Finally Decluttered. I’m Pretty Sure We’ve Officially Tried Everything Now

Finally Decluttered! (After We officially tried everything we could think of to justify keeping it!! At

Ahhhhh, that cute bench.

That bench I ordered from eBay years ago, and was sure would solve our shoe storage issues.

Back in 2012, I finally accepted that instead of collecting shoes, it was collecting stuff. It was a catch-all spot that I couldn’t keep clear, so I got rid of it. That was a wise decision. I haven’t missed it in that spot.

It sat in my garage for a while, and I eventually tried it in my entryway. I never liked it in that spot, so I eventually moved it back into the garage, sure I was going to donate it soon.

Then, before the Donation Man came, I thought of another place where it would definitely work! My daughter’s room!!! She was thrilled. I was thrilled. We filled its shelves with her books and she experienced the joy of having a drawer for prized possessions next to her bed.

But it blocked her trundle bed. If we ever needed to pull that out for a guest, the entire room had to be rearranged.

Around here, once a room is re-arranged, but not actually arranged, it stays in limbo for way too long.

Limbo = why even try.

When my daughter and I were decluttering her room recently, I took a deep breath and asked, “How would you feel about getting rid of the white bench?”

I didn’t actually want to hear her answer.

She grimaced. She looked a little sheepish. And she said, “I really don’t want it. I’d rather have more space to play.”

More space to play.

No good Slob Blogging Mama can argue with that one, so we took it out. It hurt, but the open space is lovely.

Aaaahhhh. Open space.

Open Space.


And now Kit and Caroline have a real place for their own trundle bed.

P.S. The bench is gone. For real this time. Not donated after all, but sold within minutes on a local swap group on Facebook. I’ll share more about that experience later!

P.P.S Do you see the clutter that had already collected on the bench in the time it sat waiting to be picked up?? THAT’S WHY WE CAN’T HAVE FLAT SURFACES!!!

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Two Second Task: Pitching the Completely Useless Counter-Space-Taker

Two Second Task Pitching The Phone We Haven't Used in Months at

This morning, my Slob Brain registered my own annoyance that there was one-too-many phones on my kitchen counter.

For two days, there have been two phones in that space.

But lest you think two days isn’t that bad, I should admit that there has been one-too-many phones in that space for months.

And months.

A Phone That Doesn’t Work Even a Tiny Bit = One Too Many Phones

We rarely use our landline anymore. Only my mother and my mother-in-law call it, and they immediately call our cell phones when we don’t answer that one.

We shouldn’t even have it anymore, but were talked into turning it into a part of our cell phone plan so we wouldn’t lose that number (that number which no one calls . . . ), so we’re stuck with it for another six months.

So when the phone completely died, I didn’t stress.

But I also didn’t pitch it.

It was only when I suddenly saw another much-less-likely-to-die phone sitting on my bathroom counter that I realized I could use that phone in our landline jack.

And it was a week after I went through the hassle of unplugging the completely-useless phone and plugging in the not-so-useless phone that I realized my counter space was being taken up by something completely and totally useless and already replaced.


I’m choosing to celebrate that I finally took the two seconds to throw out the dead phone. Go me.

I don’t want to talk about why the good phone was sitting on my bathroom counter. Or how long it might have been there.


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Re-Decluttering Is a Real Thing

Re-Decluttering is a Real Thing at

In case you’re new around here, let me explain something. I truly believe the #1 thing I have to give to my kindred slob spirits is permission to keep going.

Photo-proof that “after” photos turn back into before photos, and it’s okay to tackle that same space again instead of throwing my hands up in the air and declaring there’s no point in even trying.

And honestly, I have grown to love the wonders of Re-Decluttering as an actual decluttering strategy. As a thing. A real thing that works for my Slob Brain.

Once upon a time, I believed that once-and-for-all could actually happen. That there was a totally-not-mythical time in the future where my house was going to be decluttered.

Completely. Forever. And always.

But perhaps you’ve read other posts where I decluttered my daughter’s room and celebrated the after pics and marveled at the happiness she experienced, playing on her clear floor.

And yet those boxes in the picture above are full of things we pulled out of her room last week.

Those boxes are full of things she once believed she couldn’t live without. The brown woven (bottom right) purse was a prized possession purchased with her own quarter at a garage sale. The pink-fuzzy dog carrier was totally and completely and justifiably useful the last time we considered donating it.

Most of the books that made it onto the “Like-It” shelf last time were purged with zero angst this time around. The pinwheels that were full of possibilities and way-too-cute-to-not-keep a year ago had shown themselves to be awkward, hard-to-find-a-place-for topplers. Nobody likes a toppler.

These examples demonstrate what I’ve personally found to be true over and over (and over) again through my own deslobification process. When I stress and agonize and fret over something and therefore decide I can’t possibly declutter it, the next time I come across it in a decluttering project, my decision is generally angst-free.

One of two things happens. Either I decided to keep it and I put it to use! Now, it’s OBVIOUSLY not clutter.

Or I never thought about it again, never used it, and now it obviously IS clutter. When that happens, my stomach doesn’t hurt at all and I don’t even groan a little bit. In fact, I generally get this delicious heartless feeling as I pitch it into the Donate Box. I might even laugh scornfully at Me From A Year Ago Who Was Sure My Life Would Be Ruined if I Didn’t Keep It.

(Yes. I have issues.)

Now, we’re enjoying my daughter’s clean, spacious, play-in-able, invite-a-friendable room. And since I know (from way too much experience) that each time we purge her room, it stays clean a little longer than the time before, I look forward to enjoying it for quite a while.

What is your experience with re-decluttering? Isn’t it so much easier the second time you tackle a space?


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