Bring on the Summer of Clean!!

I’ve hinted around about a BIG project I’ve been working on.  Well, it’s done.

And I’m exhausted!  I’m also sooo excited to share it with you.

Summer is here! As of tomorrow, my kids will be out of school for almost three months, and I couldn’t be more excited!

If you’ve read from the beginning (or if you’ve been around from the beginning) you know that summer is my favorite time of the year but also the most challenging time for me to keep the house out of chaos!

Two summers ago, I was nervous.  The previous August, I started this blog in a desperate attempt to get my home under control.  I saw huge improvements over the course of the school year, but was starting to panic that summer’s lack of routine would send our home back into Disaster Status.

Added to the panic . . . was guilt.  I LOVE having my children home all day in the summer.  My fear of losing my Clean(er) House Momentum didn’t jive with my desire to enjoy Quantity Time with them.

So . . . I determined to make it the Summer of Clean.  I continued my routine of tackling one household cleaning task per day, and involved my kids in each task.  I created printable instructions to maximize independence, and acted as teacher/director/supervisor each morning.

It wasn’t easy, and during that summer I sometimes wondered if any of these cleaning lessons were actually being learned.

Now . . . I can say with confidence that our Summer of Clean was a success!

What makes me say that now?

It’s two years later and I see the fruits of my focused efforts to teach my children to clean.

On Sunday evenings, when it’s time to sort every last piece of laundry in our home to be ready for Monday’s Laundry Day, I just have to ask them to do it. They are able to sort our laundry without any direction or supervision from me.  Wa-hoo!  Mommy scores!

Here’s one more (big) piece of evidence.  My kids are now able to help me get the house ready for guests in less time than it would take for me to do it on my own.  I’m able to assign each child a job such as dusting, vacuuming, or counter-wiping, and these jobs get done with minimal supervision from me. That’s exciting!

But what’s the big project?

I’ve written a new e-book called Teaching Kids to Clean! Some of the information is here on the blog, but there are exclusives in the e-book!  Based on my experiences teaching my own kids to clean, I share advice, “lesson plans,” supply lists, age-appropriate task lists, and printables to help you teach your kids the skills necessary for big cleaning tasks.

The tasks include laundry, bathroom cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and mopping.

And if you don’t have kids, you might just learn something for yourself!  I know checklists help me stay focused!

Get yours in easy-to-print PDF form for $5.00 by clicking on the “Buy Now” button below:




--Nony get-how-to-manage-your-home-without-losing-your-mind-wherever-books-are-sold


  1. 1

    Oh goodie, free e-book, Thank you!! Can’t wait to try to teach my 3 year old to help at least clean her room. Pinned it!

  2. 2

    YAY, thanks Nony! I’ll share on FB and twitter for you 🙂

  3. 3
    Lee-ann says:

    Many thanks and hopefully there’s tips that’ll be transferable to teaching a husband to clean too.

  4. 4
    Kristie says:

    Hi. I tried to download from Facebook but couldn’t get it to download. Is this just me operator error on my part? (you don’t by any chance have a book on teaching your husband to help clean…Do you..LOL)


  5. 6
    heyjlyn says:

    shared on Facebook, twitter. Also Pinned it for you. Thanks
    I really need this, perfect timing to. 🙂

  6. 7

    So excited about this, I homeschool so one of the reasons I can’t seem to get it together is because the kids are causing most of the disaster! I’m going to tell the homeschool group about this today!!!

  7. 9

    thank you so much!!

  8. 10

    I got it from FB, but Pinned, as well! A question: Will this book help teach ME to clean?

  9. 13

    Thanks so much!! I’m like Jane…I’m hoping it will teach me too!! 🙂 I have 5 boys and I’m looking forward to reading this and getting all of us on the right track!

  10. 14

    Thanks so much. Been looking over it and I keep thinking. I know all this…um..then why don’t I do it? I have 7 kids and no help plus I hate housework. *sigh*
    Thanks again, I am going to start this asap.

  11. 15
    JenniferF says:

    We’ve started doing a chore rotation this week and at bedtime tonight my 10yo dd’s prayer request was that we can keep up with our daily chores.


    Thanks for the free e-book! I have no shame in promoting you. Will post it on FB.

  12. 16

    I homeschool, and I’m really hoping that a Summer of Clean can become a Whole Year of Clean around here.

  13. 17

    Oh I am so excited to read about cleaning! Actually cleaning…not so much.

  14. 18

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read this. Thank you, thank you!

  15. 19

    I just revamped our chore lists for the summer, and was looking for specific instructions to help my daughters get the bathrooms done when I found your site.

    Thanks for sharing your summer of clean with us, Noni! What a great idea! Our family will be “playing along” at home.

    • 20

      I just hàve to çomment àbout teaçhing children to help around the house I thought I did à good job. Fast forward: my girls àre now early thirties. When they come home to visit, they have ample storage and làrge closets. However, they simply toss their clothes on the floor. And don’t forget the glasses and the half full çans of soda covering every flat surface. They are a lawyer and a liaison with the department of defence. They shock me. And there is nothing I can do.

