Five Minute Friday – The Top of My Dresser #5MinuteFriday


It’s Friday, so I decided to take 5 whole minutes to tackle something.

I tackled my own dresser.

I set the timer on my phone. I started grabbing things and taking them to their homes (where I would look for them first, as in my first decluttering question) immediately. Five minutes was ALL the time I gave myself, so I wasn’t about to create more work for myself to have to be done after that five minutes was over.

I wasn’t sure if I would actually finish in the five minutes, but I figured five minutes was better than nothing.

I did “finish.”

I even had time to head to the laundry room, grab the Swiffer duster, and dust.

I DUSTED, y’all.

And I even pushed the drawers all the way in, which makes a bigger visual difference than I though it would.

Except for that one on the top left, which has something wrong with it (or something stuck somewhere) and won’t close all the way. 

If you’d like to join in, share your progress here or post with the hashtag #5MinuteFriday on Instagram or Twitter or wherever. If you want to tag me (@aslobcomesclean), I’d love to see!

Note: This is a whim I had today. I’m calling it Five Minute Friday instead of Five Minute Fridays because even though I think this would be an awesome thing to do together every Friday, I have no idea if I’ll even think about it next Friday. That’s seven whole days away, y’all.

For now, I’ll just smile a little every time I see my dresser.

Another note: If you’re trying to see the things on the sides of the dresser and wondering if they are neat and tidy or cluttered and hideous . . . they’re cluttered. And a little hideous.

Maybe I’ll tackle them with another five minutes.





Ready to Declutter?

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I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas!

Did you know that today starts the week of Decluttering Mania? Well, it does! I used to think it was just me that got the urge to declutter in January. Now I know that the moment the excitement bringing stuff into the house starts to fade, a frantic desire to get stuff OUT of the house hits.

Because of this lovely decluttering energy, I have some fun things going on here at Decluttering Central.

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What are your decluttering plans? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! 


Oh yeah. I Guess I Do Need Those.


We hosted a group of 13 for Thanksgiving this year.

It was great fun, and I find myself looking forward to the next time we’ll host.

For the last ten years or so, my family has rotated the hosting privileges/obligations between my mom, my sister-in-law, and me. But for my last few turns, I’ve done my year at my parents’ lakehouse since we were up there anyway for the week. It still counted as my turn, since I had to make the turkey those years.

So it had been a long while since we’d actually hosted here. I think it might have even been pre-blog.

In these years of huge decluttering progress, I must have purged every last one of my trivets. Or table-protecting-thingy-for-hot-dishes. Or whatever your area of the country/world calls those things.

I remember decluttering trivets. I just don’t remember decluttering every last one of them.

But I must have. I couldn’t find a single one in the moment when the oven timer buzzed.

That right there is what I call Decluttering Regret. A thing that is totally real. And the fear of that totally real thing can keep people like me from decluttering at all.

I assume I decided we didn’t really need many/any since the table where we eat almost all the time has a tile top, and doesn’t need protecting.

But y’all, we survived. I folded up some dishtowels for the things that had to be on the table, and ended up serving buffet style anyway.

The people ate and the people had fun. And the people are all that actually matters.

Oh, and I did see visions of how nice it would be to have a bigger kitchen. But by the next Tuesday, I was mostly over it. I don’t need a bigger kitchen on any other day of the year, so the kitchen we have is fine.


P.S. I realized that night that we have two pretty cutting boards that can also serve as trivets. I realized this around 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. Six hours after I needed them.

P.P.S. I found a trivet the next week. Not sure how I didn’t see it when I looked in that exact same drawer in my moment of desperation.

P.P.P.S. We survived. And even the frustration I felt toward myself for not having been able to find non-folded-dishcloth trivets or trivet-alternatives in the moment didn’t dim the memory of that meal with our family.




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