So . . . Underwear Drawers are for . . . . Underwear?

Pre-filebox, I had huge paper-pile problems. I’m still amazed at how quickly a pile can/does appear if I don’t stay on top of every SINGLE paper that enters this house.

One of my main problems was that although I didn’t want to sort through papers immediately, I did recognize that there were certain things that couldn’t afford to get lost in the piles. Things like passports, hospital bills, etc.

So where did I put these “can’t be lost” items?

Um . . . in my underwear drawer, of course.

For some reason, in my mind, that is safe place. A place to look when an important document needs to be found. Maybe it’s that in my random-mindedness, the undie drawer is pretty much my only truly designated drawer. Every other drawer is a mish-mash. Some tops, some shorts, some pajamas, some of whatever else.

I don’t fully understand my own slob-logic sometimes. I just know that last Saturday morning, in a quick attempt at purging some of my drawers, I found quite a few random important papers. Of course, several were no longer important, and hadn’t been important in several years.

I think I like the file-box system better.


  1. Lenetta @ Nettacow says:

    Huh. Underwear. Who knew? :>)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I put important papers in my underwear drawer. Why because nobody goes in my underwear drawer not even underwear and I know where they are.

  3. Cupcake Dessert says:

    I am reading your blog backwards so that I can get organized too!! I just wanted to tell you that is where I keep all my important papers too LOL. And oddly enough my underwear are kept in my nightstand drawer because my underwear drawer is full :)

  4. I use my silverware drawer. I am a Navywife so we move a lot and I would keep the file of receipts in the silverware drawer so I would make sure I know where they were. I have a file cabinet where I keep the bills but the major receipts stay in the kitchen (well they did until we lived overseas they are now in the files.)

  5. Did you start this as a kid? When I was little my only place to put special things was in my top drawer. I can completely get your logic on this one.

  6. I cleaned out my underwear and sock drawers over Christmas. I found 24 unmatched socks, 4 9mm bullets, earrings I looked for for months, and a roll of curling ribbon. Apparently everything I am hiding from the cat (in the bedroom) goes in my underwear and sock drawers!

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