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Rhyme and Reason -- Laundry Day at ASlobcomesClean.comIs “without rhyme or reason” a Texas saying or an everywhere saying?


I would like to announce to the world that EVEN THOUGH I traveled an hour to a speaking engagement yesterday, shopped for uniform pants for the boy who woke up on our first cold morning having outgrown all warm clothing, and didn’t even have time to write a blog post . . . Laundry Day . . . . happened.

That’s right.

It’s Tuesday morning, and there is one measly load of white towels waiting to go into the washing machine.

Socks? Undies?

Uniform shirts and shorts and skirts?

They’re clean and in drawers or closets.

I’m not saying the clothes currently drying or waiting to dry are guaranteed to make it smoothly into their drawers (declaring what I’m “gonna” do rarely works well for me), but even if we lived out of the dryer and re-washed the jeans/dark-towels that are currently in the washing machine next Monday . . . no one would be naked for a whole ‘nother seven days of our existence.

I know.

I’m bragging unashamedly about things normal people take for granted. But it’s days like this when I see how important the concept of Laundry Day is for my brain.

There’s rhyme. Rhythm. A flow to things. I wash, fold, and put away clothes on Monday. All of them.

We wear clothes every single day (really) and by the next Monday I need to wash them again.

There’s reason. We like clean clothes. (Actually, my kids don’t care, but I pretend they will someday.) If I can get it all done on Monday(ish), I get to completely ignore my Laundry Room for the next six (or five) days.

I know. I’m blathering. And I didn’t even write a post yesterday so it’s kind of horrible to open the week like this.

But it’s true. I know for a fact that a week like this one (speaking on Monday, MIL-sitting on Wednesday, school fundraiser volunteering on Friday) would have once had us digging through the Donate Box for highwater pants that might button if we rigged them with a rubber band.

Instead, I begrudgingly matched socks and put school shirts on hangers in between school pick-up and dinner and Duck Dynasty.

It wasn’t fun, but it was Monday. And now, on Tuesday . . . I’m so glad.






--Nony get-how-to-manage-your-home-without-losing-your-mind-wherever-books-are-sold


  1. 1

    I was thinking about you when I was dreaming about the main floor laundry room that I might actually finally get. LOL! I was trying to decide if I could spend a whole day in there doing laundry, since there will not be any windows in this room that will be about 7×9. Right now we do laundry everyday…or every couple days and it still never gets caught up.

    • 2

      I’m definitely not stuck in the laundry room all day! Actually, because I fold and put away before the next load starts, I’m out of the room with “nothing” else to do for an hour between changeovers. That’s why I really like Mondays. I can do other things during those hours without feeling guilty because I AM doing laundry!

  2. 3

    You just reminded me that I needed to get a load of clothes in the washer. How long did it take you to get to the point where you had a single laundry day every week? Because that’s where I want to be…and I want to do it without making a trip to the laundromat to get it all done in ONE day.

  3. 6

    I think “Rhyme or Reason” is an everywhere term. We say it in New England.
    And regarding your successful laundry day: “wicked awesome!!!!”

  4. 7

    My laundry day got moved to Tuesday this week, and due to crazy busy craziness, laundry didn’t get folded last week. But, as the first load was washing today, I folded all of last week’s laundry, and am on track today. The best thing about habits is that even when they are derailed, you can jump back in and catch up.

  5. 9

    Was there ever any man thus beaten out of season,
    When in the why and the wherefore is neither rhyme nor reason?
    Comedy of Errors
    Wm Shakespeare in 1590.

    He also used it in As You Like It. He got it from John Russell who wrote in 1460.

    So no, not a Texas thing.

  6. 11

    Will there be a hangout this week? I believe this would make a wonderful topic. I would love to hear different tips on how to get the laundry “monster” under control. 🙂

  7. 13

    I have a useful (in my home at least) trick for socks. Each person in our household owns only one type of everyday sock. I have ten pairs of identical socks, hubby has ten pairs of identical socks (different from mine), etc. Makes sorting pairs a non-issue, and if one sock gets a hole in it, toss it and move on.

    We do each have a couple of pairs of ‘dressy’ socks, but those only get worn occasionally. With an assortment of sports and such going on in some families, I know this isn’t a do-able thing for everyone, but it was ah-MAZ-ing for us when I scrapped all those old socks and started getting only identical ones. (Plus, old socks are the best dusters…)

  8. 14

    I have 53 pairs of undies…I do laundry every 52 days…yup. Lol. I wish someday to have a laundry room on the main floor. Then I would do laundy every week. Then I would have less clothes too! Then I could Declutter./downsize the clothes. Its the running up and down the stairs ya see. So that’s me…last minute, unorganized, and I never ever catch up with laundy. I love your blogs and they have helped me soooo much!! (In other areas) lol. U keep me going, you keep me decluttering my houise!!! Yes we say: “Without Ryme or Reason” here in London Ont. Thanks so much!!!

  9. 16

    It’s an everywhere term I think I just didn’t know people were still using it. Haha “no rhyme or reason”… kind of like what’s happening in Washington…I regress…kudos to you for sticking to laundry day I’m fairly sure I would have put it off so you are far stronger than I am when it comes to your laundry schedule! Lol Don’t you just love this time of year with growing children? I remember finding out just how much they had grown at the most inopportune times! 🙂

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