How to Dust Kitchen Kitsch – Easy Spring Cleaning Tasks

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Oh how I love that word. Along with tchotchke. (Which my spell-check says isn’t a word but Wikipedia says is.)

I first heard and said “kitsch” in an audition monologue I used to do in college. In case you’re not familiar with these lovely words, they basically mean . . . stuff.

Baubles. Display items.


I don’t have tons of dustables (on purpose) but I do have a rather lovely collection of blue glass kitsch. (Which isn’t really kitsch since kitsch technically means distasteful or hokey. I just like saying kitsch. Can you tell how much I like that word? Kitsch?)

Anyway . . . stuff in the kitchen gets the worst kind of dust. It gets greasy dust. Which can’t be gently brushed away with a feather duster while dancing through the kitchen. Not that I use a feather duster.

So to dust kitchen items, I run anything that’s dishwasher safe through the dishwasher. I know. So insanely simple, right? So obvious, right? Except that it took me a while to realize it. So I’m sharing.

Running Dusty Glassware Through the Dishwasher at

It’s not perfect.

My kitsch could have been even shinier if I had hand-washed, and I wouldn’t do this with hand-painted, not-safe-for-the-dishwasher stuff, but I was able to run one little extra load and have my kitchen display area (which I despise dealing with due to its insanely-hard-to-get-to location) look significantly better.

That’s my kind of spring cleaning.




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  1. 1

    This is a great “series”. I love your easy Spring Cleaning task ideas 🙂

  2. 2

    Dustables… that is a great word!!! I’m going to share that one with my mom. I HATE dusting….probably more than washing dishes….

  3. 3

    LOL. I don’t know how to pronounce either of those words. Please tell me how so I can start using them, too!

  4. 5

    Kitsch in the kitchen. How appropriate. I love those Yiddish words too. And I love my kitsch when it’s been freed of greasy dust.

  5. 6

    I have a friend who calls dust “protective covering”. So there! When my boys were teenagers, they would walk past the piano on the way to the kitchen and run their fingers through the dust. While I hate the dust, I hate finger marks in in worse. I finally said, he who runs his fingers through the dust will remove all kitsch/tchotchkes (I probably said “stuff”) from the piano and dust THE ENTIRE THING. No more finger marks, ever!

  6. 8

    Totally LOVE the idea of dusting in the dishwasher! I need to remember to do this with some of my Christmas decorations. 😀

  7. 9
    Kelly P says:

    I have guinea pigs who must have hay 24/7 for their health. That creates sooo much more dust than I ever had before! I don’t mind dusting, just never get around to it. I love your blog and it helps me to get around to cleaning!

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