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Podcast #17 from - Decluttering Kitchens!

In podcast #17, we’re talking kitchen decluttering!



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    I have been enjoying your podcasts so much. I have one request, that you turn up the recording volume somehow. Podcast # 17 is especially hard to hear. I have tried listening on my iPad and my laptop with the volume turned all the way up and still can barely hear you. Thanks so much for all you are doing through your blog and podcasts!

    • 2

      Thanks for letting me know, Emily! Someone else had mentioned this, and I’ve HOPEfully figured out the problem for the next one. Please let me know if future ones have issues!

  2. 3

    I managed to declutter and get rid of three (almost) complete sets of dishes from my cupboards this week. They were all ones that weren’t my ‘favourites’. I kept the lighter dishes that I do enjoy, which are two incomplete sets, but together they make enough for 6 people (we’re a family of four). Now I won’t have nearly as many dishes to run through the dishwasher. Thank you, Dana!

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