Re-Re-Re-Re-Decluttering. Again.

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Re-Re-Re-Re-Decluttering. Again. at

Yesterday, I shared a project-that-wasn’t-actually-a-project. I finally straightened my bookshelf after putting off doing ANYthing because I considered it a decluttering project.

You could totally argue that this project isn’t really a project either. That it’s simply a matter of putting away and straightening and such.

Except I do call this one decluttering.

It’s a spot that grows gradually with almost-but-not-completely-empty-so-should-we-really-throw-it-away bags like this one:

Jalapeno Popper Chips from Canada

On our trip to Canada over the summer, I introduced Hubby to the wonders of unique Canadian chip flavors and those were his favorites. My favorites (Ruffles All-dressed Chips which are totally worth traveling from Texas to Canada) . . . didn’t have any leftovers.

He loved the Jalapeno Popper chips so much that we hesitated throwing them away in that critical moment when we took them out of the carry-on where we’d stuffed them.

Even though there were only a few and those few were crushed . . .

Even though they were getting a little more stale each day . . .

We didn’t pitch them.

But he didn’t eat the stale chiplets either.

So they started the pile which grew and grew and eventually morphed into a lunch-making station where no lunches could easily be made.

Because I have an amazing ability to work around such mess, I had to make myself stop. I had to make myself SEE the mess that was causing me Clutter Angst.

And I had to declutter it.

Yes. That mostly meant moving various things to their nearby homes, but it also meant making the decisions about stuff like:

Decluttering the Lunch Making Station at

And less than five minutes later:

Much better

Much better.

Except I didn’t wipe down the cabinet before the picture.

Whatever. It’s better.


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It’s Amazing What a Little Straightening Can Do

It's Amazing What a Little Straightening Can Do at

Sometimes I look at a space and think, “Ugh. That’s a decluttering project I need to do.”


When I have time to do a decluttering project.

But then, when time is short before an impending doorbell, I tackle it anyway. Even though I don’t have the time to do it right. Even when I don’t have the mental energy to decide what should stay and what should go, so I don’t get rid of anything.

And then, I’m shocked when I see that just a simple straightening was all it really needed. A tiny bit of time, zero angst, and the bookshelf looks better.

Much better.

Much Better after a Simple Straightening at

Not perfect, but better.

Oh, and I did end up purging a few no-brainers into the Donate Box that’s in the bottom corner of the Before Picture.

Turns out, I didn’t need to declutter (or even perfectly straighten) to feel significantly better about this space.

Straightening Instead of Decluttering at


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Time to “Go”

Time to "Go" at

Last week, we had Potty Problems.

Potty Problems that meant we had to call the plumber.

Potty Problems in the master bathroom.

In case you are new around here, just know that letting random non-immediate-family type people walk through the master bedroom and INTO the master bathroom is cause for major heart palpitations.

I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth (that’s supposed to be calming, right?) and reminded myself that at least the master bedroom was walkthroughable since I’d had to let the Bug Man in the week before for our yearly termite inspection.

Somehow, I was caught off guard when the plumbers called to say they were on their way. I knew they’d promised to work us into their schedule. I knew they are awesome about actually doing that when they say they will.

But I didn’t go look in the bathroom until after the ten-minute-warning phone call happened.

Honestly, it could have been worse.

It could definitely have been waaaayyyy better.

But it could have been worse.

After grabbing random clothes and throwing them onto the laundry pile, I looked at the toilet. The actual space where Mr. Plumber Man would spend his time.

And that was when I saw the pile o’ magazines.

The pile o’ magazines that had escaped my Slob Vision for a very long time. The pile o’ magazines that hadn’t been perused in a very long time. I knew it was a long time by the thickness of the dust.


But as ugly as it was, that blanketing of dust helped me. I saw no reason whatsoever to hem nor to haw.

I didn’t worry about which nugget of information I might NEVER ever learn.

They’d been there . . . a while.


So now they’re gone forever.

And even though I didn’t see those magazines sitting there before, I now see them NOT sitting there. It’s strange how that happens.

Oh. You’re wondering what that equally-dusty card on top of the pile is? It’s my very first slob-blogging business card. I have no idea why/how it ended up there. It’s gone now, too.

And yes, I dusted the toilet after that.


Random but not-totally-random affiliate link of the day:

I used one of these microfiber cloths to dust the toilet really quickly just as the plumber was ringing the doorbell.


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