Mopping Again . . . Already?

I did something crazy this morning. Even though I have a perfectly good excuse to not do Thursday’s task of mopping on the days when I have my Moms’ Group meeting at 9 am, I guess I felt reckless and . . . . I mopped anyway.

And I was done at 8:45.


And guess what? Even though I mopped last week, ONLY last week, the water . . . was black.

Yep, black.

I knew I needed to mop again since my feet weren’t exactly gliding smoothly over the floor. As soon as I wrote this post earlier in the week where I mentioned the hypothetical situation of spilled applejuice, some crazy blogging irony took over and what do you think happened that very night at supper?

It was wiped up, but still, the not-quite-clean feeling was there.

So I had to ask myself why, when I was already dressed, had finished my Bible Study lesson, and was fully ready to go at 8:27, wouldn’t I mop? It is Thursday after all. So I went for it, using my recently unearthed-from-the-garage white mop bucket.

I’ve been mopping consistently every other week for several months now. But since I’ve been using the sink method, I haven’t seen quite as clearly how dirty the water gets. And this was only after one week?!?!?!?!

It was pretty nasty.

When I used to only mop on a rare occasion, the water was dirty. Of course, I assumed that it was so dirty because it had been . . . well . . . a while since I last mopped.

But this was only after one week. It was a rather messy week of crumbled brownie bites and multiple spills, but it was only one week.

When I just go on through life, without a plan for regularly mopping, I can go for a very long time. But knowing that the water was that dirty after one little week is a big motivation for me.

And then, I got even crazier between 8:45 and 9:00 and did some more daily tasks. I further cleaned up the kitchen, checked bathrooms for clutter, closed cabinet drawers, and did a walk-though of the house, putting things away.


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