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Simply Rebekah is hosting her annual “Day in the Life of . . . ” link-up for 2012 today.

I saw it last year, and it looked so fun!  When she mentioned it in January, I asked her to remind me.  Because remembering really isn’t my thing.

So here it is (my life last Thursday):

(Warning: Seriously scary haven’t-looked-in-a-mirror-yet-is there-any-possible-worse-angle picture coming up.)

At 5:45, I awoke with a start:

I hadn’t posted on Wednesday at all.  That’s not like me.  So, I used the 45 minutes before my kids needed to get up to start writing a post.

(Yes, my pillowcase is embroidered with a name that is neither “Dana” nor “Nony.”  I know that there are people in this world who want embroidered pillowcases to be properly distributed throughout the house under the matching heads, but I am not one of those people.)

At 6:45, I was making lunches for my three kids:

Simply Rebekah is green.  She will likely never send her not-yet-in-school children to school with a lunch in a paper bag.

As someone who is totally incapable of remembering to collect and clean out lunchboxes before they are rancid, I love the disposability of my method.  Every day starts fresh this way.

Forgive me, Earth, but our home must function and this mother can’t stand finding half-eaten-on-Friday bananas . . . on Monday morning.

(Spell-check says “disposability” isn’t a word.  I say it is.)

At 7:45, I was out running:

Go ahead and laugh, but I really was.  That’s a picture of the iPhone armbandI got Hubby for his birthday.

I ran for a whole two minutes, and I’m pretty sure one of those two minutes was 7:45.

And remember, this is ONE day in my life.  Anything can happen on one particular day . . .

At 8:45, I was washing pots and pans:

Thursday was a catch up day after my e-book launch on Monday followed by two days out of the house for Bible study on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I did load and run the dishwasher, but had been pretending that some of my big stuff didn’t exist.

At 9:45, I was steam-mopping my kitchen floor:

Like I said, Thursday was my first catch-up day after several weeks of tunnel-vision spent getting out 28 Days to Hope for Your Home (which you should totally buy).  While I was ready to get back to some of my big cleaning tasks after surviving on daily tasks for a month, I decided to just stick to mopping.  That’s what I do on Thursdays.  I need that schedule to keep me from getting scattered and half-doing three different things in an attempt to catch up.

Yes, that’s my lovely Oreck Steam-It® .

At 10:45, I was finishing that post I woke up thinking about, and checking if any new posts of mine had been pinned on Pinterest:

Are you following my (still developing) Pinterest boards? Have you pinned any of my posts?  If so, thanks so much!

At 11:45, I was partying hard at 100s Day:

Thursday was the 100th day of school, so I went to my daughter’s kindergarten to join in the festivities during her P.E. Class.

At 12:45, I was back home, drinking a big glass of icewater:

Fine.  And eating mozzarella sticks from Sonic that I grabbed on my way home from the school.  (So much for the running . . . )

At 1:45, I was finishing up a freelance post:

At 2:45, I was starting the school pick-up rounds:

I twisted and turned to get this picture behind me while stopped at a stoplight.

At 3:45, I was losing a game of Fairy Dominoes:

At 4:45, I was trying to whittle down the loveseat-full of clean laundry (from Monday):

Remember, it was a catch-up-from-a-month-of-tunnel-vision day. Totally legit excuse.

At 5:45, I was making Chicken Fried Rice:

Since the ramen I planned to use in stir-fry had somehow disappeared . . .

At 6:45, I was cleaning up the kitchen:

At 7:45, our power went out.

So I have no more pictures.  Just close your eyes . . . that’s what it looked like.  Hubby and I spent the rest of the evening talking in the dark, thankful that it was neither terribly hot nor terribly cold.

I didn’t get anything else done, but a night of having nothing to do but talk to your husband is really not a bad thing at all.

Whew!  That was fun, but also a lot of work!  Go check out the “Day in the Life” posts that are linked up at Simply Rebekah!


Oh, and there are several Amazon affiliate links in this post.

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  1. 1

    Nony, you are a brave soul. Did you notice MY “good-morning” photo?? I was dressed and showered, but still too scared to include my face! Ahh, you crack me up. (Like always!)

    You are right that I probably won’t use paper bags for lunches, but I do remember how much I hate cleaning out lunch bags from when I was in high school. Either way, I do NOT want to think about my 2 year old needing a packed lunch for school!! She is staying little forever. She just hasn’t gotten the memo on that yet.

    Thanks for linking-up, Nony. I loved your day!

  2. 3

    LOVE it! 🙂 awesome and you are brave 🙂

  3. 4

    Its my personal belief that drinking the ice water cancelled out any calories from the cheese sticks. Its my belief and I’m sticking to it.

  4. 6

    I love your blog! You have definitely inspired me as I too am a bit of a slob! I’ve been trying to de-slobify recently too, driving other family members crazy etc.

    The one thing as far as the kitchen goes that I find helps the most is to clean up as I am preparing supper…I use that time to wash dishes from earlier in the day, wipe down the counters, etc. So once we have finished eating I only have those dishes and pots and pans to clean, making the final clean-up that much faster.

    I’ve been doing the above for the past 2 months and now find it really bothers me if there are any dishes in the sink at all!

    Thanks again for all the inspiration, going to read more of your earlier posts…..

  5. 7

    So weird…our electricity, in Northwest Tennessee, went out Thursday night about 30 minutes before yours did. 🙂

  6. 10

    Thanks for the great post Noni. Reading it makes me want to eat Sonic. I think your brave just because I’m too scared to share any pictures of me at anytime. Maybe someday.

  7. 11

    Wow… up at 5:45 am! You’re a tougher chick then I am. Though, that is about the time my husband leaves for work every day. I’m just SO not a morning person.

  8. 12

    Documenting “a day in the life of…” can be hard to stay on top of! Good job capturing it all, well, until the power went out.

  9. 13

    I LOVE your blog! You make me laugh a lot & I love your refreshing honesty (or maybe it’s because I have similar issues) but my okay day went down the drain tonight (not sure why now I’m having an Alexander & the terrible not good day kind of mood) but your morning picture made me laugh out loud (Even woke a kid up). I feel asleep today laying my youngest down & about missed the bus drop off. You captured the surprise perfectly

  10. 14
    hsmominmo says:

    you make me smile

  11. 15

    I just love you. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself! 🙂

  12. 16
    Shelly Williams says:

    “Just close your eyes, that’s what it looked like” LOL You crack me up.

  13. 17

    I just discovered your blog and your YouTube videos yesterday. When I watched Day 1 and Day 2 of Decluttering the Master Bedroom, I actually cried. I so related to your angst. My whole house looks like that and I have been so discouraged.

    I purchased your e-Book (and, yes, I read the entire thing at once!). I went and did 2 sink-loads of dishes and one more before bed. I can now see about half of my kitchen island top. Then, because I had read ahead in your book, I decided to do-the-easy-stuff and dealt with some things that were on my kitchen floor. I cleared 2 cluttered areas, with more to go.

    Today, I will wash more dishes and I hope to SWEEP THE FLOOR (embarrassing disclosure: first time in about a month, because of the clutter). I started to feel hope even at the end of the first day! I know that the Lord lead me to find your blog. This is just the help that I needed. You really are making a difference in women’s lives.

    By the way, I found you on Pinterest because you mentioned it in your post, today. But maybe you would consider adding a “Follow Me on Pinterest” button to your sidebar, to make it easier for readers to find you. I see that you have a Pin It button at the bottom of each post, but something in the sidebar would be more visible.

  14. 19
    melissa c says:

    Love this post!

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