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Podcast #117 from ASlobComesClean - Organizing Products I Like

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List of Organizing Products that Actually Work (at least for  me!):

These are ALL affiliate links. If you follow them to Amazon and then make a purchase, I receive a small portion of your purchase price, but the price you pay is not affected. On some of these, you need to be sure to check the measurement of the item and compare it to the space where you’ll use the item. 

Tie hanger – This isn’t exactly like the one my husband uses, but it’s the closest I could find!

Hanger sorter

Velvet hangers

Skinny wheeled rack

Over the door hooks

Cabinet staircases

Over the door shelving units (Closest I could find to what I have)

Shelf dividers

Lazy Susan for Spices (didn’t mention this in the podcast!)

Wine rack for paper towels (closest I could find, but not exactly like ours so I’m not sure on size!)

Bathroom cleaning caddy


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  1. 1

    I was going to mention lazy susans but then I saw it on your list. I have cheap lightweight ones that work great, plus a two-tier one I got on a freecycle group. The double one is my favourite since it makes best use of cabinet space IMO, while keeping everything accessible. The single/standard ones are great for taller things like sauce and oil bottles.

  2. 2

    I love, love, love my back of the door ironing board. Works great in my master bath for when I need to iron a shirt before work.
    Baskets for washcloths and face towels work great in my kids bathroom (the piles kept falling over).
    We zip-tied milk crates together to make shelves in the closet in the utility room. Holds laundry and cleaning stuff. I’ve thought about getting something that is actually a shelf, but the crates work, so why mess with it?

  3. 4

    Organizing products that work in my home:

    1) Laundry Basket for Shoes- shoes don’t go on the shoe rack over here, they go on the floor, so the sturdy laundry basket works for keeping them off the floor. I also have a boot tray beside the basket for wet boots/shoes.

    2) Entertainment Center for a Pantry- we don’t have a pantry so an old entertainment center in an unused corner of the house works really well. There are lots of different sized shelves and it’s really sturdy.

    3) Bookshelves for Clothes in the laundry room/family bathroom- all of our clothes are on shelves instead of drawers in a dresser, it makes it much easier to put clothes away, and to see what we have, and what we are low on. Plus the family clothing shelf is in the one bathroom which is also the laundry room, so everything is all one place. It is much more likely that the clean clothes get put away. Plus it is much easier to remember to do the laundry since I see it multiple times a day. To keep the clothes from falling off the shelf, I fold them using the konmari method so that they stand up vertically. (socks and undies go in a basket on the shelf)

  4. 5
    Jennifer Allen says:

    I got one of those clear plastic shoe holders that hangs over the back of my coat closet door. It is perfect for hats, gloves, scarves etc. No more digging through bins to find gloves!!

  5. 6
    Rachel Beaton says:

    Thank you for addressing my tie issue!! I will be sure to give the scarf hanger a try!

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