Ten Things I Learned in our Two Weeks of All Veggies

I’m going to eat a bowl of Cheerios tomorrow morning!

If you read last week’s menu plan or were part of the dinnertime discussions on my Facebook page last week, perhaps you understand what a big deal that is.

Today (Sunday) is the last day of our two-week Crazy Diet/Liver Cleanse/Horrible Thing I Thought Would Never Be Over.

For the past two weeks, we ate fruits and veggies and nuts.  And that’s it.

And I’m (somewhat) alive.

Our goal is to not go crazy tomorrow, but transition by adding grains and meats back into our diets. We want to continue avoiding sugar as much as possible.

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Things I Learned During Our Two Weeks of All Veggies:

1. I have a sugar addiction. Now I know to place part of the blame for that on processed foods that contain ridiculous amounts of it.

This morning when I discovered we were out of the natural peanut butter we’d been using, I used the regular stuff.  (Since it was the last day and all.)

The regular peanut butter?  It tasted like frosting. Cake frosting.  Now that I’ve adjusted to not having sugar in things that aren’t supposed to have sugar, it was overwhelming.

2.  Eggplant bought on Wednesday won’t necessarily still be edible on Friday.

3.  Hubby and I are different. I already knew that, but now have a new example:

After ten days of a fourteen-day liver cleanse, he says “If we’ve done ten days we might as well do four more.”

I say “If we’ve done ten days, don’t you think that’s enough?”

4.  The kids eat significantly more veggies (without coercion) when there are multiple options on the table.

5.  Contrary to what I have always thought, I DO have the self-control to not eat.  (At least when my only options are vegetables.)

6.  I am capable of doing more than opening cans of vegetables.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Or creativity.  Or at least desperate internet searches.

7.  A spaghetti squash is exactly the perfect size to be treated (held, sung to, rocked) as a baby.  At least in the eyes of a five year old girl.

8.  When you fill your cart with produce immediately upon entering the store, it’s kind of hard to find a spot for the heavy stuff you grab later on.

9.  I may like salad, but salad stops cutting it after about four days.

1o.  Knives, cutting boards, and food processors get used waaayyyy more when you’re eating all fruits and vegetables. Which makes running the dishwasher every night even more important.

So what’s on our menu for this week?

Monday – Grilled Chicken and Zucchini/Mozzarella Bake

Tuesday – Chicken Fried Rice (With rice this time, not “cauliflower rice”)

Wednesday – Tortilla Soup

Thursday – Spaghetti

Friday – Out to Eat

Saturday – Asian Salad with Chicken


What’s on your menu this week?




  1. 1

    I’m so impressed! Good luck on not going crazy tomorrow when you can have other foods again.

    Did you feel like you were getting enough protein in the two weeks or not really?

  2. 3

    Good job! It really is a lot of effort to make whole fresh food, and a big mess, especially if you have slob tendencies. I tend to get into a frenzy and cook and chop a whole bunch of stuff all at once and it just trashes the kitchen and leaves me exhausted.

    Sometimes I wonder if we are all 2 years old still with how much sugar is in everything! I have always been a frosting scraper offer -unless it was a really nice homemade cream cheese kind without too much sugar. Since I have switched entirely to a plant based diet without processed foods (most of the time) I really can’t stand over sugared things, it really tastes like nothing but a tongue burn to me, the same as if I just put a spoonful of salt in my mouth. Now celery tastes so salty and juicy and mineral-y I can’t stop eating half a bunch a day. Very wierd.

    Nony your 2 weeks inspired me and I put in more effort and finally gave up coffee (8 days and counting) and lost 3 pounds -finally breaking a number barrier that has been driving me crazy!

    …and my kitchen is clean but laundry day has suffered horribly. I finally just waited until today to start again. I think I have to get over the halfway point by Sunday night or I will be in trouble.

    Enjoy your grains!

    • 4

      Yes, that Sunday night start to Laundry Day is so important. I missed mine last night and already feel behind this morning!

  3. 5

    I think the goal is to add more veges to your diet so you don’t have to go on the liver cleanse/oh god this is so horrible diet again.

