My “Done List” vs My “To Do List”

I do much better at making a list of things I’ve already accomplished than at making lists of things I need to do.

Y’know, since it doesn’t really matter if I misplace the Done List . . .

As I begin 2013, I’m looking back at the things I did in 2012 as way to remind myself how much can be accomplished in one year.

1.  I rearranged/created the gameroom.  I absolutely LOVE how this room has worked out.  By giving the room an identity, our home’s overall livability has improved.  It was a project that got on my nerves most of the time, a project that I wasn’t able to do as “properly” as I wanted, but our family has greatly benefited from the fact that I did it imperfectly.

2.  I emptied the master bedroom and made big changes in there.  I’ll post the series finale of the Master Bedroom Saga soon . . .

3.  I wrote three e-books.  Seriously.  And that’s one of the reasons why I needed to make this list.  It wasn’t until I stopped to think that I realized all three e-books I have written were written in 2012.  I began 28 Days to Hope for Your Home at the end of 2011, but finished writing and released it at the end of January.  Teaching Kids to Clean was released in May, and Drowning in Clutter? was released on December 30th.  (No wonder I’m so tired.)

4.  My blog became my business.  This is partly because the e-books have allowed me to make a small income from it, but also because I started viewing it as a business.  I had to so I’d have the courage to say no to all the other things that I could be doing.

5.  I started writing scripts again.  If you’ve been around here long, you know I was a Theatre teacher.  The stage is where my heart feels at home.  I’ve been writing scripts for drama at my church.  I’ve also remembered how much I love doing that. 

2013 To Do List

(No numbers on this one because the order isn’t set in stone!)

– Go through the house and re-declutter.  (Complete with webisodes . . . )

– Start podcasting.  (Here’s a radio interview I did recently!)

– Decorate my entryway using the fabulous theme I thought of about two years but have never even started.

– Paint.  (Playroom floor, kids’ rooms, and more)

– Get my other e-books up onto Amazon.

– Set up a website to begin selling the scripts I’m writing anyway.

– Set up another website that Hubby and I want to do together.

I don’t know what 2013 holds, so this list definitely doesn’t cover everything I hope to accomplish in it.

These are the things I know need to be done.  In my dreams, I’ll accomplish all of it next week.


Oh, and then the other thing/goal/dream on my list?  Write a book.  Like, a real one that’s on paper and everything.

Have you looked back on 2012 or ahead to 2013?  What is on your Done List and your To Do Lists?

Did you get your copy of my new e-book, Drowning in Clutter?, yet?  It’s on sale for all of January!

Plans for 2012

I’m having a hard time believing that the new year is here!

On this third New Year’s Day since I started A Slob Comes Clean, I’ve decided not to make any big proclamations.  I’m just going to keep chugging along, trying to maintain the order I’ve achieved so far in my deslobification process, and working to gain more traction through decluttering.

Because the decluttering . . . never . . . ends . . .

But I have made a few plans.  Plans are good.  Resolutions are made to be broken, and even goals are just ambiguous enough for me to not feel all-that-guilty when I accidentally-on-purpose forget about them.

I know it’s really just a matter of different words meaning the same thing, but here’s how I see it.  Saying I’m going to get in shape this year doesn’t really mean anything.  Putting on my sports bra first thing in the morning so I can stop by the gym after I drop off the kids at school?  That means something.

Anyway, I’m going to share a few plans I have in different areas of my life.

My Home:

Even though I have been consistently decluttering for more than two years now, I still have a lot more to do.  And I still get the post-holiday itch to GET IT ALL OUT OF MY HOUSE!  While I would love to focus completely on decluttering for two whole weeks at the expense of everything else in my life, I know that I’m going to be right back on my way-too-busy schedule starting tomorrow.  So, to keep from getting discouraged, I’m just going to keep going.  Keep finding moments here, and hours there, to declutter and organize and such.

I’m hearing many bloggers talk about having a “word” for 2012.  I like this idea.  Last year, I thought about the word “minimalist“.  That’s a nice word, but I just don’t think it’s dramatic enough for me.  It sounds like someone who smiles demurely and responds calmly.

Not me.

Soooo, my word is “Extreme”.  Fits me much better, don’t you think?  Even though I’m trying to be realistic and pace my decluttering, I still want it to be extreme.  Here’s the thing.  Last year, the projects I did that had lasting impact were the extreme ones. The ones where I ruthlessly purged EVERYthing that wasn’t absolutely necessary.  Those spaces stayed fairly organized, even when life got crazy and I accidentally-on-purpose ignored them for (sometimes long) periods of time.

