Black Bean Lettuce Wraps (And my Weekly Menu Plan)

I intended to post this recipe during the 31 Days of Lame Excuses series.  I was going to title it, “But Veggies Don’t Fill Me Up . . . ”

But I didn’t post it.  I could come up with an excuse for why I didn’t . . . .

Anyway, this is a recipe that I created while we were on our two-weeks-of-veggies-only diet a few months ago.

It’s good.  And it’s filling. 

Here’s what I found: Veggies don’t fill me up when I’m totally addicted to sugar. 

When I’ve eliminated sugar, somehow fruits and vegetables are ever-so-much-more satisfying.

It’s not as fun to say that now as it was when I was rocking the veggies thing.

Y’know, since I’ve been sneaking Halloween candy for the past five days.

But the principle is still true.

And really, this was the most filling recipe we tried.


2 Cans Black beans

Garlic (to taste)

Onions (to taste)

Cumin (to taste)

Large lettuce leaves (whatever kind you like)

Fresh Guacamole


Put onions and garlic in a skillet with a little olive oil over medium heat.

Drain and rinse the black beans, and then mash them with a potato masher right in the skillet.

Season with salt and cumin.  If the beans are too dry, add water, salsa or chicken stock.

When the beans taste right to you and are warmed through, serve them by wrapping in a lettuce leaf with fresh guacamole.  I like to roll mine tightly, so they’re pretty-looking . . . but Hubby doesn’t worry about that.

Yum.  Seriously.  And not just yum-because-you-can’t-eat-anything-else-on-this-diet. Even my 9yo loved these and has requested them again.

Our menu plan for this week:

Monday – Crockpot chicken teriyaki with broccoli

Tuesday – Jambalaya

Wednesday – Faux Alfredo

Thursday –Chicken fried rice

Friday – Out to eat!

Saturday – Homemade pizzas


I’ll be linking this up over at Menu Plan Monday!

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  1. 1

    That sounds so delicious and so easy! I could do that!

  2. 2

    That faux alfredo is neat. I have never made alfredo before!

  3. 3
    Carolina_D says:

    Hi, I’m back! Yay. These look SO darned good, but it’s after midnight, and the ONLY ingredient I have right now is lettuce! You can bet that I will be picking up the rest of the stuff tomorrow. In fact, if the store has any butter lettuce I’ll grab one of those too, just cos it sounds perfect to go along with the other ingredients in this. I’m going to Trader Joe’s, and if THEY don’t have it, probably no one in Tucson will. Plus, sometimes they have frozen guac…it sounds pretty icky, but it’s actually quite good, especially after you add some fresh diced tomatoes and a couple of other ingredients (some fresh minced cilantro and some fresh lime juice. It’s already got jalapenos, etc. in it. Or, if they DON’T have it frozen, it’s still pretty quick to make from scratch, but I’m all about easy right now. (I don’t have my ‘sea legs’ back yet, the less standing, etc. I have to do the better. Hopefully I’ll be back to ‘myself’ within a couple of weeks. Say a little prayer for me if you have time. I need strength to deal with all the pain. (Or for a miracle that removes the pain for once and for all!) Anyway, I have something now to look forward to tomorrow. That helps too. I’m actually ‘drooling’ right now. True story. (TMI? LOL!) So, thanks for the recipe/idea.

  4. 4

    crock pot chicken teriaki w/ broccoli? recipe, pretty please?

    • 5

      Hi Wilma,

      I just put chicken breasts in the crockpot and dump a bottle of teriyaki sauce on them. Sometimes I add broccoli at the end in the crockpot, or cook it separately.

  5. 6

    Dana, I thought we were alike in just our slob brains but that is how my body works as well. I have to get pretty much all the sugar out and then I can eat normally, and healthy things taste good.

    But even though I know that, sometimes I have gone years where I can’t (don’t) get the sugar out of my diet. Then I find myself needing to eat at 1 in the morning. And 3 in the morning. Etc. It seems like what it would be like to be a junkie. “Oh, sugar is running low, need a shot of pop!” Happily, I am “clean” for about 2 months (although with a few days of holiday timeouts). This is why I am hoping between your declutter/daily habit ideas (wow!!!) and my increased energy from healthy eating, 2014 is going to be different !!! Not perfect, but noticeably better!

    Thank you so much for your blog and your wonderful self!

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