I Was NOT Planning to Do That Today

I Was NOT Planning to do THAT Today at

For as loosey-goosey as I tend to be, I am a planner.

I generally have a mile-long list in my head of things I plan to tackle in a day.

Last Thursday, cleaning behind the fridge was NOT on that list.

Alas, something started leaking.  It took a while to figure out what that something was, and a while after that to decide that the only fix we knew hadn’t fixed anything.

Soooo, we pulled the fridge out from the wall and turned off the water.

Fine.  By “we” . . . I really mean Hubby.

Unfortunately, with our humongous-because-isn’t-bigger-always-better fridge pulled out into the middle of our heavily-trafficked kitchen, I could no longer pretend that the area generally hidden behind the fridge didn’t exist.

For most of the day, I gave it dirty looks every time I passed by.

And then, after the final maybe-it’s-magically-fixed-now attempt at turning the water back on, it was time to decide that we will live without my much-loved-water-in-the-fridge-door for a while and put it back in place.

So I said, “Hold on a minute, Honey!” and got out the broom.  I should have also grabbed the mop, but didn’t.

My Slob Brain was satisfied knowing it was So Much Better and fell back on the who’s-going-to-ever-see-it-anyway rationale that I love so much.

Now to decide if it’s worth it to have the fridge fixed when there’s also the issue of multiple broken shelves that keep the drawers from closing which causes the door to sometimes pop open.

Thankfully, I’m rather adaptable, and can work around annoyances like this fairly easily.



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    If you are going to have it fixed, then clean behind the fridge properly. After all, if someone is charging you, you don’t want them looking at your dirt. BUT, if your replacing it, then clean it, because you wouldn’t want to move a pristine new fridge in over a dirty floor would you? And, of course, you don’t want the delivery guys to see your nasty floor, either, do you?

    • 2
      Carolina says:

      What’s the rush? If she does either of those things, THEN she can deal with cleaning (or not). Until then…who’s going to see it? (LOL!!) You obviously don’t have a ‘slob brain’! Those of us who DO…know these things.

      • 3

        Now now, let’s be nice to Alana! She’s one of the most understanding and supportive people Normal People around! (And I especially like her because she leaves comments on posts no one else comments on!)

    • 4

      I definitely will scrub it down back there if/when we replace it! But it can wait until then, right?

      • 5

        of course! by then it might be dirty again anyway, right? 😉

        • 6
          Slob with OCD says:

          See my problem is that if it were me, I would drop everything to clean it, and not have the energy to finish my dishes, or some much more visible crucial part of making my house livable.

    • 7

      I have to agree, it would drive me nuts to put a new fridge on a dirty spot.
      See I’m a slob mixed with an OCD side. I know its confusion but hey its me. We must embrace our good and bad personality traits.

  2. 8

    I can tell you that the repair guys have seen a LOT worse! It’s pretty hard to keep that area of the floor clean so they don’t expect it.

    We had our oven serviced recently and I was a little embarrassed about the condition of the floor under the stove but it could have been a lot worse. I apologized for it but the repair guy said it wasn’t bad at all.

    The biggest problem you have now is trying to decide what to do about the refrigerator. Good luck!

  3. 9

    We had a broken shelf in our fridge and were able to order a replacement online. It wasn’t cheap but it was way cheaper than a new fridge. But if you love your water, this might not help you.

    Either way, I get it about cleaning in those hidden places. When we moved, one of our pastors offered to help my hubby go back and finish cleaning after everything was out. He cleaned where the freezer had been and it was gross. Our pastor! I try to avoid thinking about that.

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