Shiny, Clean Trash

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Dear Mr. Trash Man,

You’re welcome.  I know that we’ve put out some pretty rotten stuff over the years, but this time we cleaned it up for you.


For some reason (a reason completely unknown to me), we chose to run this pie plate through the dishwasher. I don’t recall that it was particularly disgusting or anything, but I guess we felt you deserved better.

Please don’t count on us washing all our trash from now on. It’s (probably) not going to happen.



P.S. If you don’t remember this particular clean and shiny trash (since it was in a trash bag and all), let me show you why we chose to throw it away instead of re-using it for the 67millionth time. Perhaps looking at it from a different angle will show why we decided it had passed the point of usefulness.

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P.P.S. I realized after the fact that I should probably have stuck it in recycling instead of trash. Oops. I’ll remember next time.

P.P.P.S Yes. There will probably be a next time.

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    Elaine in Ark says:

    I’ve tried to recycle disposable pie plates, and our recycler doesn’t accept them. So I try to find other uses for them, like sending leftovers home with guests or freezing 2 slices of pie. I have many of the smaller containers with straight sides from Sister Shuberts frozen rolls, and those are pretty handy containers for all kinds of stuff. (The rolls are really good, too!)

    It was nice of you to put out shiny clean trash, though.

  2. 2

    My Mom keeps those and uses them for straining hamburger…just sets her colander right in it. Then she doesn’t have to angry and fume when she spills trying to gather a “wide” amount of fat into a narrow jar or can. J She lets it harden, and throws it away. When she’s out of those, she lines a pie plate with foil…that’s what I do. I don’t need any more messes in my life.

  3. 4

    Why wouldn’t you just strain the burger drippings into the disposal and chase it with hot water and a bit of soap?

    I can’t imagine a recycle not taking it – it is, after all, the same stuff aluminum foil and tin cans are made of… then again, we’ve got inline recycling, so I don’t have to worry about it much – they pretty much recycle everything.

    • 5

      I would caution you about pouring grease down a disposal. Even with soap and hot water, they say it’s very bad for water pipes and disposals. Actually, they say to use your regular drain if you are going to do it, cuz that will at least save your disposal, but that the grease will harden somewhere down the drain line and will backup evenually. They are even saying to wipe out small amts of residual grease from pans now too, cuz it can hurt the lines also.

      Love this post about clean trash! I’ve been guilty of that too!

      • 6

        Interesting. It’d never fly in my house though. My husband once shoved half a pot roast (complete with veggies) down the garbage disposal (that was an EPIC disaster, at least one he hasn’t managed to repeat yet). I have that kind of husband, and I don’t do dishes. I’ll be sure to warn my son though.

  4. 7

    I don’t reuse those at all. Now I used to reuse disposable utensils and plastic cups but I just don’t have the room or the desire to frustrate myself to try to find a good place for the plastic utensils and foil pie plates/bread pans to go. I still do reuse those red plastic cups for a time until I get tired of looking at them. I’m trying to not keep things that will just clutter the kitchen and for me those things just end up being clutter. I do like the idea of using them to drain grease into. I’m sorry I’m rambling… It’s been one of those days. 🙂

  5. 8

    My great-grandmother has a ton of those stashed away in her cabinet. I remember her fixing us sandwiches and using them as plates when we were kids. In fact, I never remember using the actual plates for anything but dinner.

  6. 9

    You just crack me up! I’m so glad I found you! 🙂

  7. 10

    I am a freak…perhaps WAY more freaky than most. I use those crappy pie plates to cover pans when I am frying something, then I just toss that sorry piece of garbage into the…um garbage lol! 🙂

    I am SUPER proud of tossing it! It gives me hope that I will toss more too! Rather than washing it.

  8. 11

    Hey Noni, I really enjoy reading all the funny things you have to say…you seem to never run out of humor. I hope you don’t mind, but I just sent you a kindle book as a gift. No obligations attached or assumed!! Just a thank you. I’m not funny or anything, but it’s my first e-book and it’s how I could easily say thanks. -Tabitha

  9. 12

    I just found your blog and I absolutely love it! I can’t believe the plate is still in an upright position though. How funny!

  10. 13

    I love it, writing to the trash collector!

    This may be off topic but I think modern kitchens need better organization systems for dealing with reusable items. I put a lot of stuff out for recycling but then worry that it isn’t going to really make it (we have commingled recycling). I’d really like to take my jars/cntainers and get them filled with bulk goods, but what I have in mind isn’t sold in bulk (yogourt, pretty much all dairy items). I do this already with a few dry goods at our co-op but it would make more of a dint in our recycling if I could get items we use more frquently in this manner.

    Especially concerning is all the single use plastic. Try avoiding it at your grocery store and you’ll see what I mean. I’d love to see some sort of in-home crusher/roller thingamabob that would turn your clean pie pan into usable heavy duty aluminum foil or another pie plate (in mint condition ready for cooking the next dessert treat).

    Guess I’ve read too much Dr. Suess today!

  11. 14
    Ti Anderson says:

    I have just officially finished reading all the old posts! Whew! Part of me is a little sad that I won’t be able to read your blog all day every day any more but at least now I can follow your journey in real time!

  12. 15

    ROFL well there goes that in the recycling bin now LOL

  13. 16

    Great laugh for the end of my day 😀 Thank you!!

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