High Value Items that May Make the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle worth the Money for You

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A Few of the High Value Products Included in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2016
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I’m here with one last post about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle which will vanish Monday night (May 2nd at 11:59 p.m. EST).

As someone who doesn’t easily part with $30, I feel the need to address the excessively frugal (that includes me) among us. I’m highlighting some of the high-value items that might help you decide if this investment is worth it to you.

Maybe you’ve seen some of these things offered online before, but didn’t give them a second thought when you saw their price.

Now is the time for a second thought.


#1 Tsh Oxenreider’s Upstream Fieldguide

I like Tsh. I listen to her podcasts. I’ve never read her blog more than a random post here or there, but she’s been blogging forever at (formerly SimpleMom) and people love her style and her perspective. She’s had this course for a while, but y’all . . . it’s $59. It’s about honing in on your purpose and creating a plan for living simply. Great, but more than I generally pay. But it’s INCLUDED in this bundle. Like, it’s part of it. Part of the 29.97 that also gets you 92 other digital products.

#2 Family Budget Challenge by Shannon Brown at Growing Slower

Another course. It’s designed to help you develop a family budget. That sounds great, but if the $37 price tag keeps you from jumping in, having it included in this bundle might make it worth the jump.

#3 Cozy Minimalist Mom by Myquillyn Smith at the Nesting Place

Style, decor and decluttering. From a well-known, well-loved decorating expert. It’s $29. Almost the cost of the bundle, and it’s included. A great way to see if you like it.

#4 It’s About Time by Aby Garvey at Simplify 101.

This is a hard-core time management course. Exactly the kind that intrigues me as much as it intimidates me. It’s normally $49. So, buying the bundle is like getting this for close to half-off, and still having 92 other things to make the purchase worth your money if it’s too overwhelming and you end up quitting.

#5 Sweet Life Planner (Mint Edition) from

This is a gorgeous printable planner with all sorts of lovely planning pages. You can print it in full pages or half pages. All sorts of great organize-ey things are included. Print it out, stick it in a notebook, and if you actually fill things out you’ll feel super on top of things for a while.

Some examples of pages that are included:

  • freezer inventory form
  • pantry inventory form
  • Habit tracker. Seriously. You write the habit at the top and check off the days when you’ve actually done it. You could print this page as many times as you need for the habits you’re working on.
  • More. So so many more things to make you feel organized.

The “mint edition” refers to the color. If you’re into these kinds of things, this one normally costs $35. So even if you only wanted this planner, buying this bundle is like getting it for $5 off.

#6 Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Pages - part of the Ultimate Homemaking BUndle 2016

This bundle includes 3 “grown-up” coloring books. If you haven’t heard, this is a bigtime fad right now. If you’ve wanted to try it, you’ll have lots of options in this bundle. If you already love it, you’ll have more printable (and re-printable) coloring pages to choose from. Two of the books included normally sell for $10 each, and one sells for 12.95. So those three items are worth more than the cost of the bundle.

#7 Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook from Just a Girl and Her Blog

I’ve heard a lot about Abby Lawson who wrote this, and I’ve heard about this handbook. It’s $25 on its own. I’m willing to check it out as part of this bundle.


On Tuesday morning, we’ll go back to regular programming around here, and believe me I’ll be glad to not feel like I have to push this anymore. But every single year when these Ultimate Bundle sales come around, I hear from people who missed it and are sad to not have the chance to get a great deal on some products they really would’ve loved to have. This is why I talk about it.

Figure out if the bundle is worth it for you. Click here to find out more.

I outlined some other products that may appeal to you and added up their values in these other posts from the last few days:

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The main explanation of what the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is.


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    I purchased the bundle over the weekend and so far your book is one of my favorites! So glad I gave it a try. My son will get to experience “Clean Camp” this summer. He’s in for a treat.

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