Two Second Task: De-Grossifying the Washing Machine

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I’ll put this one under Things That Have Bugged Me Forever that I Still Put Off For Way Too Long

We’re not talking about using some fancy-schmancy washing machine cleaner. I’m just talking about wiping off the amazingly icky top of the washing machine.

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I don’t like to think about what the ickiness actually is, so I don’t.

It took somewhere between 2 seconds and three minutes to clean it off with a handy-dandy Clorox wipe.

Actually, this was my first “after” picture:

Oops. Missed a Spot at

It’s amazing how an “after picture” helps you see you’re not quite done.

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    Such an easy thing to get done AND put off! I think the icky stuff is just drips of detergent and lint/dirt.

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      When I notice my washer getting gross, I throw in a load of towels or whites with bleach. But, before I close the lid, I wet, then wipe with one of the dirty items. It may not be as sanitary . . . but, hey, it’s a washer!

  2. 3

    I saw mentioned on a blog that you can wash and whiten pillows. I usually toss them when they start to flatten and get yellow. Why not give it a try? So I load them into the washer, add the detergent, and fill up to the highest capacity. Then I look down at the floor in the laundry closet and realized it needed sweeping under and beside both machines. I stood there thinking that I wish there were an easier way to pull the machines out and really give the floor and baseboards a good cleaning. Normally I just grab a broom and get what I can reach. I went to set a time for 8 minutes and then went back to readjust the pillows to make sure they both were cleaned well (the blog said to do this). I opened the folding doors and there stood about an inch of water. In the dust bunnies and laundry lint that littered the floor. What a mess! I guess the washer filled to capacity and kept going and then leaked out from underneath. The hoses were just fine. I got the water and mess cleaned up just as my husband came home. Later, he went into the basement and discovered the standing water directly under the closet. Needless to say, it would have just been easier to toss those pillows in the trash. But at least the floor is clean.

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      I washed pillows in the past, but the last time, they made my washer un-balanced and broke it. The repair man scolded me for trying to wash pillows. The machine was beyond repair and I had to purchase a new washing machine. And new pillows. And extra pillow covers so I could double- cover the pillows to keep them clean.

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    I need to clean the top of my washer too. Thanks for reminder that it’s not that hard of a task to complete. 🙂

  4. 7

    I just did this last week. I had been putting it off for ages. I ran the clean cycle on my machine and then took some bleach water and ran the rag around the rim of the tub and wiped down the top of the washer. I was amazed at how much better it looked…and smelled. And it took me less than 5 minutes to do it all, after the washer ran it’s own cycle.

  5. 8

    I run into this as well. Our washer and dryer are in the garage so they get super gross every couple of weeks. I finally just started keeping store brand cleaning wipes on the dryer. I know it’s not green living but it’s the only way I’ll wipe those suckers down. I do make vinegar based cleaners for the rest of the house if that makes up for it. 🙂

  6. 9

    What I find even easier is using a kitchen rag that I’ve already wiped counters off with to clean the washer gunk. Then I just throw it into the washer to wait for the next load!

  7. 10

    Since most of that gunk is really just detergent, I take a sock or washcloth that I’m washing anyway and wipe it off then throw it right in. I still only do it every few months though.

  8. 11

    Nice to know I am not the only one 😉

  9. 12

    I have to run regular washes of foul things (peed on underwear/sheets, someone’s stinky socks, floor towels) with soap *and* vinegar, so while I’m loading the wash, I pour the vinegar or watered down detergent around the rim, wipe it down with a floor towel, run an item under the water spray for a “rinse” wipe, then do the wash. One of the few easier fixes of my house of messy horrors.

  10. 13
    Louise Reinier says:

    Just part if the reason I LOVE my front loader
    Any of those “bits” fall on the floor and go away with sweeping!! Oh and no issues doing pillows, rugs or big comforters in it either

  11. 14

    I just wet a hand towel under the running washing water when I’m washing towels, wipe the machine down with that and throw the towel into the washer with the rest of them. Presto! Clean. Not sanitized, but it looks good. 🙂

  12. 15

    I clean mine about every third load of towels. Just take a dirty wash clothe, wet it as the water runs and wipe. Then you just throw the clothe in the washer.

  13. 16

    I purchased some cleaning cloths from QVC. They are about 2/3 the size of a dish towel.. When I got them they were as stiff as a board so I put them in the closet and ignored them. After a number of months I came across them and decided to get one wet and then used a spray cleaner and the cloth .To my surprise the cloth now softer than a real babies diaper. Was super easy to work with on many places. I rinsed it in the sink and it came completely clean again. They are machine washable but line dry….no fabric softener as it makes things like these and towels to not be absorbent.
    Want to know what these miracle cloth is made of…….all natural wood fibers. I think they would take years to wear out .

  14. 17

    I forget this a lot. I decided to start doing it when I do the white wash cloths. I use bleach in the water so I figure it will get clean. I wipe it down with a wash cloth and then toss the cloth in the washer too. You’ve got the rinse water right there!

  15. 18

    Glad to know I’m not the only one whose washer looks like that. It’s probably time to clean it again. Thanks for the reminder – NOT.

  16. 19

    When I wash my washer I grab a wet sock from the last load I just washed and then wash the washer. When I’m done it goes back in the washer with the next load to be washed. (say that 5 times fast HAHA)

  17. 20

    I wipe mine down when I do a load of whites. It never really gets to bad because I do it often. Also, I found something out about 4 year ago that has really helped not having to take the softener dispenser apart to clean it as often. Add the softener to the middle then fill the rest of the way(just under the rim) with water. It comes out easier when it spins out and doesn’t clog the holes and the dispenser. It sure has helped me.

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