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You’ve heard me mention a HUGE project, right? Well, it’s done. FINALLY.

It’s only about 60 pages, but has taken me almost all of 2014 to write it, and the experience has been gut-wrenching and difficult and has caused many tears.

Basically, this e-book is my heart.

It tells the whole story of how I came to the point where I started a blog about being a slob and of my journey to acceptance that this is, after all, my “real” blog.

The main point, though, is the spiritual side of this crazy road I’ve been on for the past five years.

I’d love for you to read it. And it’s FREE! Just go here (or the form embedded below) to get it.

Enter your email (just so I’ll have it for future book releases and special promotions, you won’t be added to my regular email subscription), OR enter “No Thanks” if you don’t want to share your email. I’m fine either way.

You’ll go to a page with a link to download the PDF for free. No strings attached. Just be sure to save the file so you can come back to it.

P.S. I planned to write something profound when I released this e-book, but instead I’m just trying to get this post published before I have to leave the house. I’ve waited too long, and I can’t bear to wait another day!

Edited to add more than a year later: This is now also available in a print version here!



  1. 1

    I’m looking forward to reading this! I’m a bit sad you aren’t charging money for your book and hard work, but what a gift to give. 🙂

  2. 3

    Thank you! I’m already reading it!

  3. 4

    Ooo, I’m excited to read this!! I love your posts, podcasts, videos, and am so happy to have found this website, I swear! Thank you so very much for offering this book!

  4. 5
    JenniferF says:

    Looking forward to reading this! Thanks so much for sharing your journey. You have helped me BUNCHES!

  5. 6

    I seriously just took the time at work and read all of this!
    I love how open and honest you have been on every blog post I’ve read (and I took your advice and read everything in order several months ago). But I have to say that I was so incredibly moved by what you wrote in this e-book. In fact, I’m going to be sharing it with several people very soon.
    I am actually working with a couple of ladies right now to start a small group that is a completely safe place to be real about all areas of our lives. And I think this is going to provide a fantastic open discussion.
    And not to add another “crazy idea” to your already creative brain, but have you ever thought about writing a Bible study of your own? Something not focused on the deslobification process, but not hiding or compartmentalizing that part of life?
    I will continue to look forward to your posts and I really feel like we would be friends if I lived in the DFW area. 🙂 But I’ll stick to my little corner of SE New Mexico.

  6. 8

    What a lovely gift you’ve given us with your book! Looking forward to reading it.

  7. 9

    I just read this all in one go. THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing it! The whole thing spoke to my heart but the last two chapters were simply amazing. Especially the part where you told me “we’re still friends”. Even if I don’t see the world the same way you do, you still want me as a friend. And I want friends like you too, because you teach me SO MUCH, and I need that kind of teaching more than anybody because I don’t belong to a church, I don’t have a community to help me reflect. I shared your book on Facebook, with a quotation from the last page of the penultimate chapter. That page is pure beauty. As an atheist, I thank you.

  8. 11

    I read it all in one sitting! I appreciate you sharing your authentic self. I think the world would be a much more loving place if we could all be authentic in all areas of our lives. Sharing your faith is you being authentic and it is wonderful to witness!

  9. 12

    Just ready your book in one sitting! I love your honesty and your willingness to share your journey. You are an inspiration!

  10. 13

    Ok. Total honesty here. I hesitated before downloading it because I am an atheist and thought maybe I wouldn’t feel comfortable reading this, even though I absolutely love your writing , I think you have the best philosophy of any de- clutterer and you have inspired me so much. But I went ahead and did it. And I am loving it! There are so many ways that we are alike even though on some levels it would seem like we have nothing in common. I love what you have to say even if the religious aspects don’t speak to me personally. You are amazing Dana! Thank you for sharing so much.

    • 14

      Hi Annie & Dana,

      Even as a Jewish divorced mom of an 18 year old who works outside the home, I related to her story. I think it takes a lot of courage to come out as a “slob” and to work hard at doing what you want to do. There’s got to be a lot of pressure as a stay at home mom to be “perfect.” I fell into the eBay thing too. When my daughter was little, I bought a lot of her clothes on eBay and then would resell them when she grew out of them for the same amount or more. (I thought I was being smart but was really just collecting other non-child clothing related clutter.)

