(Lame) Excuse: “But I Could Get that Cheaper . . . “

(Lame) Excuse But I Could Get that Cheaper . . .  at

Once upon a time, I was a Coupon-aholic.

I had it bad.

I no longer beg for my in-laws’ Sunday paper or spend every road trip organizing my coupon box, but I still suffer some lasting ill effects.


Like the “But I could get that cheaper” excuse.

A paralyzing excuse, since it’s totally true.

See, some people need a price book to remember the rock-bottom prices for various items.

I may not remember why I drove to the store, but I doubt I will ever forget my former “Buy Price” for toothpaste and green beans.

The paralyzing part comes in when I see how much things cost when you’re not obsessively couponing.  Did you know that toothbrushes aren’t actually free for normal people?

In fact, my heart almost stopped yesterday when I saw that there are toothbrushes that come in two-packs . . . . for over SEVEN DOLLARS.

I started to push my little cart away.  I wanted to assume that we could make it a while longer on our current toothbrushes.

Y’know, until I magically have the time/energy/desire again to scour the internet for the best toothbrush deals out there.

Thankfully, I saw this 6 pack.  This $1 six pack.

And even though the excuse automatically morphed into something about how “when I used to get these cheaper, I was getting the fancy ones!” . . . I stopped myself.

Right now, my options are: pay full price for toothbrushes (cheap ones or expensive ones) or grow green stuff on our teeth.

I really can’t say “I could” when I know I won’t. 



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(Lame) Excuse But I Could Get that Cheaper . . .  pin at





  1. 1

    Honey, I may not be the thriftiest person around, but sometimes, you have to weigh the value long term of the item you are buying. Your teeth and the teeth of your family, are worth a lot more than the cost of those toothbrushes. Now, I totally get your humor and enjoy it, so I am putting a bit of seriousness on your humor, but in my eyes, the good toothbrushes are TOTALLY worth the money. Those cheapy ones are good for cleaning around the faucets. There, I said it-I’m a toothbrush snob.
    What do you think?

  2. 3

    A few years ago, I treated myself to an electric toothbrush and it is something that I now would not want to be without. Having got it home, I was afraid to use it the first time for fear my teeth would shoot out of my mouth across the room but that didn’t happen. It gets the teeth clean and gives the gums a good massage, increasing the blood flow.

    You have to buy replacement heads, so it’s not a cheap option but, as Sue says, your teeth are so valuable. Also, if it prevents subsequent remedial dentistry, it would be cheaper in the long run.

  3. 4

    I don’t usually mind paying a bit for nice electric toothbrushes that inspire my kids to brush more, but a couple of weeks ago my boys both had strep throat. I forget this, but someone reminded me that I should replace their toothbrushes. (I was going to soak them in listerine, which may have worked, but then I got paranoid that it wouldn’t.) So we got cheapies because it killed me to replace fairly new expensive brushes with brand new ones. This week I will probably get them new electrics, so I spent extra money really.

    Probably, I just passed you on the crazy scale.

  4. 5
    Susan Wallace says:

    I have to admitt that I buy 6 toothbrushes for $1. They do not last as long, but I do not think that our teeth have suffered.

  5. 6

    OK out on a limb here! I use to be a toothbrush slob then about a year ago I was like this is ridiculous & bought some @ the $1 store 2 for a buck( they also have 4 for a buck) but got the 2. The next time I went to the dentist about 6 months later the hygentist said that I had less tarter than I ever had & that was the only thing I changed. Not sure what the difference was but have decided the cheap ones must be ok. Also remember you are supoose to change them every 3 months.

  6. 7

    We totally buy the cheap toothbrushes but if I’m honest I have to do that. Spending $7 on two brushes would make me try to hold off buying new ones. I replace these pretty often and I like it that way…it feels more sanitary in my twisted over obsess over everything mind.

  7. 8

    I don’t buy toothbrushes based on a sale or coupon, because I won’t buy toothbrushes made in China. Call me a xenophobe; but China has some really sketchy manufacturing practices. I don’t want to ingest lead while brushing my teeth. I always check where the brush is made and I also only buy US-made toothpaste, too!

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