The two spaces I “plan” to declutter to the extreme?  My master bedroom and our office/gameroom/guest room.

My health:

I bought brown rice yesterday.

I’m going to try brown rice in our Chicken Fried Rice that we love so much.  It’s a small step that will hopefully lead to more steps.  I’m tired of failing at big plans to get healthier, so I’m just focusing on small things.

And the sports bra.  I’ll do that tomorrow, too.

My schedule:

I am over-committed this year.  Honestly, I’m  horrified to think how over-committed I could be if I had said yes to all of the things I was asked to do.  While I do have to make it through to May before I can really change anything schedule-wise, I need to guard my time and use it wisely.

The blog:

And . . . here’s the stuff I’m really excited about!

Mostly, I’m going to keep blogging as I have been, reporting every day on my own successes, struggles and strategies. But I do have some fun things planned.

Starting (hopefully) this week, I’m going to do a series about How to Get Rid of Stuff. If there’s anything I feel like an expert about, it’s that.  Mostly because I have faaarrrrr more experience than most, due to all the stuff I have. For a slob, not knowing the best way to get rid of things can be paralyzing.  I’ll share how to decide if it’s worth your time to sell something on ebay, and many other ways to get stuff out of your house so you can start living in it.

Tomorrow (hopefully), I’ll post another Sneeze Page, this time with links to all of my checklists. But . . . I am also working furiously to put all of those checklists into e-book form.  They’ll all still be available to print through Google Docs like they’ve always been (and they’ll be easier to find because of the sneeze page), but if someone really wanted them all together in an easy download . . . that will be available for purchase.

Part of my reason for wanting a little experience with e-books is . . . . I’m writing one.  Like, a real one.  All new content, if not new concepts.  My goal is to release it at the end of January.  I’ve been asked many times to write a deslobification manual, and I’ve resisted. But about a month ago, an idea of how to do it in a way that fits my style and my mission hit me.  I’m really excited about it, if  a little overwhelmed at my self-imposed deadline.


I’d love to hear what you’re planning for 2012!  Please also let me know in the comments if there is something you’d like to see here at A Slob Comes Clean.




Empty Shelves and Tubs . . . Adjusting My Mindset for Summer

Empty Shelves and Tubs Adjusting Mindset for Summer - A Slob Comes Clean

If you’ve been reading lately, you know how much I love summer with the kids.

You also know that I’m a little scared.

It feels a little like Chapter One of the blog is coming to an end. I began this blog on the first day of this school year, determined to hold myself accountable and begin to focus on my home. Although it’s very far from perfect, I have made real progress.

But Friday, at 12:15, everything will change. I have plans, but I know that new challenges will blindside me. Lack of routine and a house full at all times is a wonderful blessing, but I will have to adjust my mindset.

On Saturday, I worked out in the garage for a while. I moved now-empty shelves back into place after our garage sale from the weekend before. I put random-leftover-junk into boxes I didn’t mind giving away and ended up with quite a few empty storage tubs.

Then, my eye wandered to “the stack.” The corner full of stuff that didn’t go in the garage sale, but desperately needs to be organized.

Piles of stuff + Empty shelves and tubs = Lots of work to be done.

My heart sank. The familiar feeling returned. I was overwhelmed.

I have so incredibly far to go. My resolution to find “A Place for Everything” seems unattainable most of the time.

But as summer begins, I can’t let these feelings paralyze me. I have decided to move out of decluttering mode, and into survival mode.

Let me just clarify that I want our survival mode to not be Survivor (Eat-Rats-Because-You’re-Starving) mode, but more like Gilligan’s-Island (Make-the-Most-of-Living-on-a-Tropical-Island-Even-Though-You-Only-Planned-for-a-Three-Hour-Tour) mode.

I want to enjoy the summer in a clean and neat home. A perfect home is not an option. A fully organized and clutter-free home is not an option. I’m going to shelve my decluttering-madwoman character for the summer, and focus completely on being a mama who teaches her kids to keep the house livable.

Make sense?

Progress may not be an option, but to keep from regressing, we’ll have to focus on maintenance.

Basically, I’m allowing myself to not worry about the big pile of junk in the garage. Keeping the basics done during the loosigoosiness of summer will be enough for this slob-brain to handle.

School will be back before I know it, and I’m sure that pile will still be there.

Stay tuned for Chapter Two.

Empty Shelves and Tubs . . . Adjusting My Mindset for Summer at fb

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