That Trip to the Trashcan Takes a While Sometimes

Using the One In One Out Rule with the new remote (eventually) at

Big news in our house:

We got a new remote!!!

Our DVR died recently. This seems to happen every five years or so, and thankfully the company sends us a new one without a lot of hassle.

But as I learned last time, new DVRs don’t come with new remotes.

Sooooo, the remote we had was about ten years old.

The battery cover was long gone. The faces of the buttons were gone.

This time, while on the phone with the satellite rep, I thought to inquire about a new remote control. I decided it was worth $20 every ten years to have one that works without standing up and repeatedly mashing buttons and muttering unkind things about technology under my breath.

And after a tell-me-every-teeny-tiny-step call with customer service, this one even controls the TV and the Blu-Ray and everything.

We’re big time now, y’all.

And yet the old one sat by the new one for a week. I hated that thing, but didn’t pitch it until I was “cleaning up.”

Whatever. It’s gone now.


So Totally Useful (If I Only Used It)

Things are only useful if I use them. Duh.

See that thing?

I was confused, too, but as soon as I picked it up I remembered exactly what it was.

It’s the elastic holder-together-thingy for my exercise mat.

Normal people roll the mat, wrap the two loops around the ends of the roll, and have a handy-dandy handle to carry it to their car after a good workout.

Those people might even swing it over their shoulder and look ever-so-cool.

I used to be that person. Really.

Except for the part about looking cool after a workout. (I’m the red-faced, frizzy-haired lady who got dressed in the dark before 5 a.m.)

I did use that handle. It made life easier for almost a whole month. Then there was the random day when it seemed like a hassle or I was in a hurry or something else totally logical, and I rolled up my pink mat and stuck it in the backseat and threw the handy-dandy-and-totally-useful piece of elastic in after it.

And then at the next workout, I didn’t even think about it.

I might have had a fleeting memory once or twice when a newbie showed up with his/her not-yet-sweated-upon, neatly-rolled-up mat.  But by that time, I was used to not using it and didn’t have any idea where it was anyway.

I have no idea how it ended up in the floor of my laundry room.

But even though I remembered what it was and how useful it can be, I pitched it.

I can love an idea. I can see the value.

But if I don’t use it, it’s clutter.

And I won’t use this. I might start using it again for a week, maybe two. But then the inevitable (for me) will occur and the Totally Useful Thingamabob will end up in the bottom of my car again until it mysteriously migrates (again) to the floor of my laundry room and then I’ll re-find it, re-remember it, and have to decide again whether I should keep it.

I decided that since I don’t worry about NOT having one, I don’t need one.

Totally useful to someone else. Totally clutter to me.



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Just Decluttering a Kitchen Cabinet (Step by Step, Without Making a Bigger Mess)

Decluttering a Kitchen Cabinet at

I didn’t have the TIME to declutter, but this cabinet was making life difficult. It’s where we store all sorts of stuff we use regularly, but it was a jumbled mess that caused  me to waste time digging for the things I needed.

I couldn’t spend the morning getting organized, but since I now know how to declutter without making a bigger mess (my biggest hangup about decluttering pre-blog), I knew I could do something to improve the situation.

I peered inside to see this:

A Messy Kitchen Cabinet at ASlobComesClean.comUgh.

I started with the easy stuff.

The easiest of the easy stuff is trash.

The easiest of the easy stuff is trash

Bottle caps, coupons (that I’m pretty sure fell out of the back of the drawer above), three out of four phonebooks and other assorted randomness.

Once the trash was gone, it was slightly less overwhelming/irritating/depression-inducing.

In the midst of the decluttering project

I looked for the next “easy” stuff. I pulled out the things that had a designated home. A home that was NOT this cabinet.

Stuff that doesn't belong in my kitchen cabinet

Onion soup mix goes in the pantry. The gold charger plate has a home with all its matching friends across the kitchen. Oven mitts go in the drawer you can actually see in this picture. Cranberries WOULD go in the basket on the counter just above this cabinet, but I felt like I’d had them for a VERY long time, so they went in the trash.

Note to self: Don’t put cranberries in this cabinet. You’ll forget they’re there and they’ll be wasted.

After the Duh stuff was gone, I could finally see into the cabinet:

Slightly better

At that point, I started consolidating. I put storage bags together and lunch bags together.

After a little re-arranging

Ummm, yeah. It looks a little better and more usable now, I’d say.

random finds

Of course, I found other unexpected why-in-the-world-is-this-in-here-when-it-goes-somewhere-else gems.


A little of the same treatment on the bottom shelf, and I was happy with my fifteen minutes of work to make this space ever-so-much more functional.

Oh. You’re wondering about the bacon bowls? I’m not a fan, honestly. I’ve never even used them. They came in a two-pack and this mama who cooks for a family of five isn’t willing to choose which two people get a bacon bowl. (Or to take the time necessary to make five!) But they were a mother’s day gift last year, and I’m not sure enough time has passed to justify sticking them in the Donate Box.

Next time, they’re gone.

Not sure what a Bacon Bowl is? Here’s one on Amazon. (That’s my affiliate link. And you’re welcome.)



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