I’ll Just Have to Do That! (One of these days)

Oh, how I love a good idea.

Maybe I love ideas more than solutions.

Sometimes I consider something an “idea” when it’s really a solution that I’m not implementing right that minute.

Which could be called procrastination.

Fighting My Tendency to Procrastinate at ASlobComesClean.com

Like this light-thingy. I ran across it while decluttering. It’s cute and useful and someone gave it to one of us. But I almost stuck it in the Donate Box.

I was trying to answer Decluttering Question #2 before I asked myself Decluttering Question #1.

Would I know I had it? (That’s #2.) No. I wouldn’t. So I wouldn’t even look for it.

BUT, Question #1 is Where would I look for it first? (Go put it there right now.)

When I asked myself that question, my roundabout answer was: Well, it would be perfect as a reading light on my daughter’s daybed.

Oooh. A good idea. I love those.

But my inner monologue continued: So I guess I should keep it. So I can put it on her bed one of these days.

And my over-thinking brain kept rambling: But it’s just going to keep cluttering up this drawer and even though it’s a good solution, I HAVE to get the junk out of this drawer.


I’m so thankful my inner Snarky Slob caught what I was trying to do. Procrastinate when I had no reason whatsoever to procrastinate except that I seem to enjoy procrastinating. When it hit me how easy it would be to just DO it now, I did it. And two seconds later, this great little item was useful, and ultimately it was decluttered.

Solution. Implemented. NOW.

Because if I’m using it, it’s not clutter. If it sits in a drawer, still in its package, taking up space and mental energy, it’s clutter.



Want one? Wait. I meant, “NEED one?” If you know exactly where you’d put it the minute the package arrived in the mail, here’s my affiliate link to one that is similar


Need a Win? Grab a Trash Bag!

Summer is over. As I sit here in my eerily quiet house, I’m back to blogging. So far, “blogging” has involved a phone call which moves me one step closer to making a very exciting announcement. It has also included starting (but not finishing) several different posts that have been rolling around in my head over the summer.

But alas, I want to get a post out NOW. Just so I can say I’m back.

I looked at my photos. Like any self-respecting Slob Blogger, I can’t clean without a camera nearby.

This one from Saturday seemed perfect.

It’s a two-second task. Yes, it’s irritating that this task even existed.

A Two Second Task Pitching Empty Shampoo Containers at ASlobComesClean.com (650x433)

I pitched the empty shampoo bottles in my kids’ bathroom.

Right. The ONLY difference in these before and after pictures is the absence of empty bottles.

2 second task at ASlobComesClean.com


I could blather on and on about how I obviously hadn’t been doing Habit #3 from 28 Days to Hope for Your Home lately. I could lament the fact that my Slob Vision Genes are clearly dominant and have been passed down to my children.

Whatever. I’m going to focus on the amazing difference achieved in less than a minute. Yay for trash bags or recycling tubs or whatever you have!

Need a Quick Win Grab a Trash Bag! at ASlobComesClean.com

Need a win? Grab a trash bag!

Sometimes you just need to get something done.

Like this post.

How was your summer??

Ummm, in the spirit of total honesty, I should probably show the other ledge. The other ledge of the same bathtub.

2 More Seconds at ASlobComesClean.com



Less. That was the goal. at ASlobComesClean.com

Continuing my Saturday challenge of doing Two Things at some point in a busy day, I decided to tackle my Junk Drawers.

Remember them? I decluttered them long ago, in this post where I first came up with my two decluttering questions.

They needed re-decluttering.

Oh boy, did they.

My clue that it was time was not so subtle. When you can’t close a drawer, it needs to be decluttered.

Just the kind of life-changing organizing advice you were hoping for when you came here today, huh?

But when I opened up the drawers, I was completely overwhelmed. I mean, I’d decided to do two things. Two things doesn’t seem like it should be that bad. But these two things? These two particular drawers?


I told myself to end with less than I had when I started.

Less. That was my goal.

Not perfection, not even finishing, just having less.

The best way to achieve less?

Pull out random stuff and stick it in the Donate Box or the trash.

Random junk pulled out of junk drawer. at ASlobComesClean.com

Top left: The random Christmas decoration that wasn’t used in ’14 and never made it back into the attic in ’13.

Top right: A never-used calendar from 2014.

Bottom left: Whatever I could cut away from the big tangle.

Bottom right: Some poor polar bear whose face was chewed off. I’m sure I stuck him there to save him from Scruffy the Polar Bear Eliminator. Not sure why I didn’t stick him straight into the trash can. Oh well, he’s there now.

Before and After Pic of my Junk Drawer at ASlobComesClean.com

There’s less in that second picture. I promise.

Next drawer.

Before and Less. ASlobComesClean.com

OK. This second drawer seems to have more of the “less” thing going.

Things I removed:Junk from the Junk Drawer ASlobComesClean.com

Left side, top to bottom:

  • Box top expired in ’12. Ugh. Deja vu anyone?
  • Sewing kit I’d look for in the gameroom cabinet. (So I took it there.)
  • Pure randomness. (I threw it all away. It’s ok. I had permission.)
  • Extra batteries for my beloved Key Finders. I took them to the place where we keep batteries. (Which happens to also be where we look for them!!)

Right side, top to bottom:

  • Handwipes and swimming earplugs (that I’d look for in a cabinet three feet away).
  • Another box top that I’m sure produced clever musings in my mind in the moment when I took the picture, but that my 41yo mind can’t recall and my 41yo eyes can’t even read to try to come up with more clever musings.
  • Glue sticks I’d searched for desperately a few weeks before (in a drawer on the other side of the kitchen).
  • Another DS charger for the kid who bought one when he couldn’t find this one (or the one I found on my bathroom counter).

I can’t call anything I did that day organizing, and I can hardly call it a project.

But I did take a few of my Saturday’s awkward pauses to get rid of stuff. Enough stuff that my kitchen junk drawers can easily close.

Y’know, so they can properly hide the junk that’s still in them . . .

I’m calling that progress.


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