What I Want for Christmas – A Key Finder

What I Want for Christmas -- A Key Finder at

Yesterday, I saw this Amazon promotion  (Sorry, this offer has now expired.)  where you share what you want for Christmas (on Facebook), and then you get $5 off a $25 purchase.

I couldn’t think of anything I wanted. 

Then, I lamented on my Facebook page about my still-lost-after-almost-24-hours keys. Among the mostly understanding comments, someone mentioned a remote/beepy thing they had that helped them find lost keys.

I looked it up . . . and immediately knew what I wanted for Christmas.  (Unfortunately, the 5-off-25 didn’t apply since it’s only for things sold and shipped by Amazon.)

I have a handy-dandy wall hook for our keys, but when this distractable mind gets at its most distracted on weeks like this one . . . the keys never seem to end up there.

Oh.  And I also took the “Whoever finds my keys gets a dollar!” advice you shared on Facebook!

That was money well spent. 


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  1. 1

    When I was in University one of my professors had something like this. When you whistled this thing on your keychain beeped. She was all excited about it because she was always losing her keys.

    However, when she would get excited and animated while lecturing, her voice would get higher pitched and, you guessed it, set off the key beeper. This happened a couple of times in the lecture and she kept trying to put in farther away or under her coat or something to stop it going off, but it just wouldn’t stop. I never saw that thing again.

    Where were your keys eventually found, if you’re not too embarrassed to share?

    • 2

      Yes, that’s why the whistle kind never interested me!

      The keys were under a chair in the living room. My guess is that I randomly put them on the arm of the chair, they got knocked off and then kicked under the chair. (It’s a hazard of slick wood floors that let things slide so easily!)

  2. 3

    When my now 18 yr old daughter was little, her two big borthers earned a substantial amount of money by finding her one pacifier she would use. Later, during some difficult pregnancies, they also earned a good amt of $ by changing dirty diapers on whoever the baby was at the time.
    $1 goes a long way for young kids!! And it was so worth it to me!!

  3. 6

    My kods are still too little to care about dollars, so I pay them in cookies. Also, I ordered one of those key things.

  4. 7
    unmowngrass says:

    I keep my keys on a chain attached to my handbag. I know if I have my bag, I have my keys (just house keys, because I don’t drive — that might ruin this system). Other than that, have you tried a colourful lanyard? Much easier to spot/extract from somewhere.

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