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This is quite a ways away, but I need the info now to get started figuring out where to go in the summer and fall of this year.

I’d LOVE to have input from you! Please fill out the form here or you can fill it out below.

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    I just have to write you a bit of fan-mail, which is not something I usually do! I have ADHD. Pre-diagnosis, I read sooo many books about getting my house together. Post-diagnosis, I have read so many more books about the same thing, but nothing has clicked with me like your book, including Flylady, which many people recommend for those with my struggles.

    I, too, have the desire to do everything the “right” way, love creative ventures and, thought that once I created habits, I wouldn’t even notice I was cleaning! (A lot of advice to women with ADHD consists of either ‘Make it FUN’ or ‘Make it a routine!’ As if housecleaning is ever going to be fun enough or routine enough to keep me from getting distracted by actually fun things like reading, gardening, or practically anything else!)

    Actually, I have so much to say, that I think I’ll just review your book on my long-neglected blog…the worst thing about lifelong ADHD is that I have spent years putting off creative things just until ‘I get this house under control.’

    In any case, thanks so very much! Hope you come to our neck of the woods!

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    Eastern Washington / North Idaho! I imagine you will go to Seattle, WA and Boise, ID areas. Us smaller-town folks need you, too, please!

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