Promotion Ideas for Organization/Home Management Bloggers

Have you ever received an email from a reader that made you widen your eyes and wonder if some people are truly beyond hope?

This e-book is for those people.

Organizing and/or cleaning is a passion of yours. I’m sure your passion has attracted some readers who desperately want to follow your advice, but feel paralyzed in their out-of-control homes.  This e-book will help bring them out of this place of despair, and will give them hope that they too can improve their homes.

Ideas for promoting 28 Days to Hope for Your Home:

  • Share your least favorite cleaning task.  Tell how often or how long you put off that task.
  • Tell a funny story about a time when your doorbell rang at the worst possible moment.
  • Tell about a housekeeping habit that you had to work hard to develop.
  • If you’re planning a spring cleaning push on your blog, promote this e-book as a way for them to be ready to organize and/or deep clean.

Most of all, share your compassion for readers who feel bewildered by the state of their homes.  The feeling of isolation and shame inside a messy house is very real.  Knowing that you accept them as they are will only improve your relationships with those readers.

Just be sure to emphasize that this e-book is “not for the mildly disorganized” so your readers do not think they’re buying an e-book about how to get completely organized in 28 days.

When you receive heartbreaking, desperate emails, consider including your affiliate link for this e-book in your reply.

Be sure to check out the specific details about joining the affiliate program and promoting 28 Days to Hope for Your Home on the Affiliate Details Page.

Feel free to take any quotes from this page or the landing page, and up to fifty words from the e-book itself.  I ask that you do not reveal more than one of the habits in your post.  (Gotta give them a reason to buy, right?)

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