    Speaking as a diabetic (type 2) who has to cut down/cut out carbs on a lifetime basis – coming to terms with my carbohydrate addiction (and recognising that the whole world has one) is something I’m still struggling with.

    BTW – I think it’s hilarious that the spaghetti squash is singable and rockable – oh the endless adaptability of children!! LOL

    • 6

      Exactly. And I should have put on there that each night we’ll be having an additional veggie PLUS I’ll put out some carrots and celery which the kids love.

    • 7

      Kiri, I understand what your going through. My DH was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes the day before we left for our family Disneyland vacation! We worked so hard that week to get his numbers into range, He left the Drs office at a 401 and when we came back we had him down to 115. I’m not diabetic, but I changed the way our whole family ate. I found it easier to help him control his diet by changing all of ours. I still make treats for my DH, but I use whole wheat flour, flaxseed and we’ve learned to embrace Agave Nectar. The biggest change to our diet did come in the way of increasing veggies. Now at dinner we have 2 veggies and a salad along side our protein. We still have a carbohydrate, but it’s a smaller portion now or it’s a faux carb, think mashed cauliflower.

  4. 8

    I love that you guys are doing this!!! I will say that spicing up the salad dressings really helps (but yes, salads do get boring). The Radish Miso dressing in the Grated Beet and Carrot salad is adventurous and FULL of flavor. Since you already have the food processor out you might as well try it 🙂

  5. 9
    Heidi W. says:

    Did you know that the brain runs on sugar? Vegetarians do eat protein, commonly in the form of tempeh and tofu. Learning to see what makes good tofu matters. Most grocery tofu needs to be eaten fairly quickly. Unless you’re lucky and live near a tofu-making outfit. Don’t go without protein. That’s what the body lives on. We need a little bit every day. And although there’s protein in vegetables, it may not be enough for developing little bodies (kids). A young girl that’s menstruating, possibly well into her 20s also needs to get enough protein as without it, she is more likely to experience anemia (iron deficiency). Just FYI.

    • 10

      Our kids didn’t do the diet we did. Definitely the hardest part was making separate meals for them each night!

      And I was amazed at how the sugar in fruits was able to satisfy my cravings for sweets more than it ever did before!

    • 11

      Our bodies do need sugar, but not refined sugar. The natural sugar in fruit is suffient. Also nuts have lots of protien as well as veggies.

  6. 12
    Heidi W. says:

    Regarding the brain running on sugar, Glucose. Also, eat some fat as many minerals and vitamins do not get delivered to the body otherwise. We need some fat in order to deliver and absorb various nutrients. Those who diet and eat no fat long-term are starving themselves, and likely don’t even realize it. Everything is a process, even eating and absorbing the nutrients in food. Good Luck!

  7. 13

    We tried this roasted eggplant parmesan…even my half-Italian husband loved it!

    Does have cheese, but it’s SO easy!

  8. 14

    Because I know you all will have sympathy…they are working on the sewer lines in my neighborhood today so we’ve had no water all day. No washing dishes, no dishwasher, no laundry no nothing!! I have a hard enough time keeping up and now…ugh. And they are still at it and my kids need showers before bed tonight. Grrr

  9. 15
    Slob with OCD says:

    Hey Nony,

    One piece of info from my own journey with sugar. If you’ve got that sugar bug (and boy do I have it big TIME) and you use it to get through those long Mama days, it’s much harder to moderate your consumption. If you stay off for a couple of weeks then it’s easy to stay off, but lapses lead to other lapses and then there you are going “I need my fix because I’m tired, stressed, whatever” and there you are back to trying to use it to prop yourself up.

    Either way, congrats on finishing this and learning so much.

  10. 16

    Good job! Yeah, eggplant always surprising me by going bad so quickly. I’ve started using those pricey green produce bags, and they do make everything last a little longer. I had to laugh at the spaghetti squash baby – it made me think of a poor little pioneer girl with no toys who plays with vegetables 😉

  11. 17

    Great Post! Great List!
    Great little experiment for YOU to try (not me) 🙂
    I have done no sugar/no processed…but never just veggies…that’s gutsy.

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