The Master Bedroom Saga: Part Seven – Rearranging Furniture

It’s been almost two months now since I did this big, huge, scary project.  And as I edit video and try to match it up with what I wrote in my journal, it doesn’t always jive perfectly.

In my journal at this point, I wrote mostly about the psychological transformations Hubby and I went through just enjoying the emptiness.  We had never experienced an almost-empty bedroom before.

Like never ever.

But I want to dedicate a post to that concept, and how it helped us so much in this overall saga, and this video doesn’t really go with that.

So, for those of you who won’t watch the video, here’s basically what it contains.

Me.  Me grunting.  Me blathering on and on about how much I love a cleared room. How much I DON’T recommend this type of humongous project for the newbie de-slobbifier.

And me talking to myself.

Because I do that.  A lot.  And I choose to see it as a sign of brilliance.

In the video, I’m moving furniture.  Furniture that I can’t justify completely getting rid of (since it houses Hubby’s beloved CD collection).  Furniture that has been in an awkward, space-hogging spot for several years, but that I was determined to put in a perfect little spot that would get it out of the way.

I pushed the stereo completely into the corner, and dragged the red(ish) cabinet from the other side of the room.

By looking at that picture, perhaps you can tell that it was going to be a tight fit.   Such a tight fit that only my measuring tape could convince me this was going to work.

Finally, it did.

And oh my. The joy that I felt in my heart when I realized how much space had been freed in the bedroom simply by using this odd space . . . . was real.

See, that was an awkward space.  One I assume was created when this home’s previous owners removed a built-in bookshelf.  We had haphazardly placed Hubby’s stereo in there, but it wasn’t up against the back wall completely so many-a-thing fell behind it . . . never to be seen again.

I never claim to have made a final-and-forever-lasting furniture arrangement . . . but I really do love this one.

Be sure to catch up on parts one, two, three, four, five, and six if you haven’t read/watched them yet!

Oh. And how can I make this work for the 31 Days of (Lame) Excuses? Well . . . if you watch the video you’ll see how physically exhausting this stuff is. And it’s ever-so-easy to talk yourself out of doing something that is physically exhausting!

And if you’re reading via email, be sure to click through to the blog to see the video!


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  1. 1

    I need to do this to my sewing room. But I’m afraid of what I’ll find!

  2. 2

    About the issue of talking to yourself. It is actually a “godly” characteristic.

    Yes, it is. Read Genesis 1:26 where God says, “Let us make man in our own image.”

    God was talking to Himself.

    It’s OK. You’re welcome.

  3. 3

    Oh yay! It fit. I’m all for cramming furniture into tight places if it is in the name of storage.
    But…I’m learning (as I witnessed in your video) …that I also like seeing a little bit of baseboard when I look around a room. I kind of liken it to how my husband might size up a new dress I’ve bought for myself…(he likes to see a little bit of leg). You know?
    I must say…I love how re reinforce the fact that you’ve been doing this for 3 years. Our homes didn’t get like this since yesterday you know? Changing these things and find out what we like…takes time. Take it from me. I know.


    • 4
      Jeanine says:

      Oh gosh, baseboards in the bedroom. That would be so great. I have a whole wall filled with clutter about knee deep in our master bedroom, a wall that could show it’s entire baseboard. I now have a goal – be able to see that baseboard. I’ve only just started with my decluttering and am working on the more visible stuff first so I know it will be a while. To have a goal, not just “get the house clean”, but a goal to see those baseboards is so much more concrete, and means that I’ll continue this until I get to the master bedroom, even if it takes 3 years.

  4. 5

    You totally need furniture sliders! I even (shockingly!) know where mine are. They have a home, it might not be the best one, but I know where they are & am able to remember it.

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