      Dana, you are very relatable. I need to visit your site more 🙂 Thanks for a great e-book!

      Oh, and thanks for the explanation on aNONYmous! Very clever!

  11. 15

    Thank you! I read your whole book in the last 1/2 hour. You have NO idea just how much I needed this. Going through some REALLY tough times right now. I cried. And I’m NOT a crier. MUCH more than keeping my house clean, although I’m working on that, too. I’m most definitely a slob! Getting better, though. The state of my house seems no longer important now that my life is crumbling around me. I’m most definitely a control-freak and like to tell God how it should be. Trying to do better in that area….

  12. 16

    Thank you for sharing this! I cant’ wait to read it.

  13. 17

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read this. I’ve recently realized that my slob-issues are bigger than just nature. Working with God on this. I know reading your journey will be an inspiration.

  14. 18

    I downloaded my copy… was afraid I’d have to sit at the computer the whole time to read it, which meant… taking longer.
    I discovered last night, I could download it to my Kindle Paper White!
    So just in case SOMEBODY DOESN’T KNOW THIS…
    you can add the PDF version of this book to your KINDLE AND CARRY IT WITH YOU!
    I’m thrilled about this…
    and the prospects of reading other PDF books off my computer!
    Congratulations on getting your book completed! and Thanks again for allow a free download here. 😉

  15. 19

    Just finished. Thank you so much! I can definitely relate to most of it.

  16. 20

    I love the cover! What a great image for a wonderful ebook. <3

  17. 22


    I saw this post as one of the ¨You may also like…¨ little squares at the bottom of a December 2010 post (I am reading from the beginning, still have a few years to read to be up to date!). I already downloaded the book and so look forward to reading it. Such a generous gift to your readers.


  18. 24

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. You are a rock star!

  19. 26
    messee mami says:

    Wonderful read. One thing I love about your blog/writing is you hit the roots of your problems. I knew I wasn’t a natural cleaner but I thought there was a formula I wasn’t “getting”. I now am aware of the way I view (or don’t view really) things. It has been such a tremendous break through, almost two years of following you and people now think I’m “normal”. One day I hope to find my purpose as you have

  20. 28
    Rebecca Smith says:

    I loved your book. Just finished reading it.

  21. 30

    Hi Nony,
    Thanks so much for writing and sharing this! It is really beautiful, and I am shocked by how similar we are. Maybe you will be speaking up in MN someday – it would be so fun to meet you in person..

  22. 32

    Thank you for sharing your story and also thank you for making it free – honestly if it weren’t free I wouldn’t have read it so I appreciate that. I have been married over 20 years and still struggle with housekeeping and love your blog! I loved reading your story, especially about your spiritual journey. I’m still trying to figure out what God wants me to do with my life with all my kids in school now and I loved reading how He gently led you to writing this blog. I loved being reminded how God answers prayers. Thank you for being obedient to His calling, Dana.

  23. 34

    cant wait! 🙂 I love reading your blog and you make me feel normal 🙂 hugs!

  24. 35

    Hi Nony!
    So this is my very first comment on your blog, but I just had to for this particular post. I found your blog a couple months ago and even though I am not yet married, or a mother, OR have my own home, I still love and am addicted to reading every one of your articles. You absolutely inspire me for my future, but not only that, this particular book reached me at an amazing time. I too have a blog, and though the subject matter is very different from yours, I’ve been thinking about it very similarly to how you did in your book. Reading your experience has really spurred me into thinking about what I actually hope to achieve with my blog, and the goals that have always been floating around in the back of my heart. Thank you for sharing something so personal with your readers, it’s really made me think twice 🙂

