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I haven’t posted a two second task in a while.

I have to post this one. OH my word, how irritated I get with myself for putting off such SIMPLE things.

Simple things that make a huge difference.

This dresser was mine as a child. When I was decorating my first child’s nursery, my mother repainted it for me.

In white. But the old drawer-pulls-from-the-70s were off-white.

So I bought some really cute ones with blue-gingham checks on them. But the blue wasn’t quite the same blue. So I planned to return them. (But ended up decluttering them years later instead.)

Meanwhile, I grabbed some cheap and lousy plastic white ones that were waaayyyy too easy for my kids to twist off.

And then I gave up.

With drawer-pull-twisting-off being a favorite pastime around here, I just didn’t see the point in getting new ones.

And we lived with almost-impossible-to-open drawers in there for a very long time. And almost-impossible-to-open drawers mean little girls learn to just not close them. And not closing drawers means things get crazy even more quickly.

And painted dressers show the effects of not having drawer pulls.

But while decluttering the kids’ rooms last week, I realized the error of my ways and then actually remembered to stop by Home Depot and grab four new drawer pulls while we were out.

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Which cost me a whopping eight dollars.

And now those drawers can open and close as needed, without breaking fingernails or grunting or groaning or anything like that.

(And all children have been properly threatened about drawer-pull-twisting.)

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  1. 1

    Glad to see this. Even little things add up over time and it looks like this 2 second task is one that is making a real impact in the everyday lives of you and your family. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2

    I gathered up our vitamins and supplements, from hither and yon, put them all together in a cute basket, being sure to check dates, and now they are getting used! 2 seconds!

  3. 3

    Speaking of threatening, my boys used to pass through the dining room and run their fingers across the dust on the piano as they walked by. Which of course made it look worse. I finally said, he who runs his fingers through the dust will remove EVERYTHING from the piano (lots of photos & knickknacks), dust the piano, dust all the stuff, and then return it. They never did it again.

  4. 4

    I just did a 2 second task. I grabbed 3 cute jumbo-sized thumb tacks, stuck them in a wall in my closet and hung my purses! Duh! It was awesome and quick. Promise.

  5. 5

    Why do we put off these 2 second tasks?
    Especially when they make things so much easier!
    I have some knobs that to be reinstalled the Littles do just like you say and twist them right off! I believe some “grip tight” is in order!

    • 6

      When my kids were little we bought a dresser with wooden handles that would not stay tight. A little wood glue In the screw holes did wonders in keeping the handles tight and preventing the little one from unscrewing them again.

  6. 7

    Oh, boy! I can so relate. And then after you do something like that, you kick yourself for having waited so long.

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