Last Minute Thanksgiving Fun with the Kids!

Easy Last Minute Thanksgiving Fun with the Kids! At

If you’re anything like me, this is the point in Thanksgiving week when you suddenly look up and think, “Wait!! I was going to do something crafty and awesome with my kids this week!”

It’s not too late. I have three crazy-easy ideas for you that take almost no time at all to put together. And remember, the kids don’t generally care whether you spent house browsing Pinterest for the perfect idea, they just like to do something. Anything.

If your kids want to contribute something to Thanksgiving dinner all on their own, but you’re not willing/able to give them control of the stove, here’s a simple idea:

Easy Kids' Activities for Thanksgiving

As a pre-dinner appetizer (our lunch usually happens at 2, and people often need a little something to tide them over), crackers with leaf-shaped cheese. I made this up and did it with my troop of 7 year old Brownies. They loved it and were capable of making some beautiful leaves with plastic knives. I used TownHouse Crackers for their oval shape and pre-sliced cheddar cheese.

That fall tree in the background? Another easy and fun craft we did. Find the instructions here.

You won’t believe how easy it is to make this Girl’s Pilgrim Hat with a piece of 11×16 paper:

Super Simple Girl's Pilgrim Hat at

Get the instructions here.

Personalized Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments at

And if the weather’s cold and you’re stuck inside, go ahead and make some personalized ornaments for the Christmas tree you’ll be decorating soon! (You probably have everything you need in your kitchen!)



  1. Oh I’m drooling over those crackers. Cute ideas for Thanksgiving decorations, too. I wish I’d known about the tree when the kids were small enough to enjoy those things. :)

  2. when you posted those ornaments on wfmw, that is when I came to your blog and read it ALL…lol

    and I was just wondering if you could share with us , the ones you have made in the last few years

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