Ugh. Time to Cook Again.

We’ve been well/over fed for the past week on our cruise, but it’s time to get back to real life.

Sort of.

On Tuesday, I’m heading up north for a few days with Maytag, so this menu plan is mostly to keep my family alive while I’m gone and to ensure there are at least the ingredients for my mom to make a few meals while she’s here helping out.

If she wants to.

And I definitely don’t expect her to make exactly what’s on the plan.

I inherited my recipe-who-actually-uses-recipes? issues directly from her.

Monday – Chicken Chunks and veggies

Tuesday – Frozen leftover jambalaya

Wednesday – Crockpot BBQ chicken sandwiches.

Thursday – Chicken Soup. (It’s just a suggestion, Mom . . . but you do make great chicken soup . . . )

Friday – Out to eat.

Saturday – Not sure yet, but it will involve egg nog since we’ll be decorating the tree!

What’s on your menu plan this week?

I’ll be linking this up to Menu Plan Monday.



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    I’ve had the problem of not making food until my kids are starving. What makes it worse is that we have a soy allergy so most food has to be made from scratch. My 4 yr olds also don’t eat much so they have 6 meals every day. I’ve recently been making a meal plan and even though I still spend over an hour making the plan it’s worth it. Noni, I don’t know how you manage without a recipe. I have to have a guideline to start with; but, if it jives for you, go for it.

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