Three Ways Your Laundry Routine Can Keep You From Ironing

Hate ironing Adjust your laundry routine instead!

Doing laundry is required. Ironing is (usually) optional.

I actually don’t hate ironing as long as I have plenty of time available to do it properly. And as long as there’s no clutter piled on the ironing board.

Hahahahaha!!! As if! Plenty of time . . . do it properly . . . no clutter?!?! (Let me catch my breath!)

Here are ways I’ve learned to adjust my laundry routine so I can avoid ironing whenever possible.

1. Don’t overload my washing machine or dryer.

I mentioned this in Friday’s post. It’s still true today. When you shove too many clothes into a load, they come out wrinkled. When my aunt told me this, I nodded knowingly (I’m good at that), but I didn’t know. I was a chronic shover, and would get frustrated when a freshly washed-and-dried load was wrinkly.

If clothes don’t have room to move around in the washing machine and dryer, they’re never going to be able to stretch out enough to not be wrinkled. And honestly, they can’t get as clean when they’re shoved in tightly, either.

2. Fold clothes as I take them out of the dryer and put them away immediately.

I’ve written about this before (many times), but it’s really/truly/honestly THE thing that has had the biggest impact on my overall Laundry Outlook. Whether you’re a one-load-a-day person or are as in love with the get-it-over-with-in-a-day Laundry Day like I am, putting clothes away immediately will rock your laundry life.

Folding immediately and delivering to drawers and closets around the house takes about 10 minutes. Or less. Once those ten minutes are gone, so is the laundry. It’s out of sight, out of mind, and off my Stress Plate.

And best of all, the clothes are not wrinkled. When I hang or fold warm clothing straight out of the dryer, wrinkles aren’t even an issue. For someone who is generally running later than she planned to be as she’s getting dressed, it’s so nice to not need to factor ironing into my timing.

3. Even when clothes are wrinkled, avoid ironing by using my dryer.

While the best part of following tip #2 is that clothes don’t (usually) need to be ironed, we do occasionally end up with a shirt or pair of jeans that has to be de-wrinkled (because some lovely child shoved it in the bottom of a closet), the dryer comes to the rescue. With any dryer, you can wet a clean kitchen towel and stick it into the dryer with the wrinkled clothes. The moisture in the towel plus the heat of the dryer helps steam the wrinkles out. (I use a kitchen towel because I like the smaller size and the lack of lint that might transfer to the other clothes.)

But with my new dryer, I love the steam feature. In about 20 minutes, the dryer runs a cycle that includes steaming the clothes (it’s somehow hooked up to water) and then tumbling them to the point where they’re wrinkle-free.

Samsung Dryer with steam Wrinkle Away Feature

Do you iron? Do you love it or hate it? What are your best tips for avoiding ironing your clothes?


Thanks to Nebraska Furniture Mart and Samsung for this fun project. I was provided with a new washer and dryer from Samsung in exchange for two posts, but received no other compensation. All aversions to ironing and opinions are mine and mine alone.

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how to avoid ironing by adjusting your laundry routine



Replacing My Laundry Basket

How many laundry baskets do you actually need Is it possible to know I know exactly how many we need, and here's how.

I got a new laundry basket for my master bedroom.

The one I’d been using had cracked, the handle was gone and clothes were getting snagged.

So I replaced it.

Replaced. Because I didn’t need another laundry basket in there, just a different one.

Actually, at the time, it was the only laundry basket in the entire house. The others had been used as donatable Donate Boxes (leaving the house along with the stuff inside them) or sleds (breaking into pieces while sliding down a hill).

That’s a big deal, y’all. After years of believing all my Slob Problems would be solved if only I had enough laundry baskets, I was down to one.

Laundry baskets are good things, but my pre-blog home was proof that you can totally have too much of a good thing.

I did get another one, though, for my daughter’s room. We’d had a talk recently about her need for her own laundry hamper/basket since her clothes rarely made it to the one in the bathroom she shares with her brothers. I get that. I also need a place to throw clothes in the moment they leave my body.

So far, her new laundry basket is helping her keep her room much neater.

How were these laundry basket purchases different from the way I used to shop for housekeeping solutions?

Once upon a time, I felt overwhelmed at the state of my home, overwhelmed at the volume of laundry forever covering my floors. I stood in the laundry basket aisle, hoping these magical containers would solve all my problems. And since I had innumerable problems, I figured I needed as many baskets as my budget and my Suburban could handle.

But those baskets did nothing to actually solve my problems.

This time, though, I knew exactly what I needed. I wasn’t guessing or dreaming because I now have a routine and I know exactly how my routine works.

I’ve been having Laundry Day (almost) every week for more than five years, and I know exactly what we need to make it happen.

Yay for knowing so I don’t have to spend so much money on hope.

I also love love love the laundry hamper (it’s a hamper if there’s a lid, right?) we’ve had in the kids’ bathroom for several years. It rolls, so they can easily bring it to the laundry room for sorting. You can go through my affiliate link to find it here on Amazon, but I really don’t think I paid that much when I got it at Walmart.

I know exactly how many we need. Really!

Note: Yes, I said I have had that rolling hamper for several years. Yes, I am also surprised (and a little dismayed) that the sticker is still on it. Yes, I see that star. Yes, it’s part of a forgotten Christmas decoration which was invisible to me until I saw it in this picture. Yes, I have issues.

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Are you a Fan of Laundry Day? Tell Me About It!

Tell Me Your Experience_ Laundry Day at ASlobComesClean.comI never thought I’d say this, but I love Laundry Day. I tried (and failed at) every laundry method I could find, but this was the one that works for me and my brain. If you’ve been here a while, you know. I’ve blabbed and blabbed about it.

It’s your turn to blab now. If you’re a Laundry Day convert, I want to hear about it! I’m collecting quotes, and I’m going to use some of them in my book, so please share your Laundry Day experience!

You can fill out the form below (or click here to go straight to the form) share how the whole Laundry Day concept works for you.

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Do you have other Slob Stories and Victories to share? Your input would be greatly appreciated. Click on the links below for other quotes I’m collecting.

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I’m going to be collecting more over the next week as I near my deadline, and Linda will be doing the collecting while I dig a hole and crawl inside with my laptop so I can finish this HUMONGOUS project!

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