, though out of place . . . had a place, even if that place wasn’t in that room.

Confusing enough?

Pre-saga, there was a mass of random junk that was stuck in there  indefinitely.

Now, there’s not.

The only stuff making it a disaster was stuff I’d brought in for a certain purpose and that could easily return to its real home.

Picking up and putting away didn’t take all that long.  It was basically trash (like Amazon boxes from Christmas presents), and vacation stuff that never got put away (like sunscreen and medicines and flip-flops).

When I quit on Thursday, it looked like this:

Not even stressing over Hubby’s table or shoes.

Yep.  A few piles over on Hubby’s side. 

I’m proud of these after photos.    The only thing I didn’t even try to tackle was the still-there-after-months-and-months Pile O’ Blankets.

(Those of you who suggested I might have more blankets than we actually need MIGHT have been right.  Might.)

But then on Friday I started tackling blankets, and with today’s Laundry Day, that side of the room now looks like this:

So was the Saga worth it?

Yes.  It definitely was.  (Even though I soooo wish it had magically stayed that way forever.)

I don’t know that I’ll ever get to the point where I never have to do Disaster Control in my Master Bedroom again, but all the decluttering and re-arranging I did made this Disaster Control Session ever-so-much easier and quicker than it has ever been before.

I cleaned my room.  And I didn’t have to declutter it first.  That may be a first for me.

I’m sorry if you’re horrified.

I don’t know what to be except honest.

I’m sure there will be more posts in the future about this room . . . . 

Click here if you can’t see the video. 


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