  16. 21

    I have been trying to get this free e-book it says to click to download but when I click nothing happens. How can I get the free e-book?
    Thank you,

  17. 23

    I liked you on FB… I could care less if someone sees I liked you!! LOL I am ALL FOR help w/teaching the kiddos to clean & I reposted it too :0). THANK YOU!!!

  18. 24

    While my kids are proficient at most household chores, I’m looking forward to increasing their thoroughness and attention to detail over the summer. Thanks for offering this free ebook!

  19. 25
    My Brodersen says:

    I liked you on Facebook and would love some inspiration for teaching my cldren how to clean (and myself :0) ). Thank you for being such an inspiration

  20. 26
    Melinda Elam says:

    I pinned it! I love the idea of using your book as part of school for Home Ec. Thank you this resource! Your posts and blog are always fun to read, and, of course, helpful!

  21. 27
    Heidi Flores says:


    I liked the Facebook page BUT I am on a smartphone… I think you said you could email it?

    Thanks so much can’t wait to start cleaning!!!

  22. 28

    I pinned your post ( but I can’t get the email links from your blog to work so that I can email you to let you know.

  23. 29

    hi 🙂 loving this!!!! pinned it my pinterest,
    looking forward to learning more from your ebook.. super thanks.. more mind-blowing ideas 🙂

  24. 31

    Can’t wait to read this! Here is where I pinned it:
    Thank you for sharing how to teach our children life skills!

  25. 33
    Mafalda Chandler says:

    Hi! I just tried to download your book, but the ordering page prices the book at $5.00, instead of the $3.00 you claim above… Would you please let me know how much the book is, and if it’s still $3.00 how this can be fixed? Thank you, and congrats on such a great idea! :o)

    • 34

      Hi Mafalda! It is five dollars now. I’ll go change that on the post. BUT, it’s still FREE for people who like A Slob Comes Clean on facebook or pin this post and send me the link to the pin! (It won’t be free for much longer!)

  26. 35

    Looking forward to reading it! Planning on starting with my 2 year old immediately!!!!! 🙂

  27. 36

    Hello! I would love to have your book, but I am not on Facebook or pinterest….. Is there a way for folks like me to have a free copy too?


    • 37

      Hi Shell,

      It will be on Amazon soon, and there will be days when I offer it free there, after June 16th. Be sure to check back here because I’ll always announce those days.

  28. 38

    Such a super great idea! With three boys, I always say I am raising good husbands and one thing good husbands do is CLEAN 🙂

  29. 39

    I don’t have a Kindle; so is this ebook available in a pdf? Thanks!

  30. 41

    I NEED this book! But it is not on amazon anymore! boo hoo! How can I get this?? I also wanted some of your other stuff but can’t get your cart to work. Bummer!!

    • 42

      Hi Michelle, I took it off of Amazon since the printables make that a hassle, but it’s working fine for me by clicking the “add to cart” button at the bottom of the post. Is that not showing up for you? And I’ve had purchases today, so I think it’s working. You might try changing browsers if it’s not working. Sometimes that makes a difference.

  31. 43
    Michelle says:

    Just bought your book through Paypal, but keep getting a download error. Any ideas?


  32. 45

    I keep getting a “coupon expired” when I update my cart. Has it expired?

  33. 49
    Heather says:

    Help! I purchased the book, clicked the links and downloaded the files, but they won’t open. I’m on an android tablet with full .pdf capability.

  34. 53

    Hey, I just paid the $5 for your book, and the printables loaded fine. But when I try to get the ebook, I get a message that “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.” Any ideas? Thanks!

  35. 56
    Angela Ponder says:

    Has the SUMMER14 expired?? Kids are at home and I would like to implement some of these cool ideas!

  36. 58

    Hi! I just posted the link to your page for the book download! I’m really excited! 🙂

  37. 59
    Stephanie says:

    I ordered this e book with the discount but did it on my phone. Now I don’t know how or were to down load it….

  38. 61

    I purchased the kids eBook on my phone. Am I able to download it on my computer? If so, how?
    Thank you so much!!
    PS. I absolutely love your blog!!!!!

    • 62

      Hi Tammy, You should have received an email with the download links, so you can download to your computer. Let me know if you didn’t get it!!

  39. 63

    Hi Dana!

    I just bought and downloaded “Teaching Kids To Clean”. I’ve had your other 2 books for a while and love them! I think TKTC will be most useful not only for teaching my kids, but also for myself. I especially like the printables, I think they are great for anyone!

    Keep up the wonderful work, and I am excitedly waiting for the print book!

  40. 65
    Margaret says:

    This feels like bait and switch. I clicked the link that said Free e-book, but now that I’m here it’s $5… 🙁

    • 66

      Was the link on my site? Do you remember which post you came from? This e-book was free when it was first released in 2012, and though we’ve tried to change all links to it, it’s possible we’ve missed some. Sorry about that!

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