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How to Deal with a Hopelessly Disorganized Daughter

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    For me it’s one of my sons. The other two are COMPLETELY different. I really do believe he is wired differently. I also wanted to mention, I do think it can also be a heart issue and NOT be defiance. (I had to listen to podcast in 2-3 different sessions so I may have misunderstood you. AND, I’m sure you already know this, it was just something I thought while listening.) It’s one of those things I try to understand and say, “He’s not disobeying me outright, he really is forgetful BUT he does need to learn to somewhat function in this area.” I think that above all else, it is an IMPORTANT and GREAT reminder that we shouldn’t let it hinder our relationship. Or even ruin it possibly. I do tell him “you are more important to me than your messes” and I tell him he is going to have to figure out a system for himself (and I can help if he needs it). I’ve also told him he has too much stuff and that makes it hard and that he should focus on one small habit at a time (all from your wisdom!). He’s only 9, I struggle with consistency myself, so it is a struggle all the way around.
    Thank you for another wonderful podcast!

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    Messee momee says:

    Wow-oh–wow, I’m pretty sure you were speaking to me directly through this podcast. I have a 7 year old, who boggles my brain. She can make a bed and have a perfectly clean back-pack or help me wash dishes. But whenever she plays she must take every single thing that involves that “play” out, barbies, babies, dress-up, etc. Then decides to play something else and does it again, before I know it 3 rooms have stuff everywhere that she played with for 10 minutes. I have 5 kids she will do it with everyone’s stuff and gets so frustrated when she has to put everything back. This has been going on for years and she’s only 7. But you put something into perspective for me, I do forget to put her positive attributes first, and I realize that now, and feel horrible for it, but it will change and thanks for helping realize that. Also, my mom was very very messy/dirty. No consistent habits, she didn’t teach us how to clean, I realize after my own deslobification process how much of it had to do with me being clueless. I remember coming home from school to a dirty house and having anxiety from it, I never want my kids to feel that. But I need to remember they come first……

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