Another Day in December

Let’s just say the house looks much better tonight than it did when we got home late last night.

I know that many normal people feel the need to have their house in order before leaving town for a few days, but I guess my deslobification process hasn’t gotten that far yet.

When Friday is a half day of school, hubby and the kids come home with armfuls of Christmas candy and homemade ornaments, and you want to get on the road before the worst of the traffic hits . . . I really could not care less about piles of dirty laundry that will be there when I get back.

So I was thankful that my sweet husband (who is on vacation from work) cleaned up the kitchen and finished folding the leftover clean laundry from last week.

We did a full family pick-up, and I spent the day consolidating gift baskets and trying to ensure that nothing edible ends up at the bottom of a who-knows-how-long-it-might-be-there pile of clutter.

I’m thankful for the focus of this Daily in December thing.  How did your day go?


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    Alana in Canada says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have help? Careful–nothing beats that feeling when you come home of spic and span house and the knowledge that the only laundry you have to do is in your suitcases. It gets addictive. Have a wonderful holiday and a safe drive wherever you’re going!

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