  25. 37

    Starting it tonight

  26. 38

    I randomly came across your podcasts while blog jumping. Just in the last few days I’ve listed to ten of them while I clean with my two kids under two. My house is a clutter magnet. Like you, I can see in my mind how to organize and I CAN organize, but it really needs a coat of surface clutter removed first. So many pieces of your story I relate to – messy child, teen, college student, apartment with floor to ceiling storage, a house that has a locked bedroom when people come over, becoming a stay at home mom with tiny kids that don’t help the cleaning process (ha!). The hardest part has been my very tidy husband getting frustrated and angry at the mess. Like you say, there’s always an excuse or something I get involved with that lets the clutter pile up behind me. His parents say its a good thing he loves me because my house is not to their standards. My new years goal is to really work on this and its been so refreshing to find someone else working on their house and sharing like you have. While reading your ebook after already thinking how we have things in common (like today’s podcast as you defined normal people and then how we think, including a tuna lid and what to do with it), I saw the mention of the song Lord, send me anywhere. Only go with me….etc….and I don’t know anyone else who knows that song. I learned it at a God-moving part of my life in a tough spot and I was jaw dropped to see it in your ebook. I’m excited as I work on cleaning this month to listen to the rest of your podcast list. My goal isn’t to be someone else – like you, I like me, like not being “normal”, enjoy the creative side, and believe in people before “stuff”. But for the sake of my family and now marriage, it’s really the wake up time to do what I can in a day to improve the situation. Thanks for your openness, your fun sense of humor, and sharing how you don’t notice the open cupboards in the kitchen. I had to laugh…Im very guilty of that myself!

  27. 40

    Thanks for this eBook! I can relate to many things you shared. My husband is the organizer in our family and I feel so defeated when I can’t keep the house in a ” not a disaster” state. I’m learning but still have a long way to go.

    I also love that you were part of BSF! I’m in my third year, first year in leadership as a children’s leader. I know God called me to do it but I’m overwhelmed with the time it takes as a mom of 2 young boys, ages 1 and almost 3. I think you helped me figure out that I too am learning how to rely on His strength and not my own. I also loved the jars of clay imagery (analogy?). It’s very helpful.

    Thanks for the encouragement. It helps to know that others can relate.

  28. 41

    I have to write you and tell you I downloaded your book about 2-3 hours ago, and I have read it through already. All 62 pages of it. From the deepest part of my heart, I must say thank you. For listening to God and following where He has led you in this crazy thing we call life. Thank you for sharing your heart. Thank you for putting into words what us “creatives” go through on a daily basis. Blessings times a thousand to you for this. And yes, I cried too. A lot. And I still am. But that’s OK.

    🙂 JN

  29. 43
    sandy kendrick says:

    my computer keeps telling me windows can’t open the file. it asks me to tell it the program it was created with? is there something I’m doing wrong? it is an older computer doesn’t have word, works, etc. maybe that is the issue?

  30. 45

    Nony-Thank you so much for sharing your heart and calling with us!! In my new role as stay at home mom, I’m realizing it’s not as easy as I thought and what DO I do all day (other than chase after a wonderfully needy 1 year old all day). Thank you for showing us once again that God meets us exactly where we are in our mess and loves us exactly how he made us!! I couldn’t put your e-book down!!! Thank you! Thank you!!

  31. 47

    Beautiful story from the heart! I, too, am learning to use what I consider my “ugly” parts to show God’s love and forgiveness. He has taught me that they are not really “ugly”, only a gem that has not, yet, been buffed enough to shine. Thank you for being fearless in sharing!

  32. 48

    Loved loved the book. As many who already read, I couldn’t put it down until finished. What a wonderful testimony! I still contemplating on it!

  33. 49

    I’m on page 43 of your book. I had to stop and comment. I, too, am a Christian, and identify with so much of your spiritual experience. Your Christian perspective parallels mine in so many ways as well. I absolutely love and appreciate that about you.

    I, too, attempt to be totally honest to the point of explaining, expressing, and detailing, ad nauseam, so no one could possibly misinterpret or misunderstand (and still they do, sigh). I hate being judged when I am trying so hard in certain areas of my life such as housekeeping (and weight loss, since we’re being honest here), therefore, it is incredibly difficult to be transparent in EVERYTHING. Since weight struggles are painfully obvious, it’s tempting to just not mention other flaws. I have a slim, handsome, energetic, almost-too-good-to-be-true husband, who loves me more than anything, and one of my irrational fears is that people will think I’m not good enough for him (we’ve been married for 40 years). No one has ever said that (out loud, anyway), but I have overheard other people comment about couples they’ve perceived as mismatched, so, naturally, I think people would judge us in this way too.

    Thank you for the free ebook, and the opportunity to throw my story & irrational fear into the mix. I’ve enjoyed reading the other comments. Signing off now so I can finish the book …

  34. 50

    I just got and read your e-book today. Thank you for your honesty and courage. I love watching your journey, and I’m thankful for (and use) all the tips and the “dailies” that you give us!

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