Decluttering a JUNK Cabinet (a Catch-All Storage Space)

I finally tackled an overwhelming storage space in my home. A storage space I’d avoided looking at for a very long time.

A storage space I had attempted to declutter before.

But I did it. And I made a video.

So yay.

The main thing I learned: Look. Always, always look. Even if I’m sure I know (like, absolutely, totally for sure sure) I know what’s inside a space, a container, a whatever . . . look.

Always look.

Because when I let myself assume I know what’s inside, I also let myself assume other things, such as:

  • Opening that cabinet will immediately turn me into a blubbering mess. I’m just sure whatever is in there will bring back memories, probably sad ones.
  • The things in that cabinet are super-duper useful. And necessary. Even though I couldn’t tell you what those amazingly useful things are, I know they’re useful. How do I know? I just know.
  • That cabinet contains objects that will require life-altering emotional energy to examine. Much decision-making shall be required. (For dramatic effect, I use words like “shall” in these internal conversations.)

But I’ve learned, the hard way, to look anyway.

Because I’m always wrong. 

Watch the video here, or go over and watch it on YouTube.

Here’s hoping I start making more videos again!!!


Resourcefulness Can Be Wasteful. Really.

Resourcefulness Can Be Wasteful. Really. decluttering pantry at

If I had to blame someone, I’d blame my mother.

But I’m not blaming her, because I truly have no idea if she did this or if I did it myself.

When I decluttered my  pantry, I noticed this oh-so-resourceful use of a green bean box.

Resourcefulness Can Be Wasteful. Really. cleaning decluttering my pantry useful bean box at

(I did not, however, notice the grimy cabinet . . . )

The size was right, so it probably WAS a good idea to use that box to sort and separate and organize.


Except I have one of those out-of-sight-out-of-any-possibility-of-consciousness kinds of minds.

Looking inside that totally opaque box was an adventure. I had absolutely zero idea what might be in there.


Beans in a blue and white package design that Walmart discontinued quite a while ago, I believe. (Beans I forgot to photograph, evidently.)

They’re beans, so they’re probably fine. I moved them to a place where I’m 78.4% more likely to notice they exist. So on the 3.82% chance I decide to make beans (from DRY beans) on a random day, I’ll notice them.


The other thing in the green bean box with dry bean contents?

Resourcefulness Can Be Wasteful. Really. cleaning decluttering my pantry at leftover cake mix

A partially used chocolate cake mix.

Or brownie mix.

How would I know?

The only possible reason I can think of for this partially used and instructionless mix being in my pantry is that my daughter used cake mix (or Brownie mix) for her Easy Bake oven a while back.

Fine. Several summers back.

I let go of that dream and threw away the mix I didn’t know existed.

Using that handy dandy box was resourceful. But in this case, that resourcefulness ended up making me waste perfectly good stuff.

What have you uncovered in your decluttering efforts lately?

Resourcefulness Can Be Wasteful. Really. cleaning decluttering my pantry at pin

(That’s the bag o’ beans in sticking out of the box. Remember that design?)


Another Five Minutes in My Pantry #5MinuteFriday

Last week, I shared a five minute focus on my pantry.

But, as often happens, five minutes leads to another five minutes.

I do not count on this phenomenon, but I take it when it happens.

After the first five, I kept going. I kept tossing and kept consolidating. I kept moving things to the shelves where I’d look for them first.

Here is what it looked like at the beginning of the five minutes:

After four minutes, it looked like this:

pantry after 5minute 2 #5MinuteFriday at

I’d pitched all of this (in the two five minute tackles):

decluttering pantry another five minutes toss this #5MinuteFriday

Why four minutes? Well, at four minutes I was “done” with the two additional shelves I’d planned to tackle. I decided (right or wrong) that to start on another space would take me past the five minutes I’d set aside to keep working on this space.

Whatever. My pantry looks so much better (though, to be clear, so very far from perfect) and I can find things so much more easily!

Another Five Minutes Decluttering My Pantry #5MinuteFriday at pin


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