Dr. Hubby Diagnoses My Slob Problem

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He has figured it out, people.

Yep. Dr Hubby claims he now knows the cause of all my Slob Problems.

I can’t aim.

He figured this out by the fact that there are Q-tips all around the bathroom trash can, but rarely a single one actually IN the trash can.

He confirmed it while watching me overfill my coffee cup with powdered creamer, letting it flow over the edges and land in a cup-shaped circle below.

He says I don’t have a Slob Problem. I have an Aim Problem.

He’s being facetious.

He knows (all too well) that aim is just one of my problems.


--Nony get-how-to-manage-your-home-without-losing-your-mind-wherever-books-are-sold


  1. 1

    Well, at least he is trying to help you overcome your problems!
    Pointing them out …is have the battle, right?

  2. 2

    BTW, I ordered your e-books yesterday, and by far the best $4.00 I’ve spent in a long time. Ironically, I organized a linen closet last night but ignored all my dirty dishes, then read that very example in your book ๐Ÿ™‚ Clearly I need some help!

  3. 3

    Oh to have their insight…..or help would be good too! And I know from reading your hubs is terrific about helping……

  4. 4

    Bad aiming is half of the problem. Not fixing the result of bad aiming is the larger half. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. 6

    Gotta love observant hubbies:-)

  6. 7

    This made me laugh out loud! I’m on the Slob Side of normal and have fortunately learned to manage myself so our house stays under control. But one area where I am forever, um, challenged, is hitting the trash can. I truly don’t notice when I miss it, even if something has fallen on the floor. Our kitchen garbage can sits in the back stairwell, just outside the kitchen door, and the wall next to it is littered with remnants of food items I’ve thrown in the trash. Other than the once or twice a year when I attempt to wipe down the walls I don’t notice how disgusting it is. Thankfully my husband, who handles taking out trash and recycling, is incredibly understanding and tolerant so he’s able to laugh about it.

    Also good the trash can lives in behind a door so no one ever sees it unless they’re entering through our back door. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 8

      Walls that get messes on them are super hard to clean. Especially when you don’t clean them frequently. Then when you do clean them they never look clean. I swear my walls soak up messes! If you want to make it easier to wipe off you can put a back-splash on the wall. If you have the time and money-tile works well. If you don’t (me) you can put up a plastic place mat. You can find some really nice ones for only $1. They wipe off super easy. If the mess is too stuck on, you can take them down and wash them in the sink. Then you have turned a 15-30 minute scrub job into a 2 minute wash and dry.

      • 9

        The funny thing is I’ve suggested hanging a plastic mat on the wall several times! I think it’s just not on my husband’s radar as much as the other gazillion maintenance projects he’s always worried about. What I should do is just go to Dollar Tree and buy one myself. Of course, then I’ll tell myself we should wait to hang it until we paint. We’ve been in this house almost nine years and still haven’t gotten around to painting the kitchen and back stairwell. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 10

        Good idea!

  7. 11

    The thing that has helped me the most is the Visibility Rule! I tend to tackle the spaces I can shut the door on. Made perfect sense until I read about the Visibility Rule!

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