So . . . Underwear Drawers are for . . . . Underwear?

Prefilebox, I had huge paper-pile problems. I’m still amazed at how quickly a pile can/does appear if I don’t stay on top of every SINGLE paper that enters this house.

One of my main problems was that although I didn’t want to sort through papers immediately, I did recognize that there were certain things that couldn’t afford to get lost in the piles. Things like passports, hospital bills, etc.

So where did I put these “can’t be lost” items?

Um . . . in my underwear drawer, of course.

For some reason, in my mind, that is safe place. A place to look when an important document needs to be found. Maybe it’s that in my random-mindedness, the undie drawer is pretty much my only truly designated drawer. Every other drawer is a mish-mash. Some tops, some shorts, some pajamas, some of whatever else.

I don’t fully understand my own slob-logic sometimes. I just know that last Saturday morning, in a quick attempt at purging some of my drawers, I found quite a few random important papers. Of course, several were no longer important, and hadn’t been important in several years.

I think I like the file-box system better.



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    Lenetta @ Nettacow says:

    Huh. Underwear. Who knew? :>)

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    I put important papers in my underwear drawer. Why because nobody goes in my underwear drawer not even underwear and I know where they are.

  3. 3
    Cupcake Dessert says:

    I am reading your blog backwards so that I can get organized too!! I just wanted to tell you that is where I keep all my important papers too LOL. And oddly enough my underwear are kept in my nightstand drawer because my underwear drawer is full 🙂

  4. 4

    I use my silverware drawer. I am a Navywife so we move a lot and I would keep the file of receipts in the silverware drawer so I would make sure I know where they were. I have a file cabinet where I keep the bills but the major receipts stay in the kitchen (well they did until we lived overseas they are now in the files.)

  5. 5

    Did you start this as a kid? When I was little my only place to put special things was in my top drawer. I can completely get your logic on this one.

  6. 6

    I cleaned out my underwear and sock drawers over Christmas. I found 24 unmatched socks, 4 9mm bullets, earrings I looked for for months, and a roll of curling ribbon. Apparently everything I am hiding from the cat (in the bedroom) goes in my underwear and sock drawers!

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      That’s hilarious!! When my mom passed away & I had to clear everything out of her house, in every single drawer of the house except the silverware drawer, I found bullets, pennies, & a broken clock. When I’d get so tired I was goofy, I’d chant, “Bullets, pennies, & clocks. Oh my!” I ended up w/ a 5 lb. coffee can filled w/ pennies & another one filled w/ bullets.

  7. 10

    i keep sentimental things that don’t need to/shouldnt’ be displayed, but that i can’t bear to part with in my undie drawer. like the pregnancy tests i took when i found out i was pregnant with each of my children.
    my hubby’s drawer has restaurant gift cards, expired or maxed out credit cards, and his passport.

  8. 11

    I have found that the best thing to combat paper piles is a cat. No matter where the paper is perched, a cat is sure to creep quietly along the table/counter/dresser so as not to scare the paper away…look carefully at every inch…sniff the outer edges of the topmost sheet..then POUNCE on the paper to kill it, only to go sliding off the edge of the table/counter/dresser with the entire stack!

    I’m much better now about putting papers where they go, but this still happens almost weekly at my house. Maybe I should try the underwear drawer? 😉

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