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Podcast #29 from - How to Have a Great Garage Sale! (Getting People There!)

After two weeks of getting a podcast up on time, I’m late again.

If you’ve been missing earlier podcasts, I generally try to not make these my top post on the blog. (Mostly because my mother complains when I do!) That means that when I put one out, there is also a post goes up that day as well.

That’s not going to happen on a Saturday!

Get People to Your Garage Sale

In this podcast, I talk about getting people to come to your garage sale. No matter how much work you put in, if no one comes . . . your efforts will be wasted!

Mentioned within this podcast:

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    It’s so funny, I don’t go to a ton of garage sales and I am that person that would be OVERJOYED to find kids clothes for $5 or less! Not for a shirt but like the pretty dresses you mentioned, I would have bought every one for $3. I’m a sucker. And I don’t ask people to go lower. There was this one lady and some if her friends/relatives that would have 2-3 sales every summer and totally set it up with boutique prices. I never bought much, I thought it got to be quite obnoxious but they developed a “following” I guess. People would WAIT for it and look forward to it. It would be the same stuff every time plus whatever their kids grew out if. I guess whatever works but thank you for pointing out differences regionally. Another kind if big thing are huge “kid sales”. I’m sure they aren’t fool-proof but they are nice for getting rid of lots at a time. Maybe you already know but here you pay registration fee, tag your stuff with pinned on labels you print out from them and then you give them a certain percent of your profits. Maybe 25%. The most recent ones have gone to the church that it was held in (the 25%). But you drop your stuff off, they put it out super organized and sell it for you! And send you a check. You can either pick up your left overs or they will donate. This last one I went to was very organized. They had probably 6 cashiers and you could even use credit or debit. Is this also regional? I’m in WI. Between Milwaukee and Chicago. There are probably 40-60 sellers (maybe I’m exaggerating but it’s huge). Sorry for the long post, interesting series!

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