Decluttering and Re-Lining My Kitchen Utensil Drawer

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

This decluttering project is also a sponsored post. Right. I’m getting paid to tackle my messy kitchen drawer. Don’t worry. The irony is not lost on me.

Insanely Messy Kitchen Drawer Before Photo at

Sooooo, cooking had been a little difficult lately.

Maybe because my kitchen drawer looked like that.



It had been bugging me for a very long time. Finally, I took the less-than-ten-minutes to tackle it.

Now here’s where I used to get stuck. I’d look at that drawer and think of it as an Organizing Project. I’d assume I needed to stock up on dividers and other organizing supplies.

Now, from way-too-much experience, I know that it’s actually a Decluttering Project. If I’ll just declutter, the space will be comparatively organized and much more functional.

So I started pulling out the things I knew I didn’t need.

Like this:

Things found while decluttering a kitchen drawer at

A handle. Just a handle. Mmm-hmmmmm.

And this:

Unidentified Gadget Decluttered at

A handy-dandy who-knows-what-it-is gadget. I’m pretty sure it was given to me by someone (ahem, my mother) who loves and actually USES gadgets. Since I had no idea what to do with it, I stuck it in the Donate Box.

And . . . these:

Decluttering Project with Before and After Photos at

Really. I have no words.

Anyway, after I removed what I didn’t need, what was left was amazingly more manageable. I wiped out the bottom of the drawer. I threw away the wadded up liner that had obviously not done anything useful in a very long time.

Cleaning out a Kitchen Drawer at

And then, it just so happened that Duck® Brand sent me their new shelf liner!

As someone who fears commitment . . . I’ve always been scared of permanent (sticky) shelf liner. But obviously, what I had used hadn’t worked out well. But Duck Brand’s Shelf Liner grabs on the underside to prevent slipping and is smooth on the top side so the items in the drawer don’t cause it to move around!

And look at the pretty colors and designs:

Duck Brand Easy Liner Review at

I chose to use the neutral color since I liked the 20 inch wide size.

And “easy” liner lives up to its name.

Duck® Brand shelf liner project at

I placed it in the drawer, and then used my fingernail to create an indention to let me now where to cut.

Sizing Duck® Brand Easy Liners at

It was easy to cut and handle, and then I placed it in the drawer. I decluttered a few more things as I replaced the things I’d decided I needed.

And the finished “project”:

After Photo of Decluttering the Kitchen Drawer at

I put the things I use all the time in the front where I can get to them easily. The things I only rarely use are in the back.

I’d say “JUST decluttering” was rather beneficial, wouldn’t you?

Duck® Brand is on Facebook and Pinterest. You can follow them for tons of creative inspiration!

What kind of project would you do with Duck® Brand shelf liner?

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Deleting LOTS of Emails at One Time in Gmail

How to Delete Email in Bulk in Gmail at

I’ve talked about paper clutter and how I have greatly reduced it.

Whenever it comes up, though, people ask about email.

Like I did in that post, let me be clear that I’m no Email Guru. At all.

I’m the one who doesn’t even mind the red numbers on her iPhone, remember? But I have GREATLY reduced the number of emails in my inbox over the past year. From more than 17,000 unread (for real) to usually less than 100.

That last sentence lets you know what you’re getting into around here.

I must give ALL credit for what I learned about gmail to Erin Chase of $5 Dinners. She’s the Email Queen. She’s a founder of Digital Colab, and I went to a session with her last summer where she gave all her hints.

She has lots of them. I’m just going to share the biggie. The big tip that helps me delete emails in bulk.

Doing it this way is actually fun, especially when you’re deleting thousands at a time.

Step by step, here’s how you do it:

Go to an email from someone/something whose emails you receive regularly. While you’re in that email, click on “More” at the top. Then click on “Filter messages like these” as seen in the picture below.

Deleting Email in Bulk in Gmail at

Once you do that, you get to set up a filter for these messages. If you want to filter by sender, leave it as is. If not, you can filter by the subject line of the email, which you’ll have to type into the box under “Subject.”

Then click in the bottom right corner where it says: “Create filter with this search”

Filtering Email in Gmail

Next you apply a label. You can either come up with a new label, or add it to an existing one. Adding it to an existing one means that emails from various senders or subject lines can all be under the same label.

IMG_1940 (600x400)

Type in your new label (or check an existing one).

Creating Labels in Gmail

Now for THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!! See where my arrow is in the photo below? Click on that. Down at the bottom of the dropped-down box where it says “apply filter to 2 matching conversations.”

That is where things get awesome. Not really in this example with 2 matching conversations, but in the ones that have 3,000 matching conversations. Y’know, when you do this for the first time in . . . ever.

Deleting Email in Bulk in Gmail

Click on the blue “create filter” button:

Gmail Email management

You’ll go back to your original email. It’s now labeled. Look at the top and find the new label. Click on that.

What to do when you have let email get out of control

Now you will see all of the emails in your inbox with that label. Click at the top to check them all, and then . . . .

Help for Out of Control Email at

Hit the lovely delete button!!!

IMG_1946 (600x400)

If you have more emails than fit on that first page, it will ask if you want to delete all conversations with that label.

It gets even better. Once you’ve applied the filter, every email that comes in like that one will already be labeled. That means that if (or when, for people like me) you get behind again, you can just click on the label at the top of the email and it will take you to everything with that label and let you delete. You won’t have to do those first steps again.

If you’re paranoid, you can also archive the messages with the label so they’re gone from your inbox but not gone from your account.

HINT: This is also a great time to take a moment to unsubscribe from email lists that send things you never ever open.

I’m not as good at doing this in Yahoo, but I have figured a few things out and will share soon!

What are your best email management tips?


Being Okay with Better

Being Okay With Better at

When I decluttered that back corner of our gameroom recently, I discovered a lot of things in the pile were photos or wallhangings or signs that I knew I wanted to keep but hadn’t found a place for yet.

So I had to wrestle with myself a little/lot.

Do I find a corner somewhere else to stash these things until I have time to decide where/if/how to perfectly display them all?

Do I pile them up and clear everything else and pretend I’m done?

Do I stop Decluttering Day and declare it Decorating Day?

Do I pretend I wasn’t really going to finish this project anyway and walk away? And go eat candy?

I decided to just make it better. I put up a few pictures (that were already in frames) on pre-existing nails throughout the house. Then I leaned the rest up somewhat neatly in the places that were available nearby.

And it was better. Not done, but so much better:

Better than it was before at

And even though it’s far from perfect and the broken collage is hanging whompy-jawed on the wall, I smile when I walk through this room now.

And smiling is so much better than crying.


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