Wasting Time Because I Tried to Save It

Wasting Time Because I Tried to Save It at

I vaguely remember thinking I did not have time to put the red lid back on the soap-dispensing scrubber that had somehow come apart.

I’m sure it made more sense to me to wait until later. To do it when I was dealing with sink-stuff anyway. That would be more efficient, right?

As usual with these sorts of things, I was wrong.

Putting the lid back on would have been a two-second task. But sticking my hand down a garbage disposal to feel around for and dig out twelve-plus pieces of broken red plastic took more than two seconds.


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    Oops. We’re all guilty of that though. “Well, I’m heading to the other room to do ____, so I’ll catch it on my way back.” Then if you’re like me, you forget. And when I forget, I generally have a kid or a cat remind me that I SHOULD have done it…as I spend ten times longer cleaning up the mess. Not a lot of fun, but I am better about it. Now I tend to think in terms of mess potential. If I postpone it, how much extra work is it going to make…for me? 🙂

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    Oops. Does everyone else get the chills at the thought of having to reach into the disposal? Or is that just me? Shudder!

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    hate it when that happens! look on the bright side – isn’t that the pot scrubber thing you didn’t really like anyway?

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    My Mom had one of her hearing aids go down the disposal once. That was expensive! She never did figure out how that happened, because she only took them out to talk on the phone, take a shower, or go to bed. And never left them where the cat could reach because he was in love with them (they had teeth marks). The audiologist’s receptionist said she’d never heard that one before, and she’d heard things like my dog ate it, I ran over it with the car, etc.

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    Aha! Now I know how weird things get inside garbage disposals. My family only ever had one once when I was at home (that I remember). It was acting up and so my dad opened it or something to see what was going on – or stuck his hand in – I don’t know. Anyway, there was a fork in it! Yep. Also there was carpet bits that matched the living carpet, but I know that was not an accident! 😛 Who puts carpet down a garbage disposal?

    Anyway….I hate it when that happens – trying to save time and discovering that you actually made more work for yourself. Sigh. I’ve started to notice I have a bad habit of getting a job almost done and then not quite finishing it. This means that later I have to finish the job up – usually at an inconvenient moment.

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    My hubby always insists that I reach down under the sink and unplug it before I reach in and fish something out. He always says better safe than sorry. It’s creepy digging around in there!

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    Elizabeth B says:

    I got a little screen thing that covers the disposal hole to catch all of our oops (like my silverware :/) But my husband keeps moving it! >sigh<

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    Dana, I just recently “found” you. Ivee been listening to your podcasts(#9!). I love them. I get a kick out of your Two -Second Tasks because you have given a name to my procrastination. LOL!

    My TST today : throwing news papers away (they were on my couch), toss magazines in the bathroom, picking up dirty clothes an putting them in a basket and cleaning off my desk. All of them took less than ten minutes. The tasks have needed to get done for at least a week (newspapers) or later (December 2013, anyone?)

    Thanks for a real blog for those of us to whom this does not come naturally!

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