Step One to Using Something: Take It Out of the Bag

Step One to Using Something Take It Out of the Bag at

I worked in the garage recently. More than every other room in my home, it attracts Piles o’ Randomness.

I was doing the easiest of Easy Stuff and throwing away trash first when I grabbed what looked like an empty grocery bag crammed behind some fishing stuff.

But the bag wasn’t empty. I looked inside and found these:

Step One to Using Something Take It Out of the Bag 1 at

They’re epi-pen containers. I had a vague memory of Hubby telling me someone had given him these very cool and very sturdy containers to store his small fishing doolollies.

Great idea if you use them, total clutter if they stay in the bag on the floor and your wife thinks they’re trash.

(I’m not dissing him. I found plenty of my own clutter that day as well.)

Step One to Using Somethings: Take It Out of the Bag 2 at

I took them out of the bag and put them on the shelves. Taking something out of the bag is step one, right?

fb Step One to Using Something Take It Out of the Bag

Do You Use the “Take It There Right Now?” – Tell Us About It!

tell me your experience Take it There Right Now

The “Slob Club Experiences” you all have been sharing have been fantastic! These will continue to be posted two per day for just a bit longer. If you are receiving these via email, you might want to pop over to yesterday’s “Share Your Experience” about Pre-Cooking Meat and Freezer Cooking. We want you to give you every chance to share your story!

Early on in her deslobification process, Dana learned that she had to “take it there right now” when she decluttered. Sorting out piles to be returned to their homes later just didn’t work. Has this strategy helped you declutter without making a bigger mess? Has it made a difference in your home?

It’s your turn to tell us how “taking it there right now” has helped conquer the clutter in your home.  Dana wants to hear about it! She’s collecting quotes from you, her “Slob Club” and will be using some of them in her brand new book, so please share your experience with her.

You can fill out the form below (or click here to go straight to the form) share how the whole “take it there right now” concept works for you.

Feel free to state your name as anonymous. “Nony” understands that completely.

If you cannot relate to this concept, never mind! If you want to learn more about how “Nony” has to take things there right now you’ll learn more by reading the posts below.

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My Methods

Do you have other experiences you’d like to share with Dana and her “Slob Club?” We’d love hear!  Click here for more questions in the “Share Your Experience” series.

If My Two Decluttering Questions Have Made a Difference in Your Life, I Want to Hear About It!

Tell Me Your Experience Nony's Two Decluttering Questions at

Two Questions. That’s it! Two questions is all you need to put Nony’s decluttering methods in action. Have you been decluttering using her two (and ONLY two) decluttering questions? If you have found how they simplify that all-to-often overwhelming task of cleaning up and decluttering, Dana wants to hear!

Fill out the form below and it may end up in Dana’s book or one of her other projects!

If you can’t see the form below, click here.

Feel free to state your name as anonymous. “Nony” totally understands.

Don’t need or use “Nony’s” Two Decluttering Questions? You don’t need this form, then, but you are invited to learn more the posts below are a good place to start.

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