Added Chance to Grab the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

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I feel awkward writing this post, because it feels like I JUST pushed this very thing much harder than I feel comfortable pushing something, and it was supposed to be over almost a month ago.

Technically, it was over.

You may remember in early May when I shared (and shared and shared) about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle being ONLY available for a short time. It’s a ton of homemaking resources bundled together for less than $30. 

Here’s the thing. I have participated once before when they ran a “flash sale” for just two days about six months after the big push/real sale. It’s never guaranteed, though, that they’ll do this. This time, however, they’re hosting a flash sale for those who missed out, and it’s now. Less than a month after the last sale ended.

Which is why I feel a little weird about having declared that THAT was your last chance. I’m pretty sure this is actually your last chance.

If you missed it last time and were mad at yourself, don’t miss it this time.

Go here to see the products that are included. Here’s my best advice for deciding if it’s right for you: Grab a calculator or paper and pencil and browse through the 90something products included in the bundle. As you find a recipe book or organizing printable packet or digital course that interests you, jot down the value of that product. Add up the values of the items you’d love to have and see if it adds up to more than the 29.97 pricetag.

You can also read the posts I wrote for the “real” sale which go into detail about some of the products included:

Homemaking Resources Galore!

High Value Items that May Make the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle worth the Money for You

Combining Housework and Exercise

What I Can Give You (And What I Totally Can’t)

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    Just a heads up that the offer for the free Mrs. Meyers products from Grove Collaboratives requires a $20.00 purchase. That fact is certainly not a deal-breaker for buying the bundle; I just want to spare others some frustration as it’s not spelled out in the offer. I actually had to call their “Community Happy Line” to find out why my order wasn’t going through. LOL

  2. 3

    Yay! Got mine, thank you!! 🙂

  3. 4

    Is there a link I am missing that shows everything that is included? I only see the highlights?

    • 5

      The links to the bundle itself (click on the image at the top of the post, or the first link) take you to a page. About 1/3 of the say down, they share the categories, and within each of those are all the products included. Hover over each product to see its description and value.

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