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I’m answering the question about how I do on non-negotiables now, five years into this deslobification process. Do I still have to do them ALL daily?


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    Hi Dana,
    Thank you for the post, just what was needed to keep me going. My dailies are making the bed, dishes, and pick up. I’d love to include sweeping but that one…well, it gets done more than it used to. Whenever I start to flag I listen or read from your blog and it gently nudges me on, thanks again.

  2. 2

    Hey Dana. The audio on this podcast is just too low. I am trying to do some dishes and clean up the kitchen while I listen, and yes, the furnace is loud, but I just can’t make out what you’re saying with all the controls at my disposal pushed to max. I had a similiar problem with another of your recent podcsts as well. Is there some way you cam boost the audio on your podcasts? I would really love to have you keep me company while I deslobify my own place, but it just isn’t possible the way things are set up right now. Thanks.

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