Approaches to Clutter Guilt – (Sample Conversations and Videos)

The "Playing Dumb" Approach - A Sample Clutter Guilt Conversation (with script and video) from Nony of

Clutter Guilt is a real thing. I get questions about it. I did a podcast on the subject last week, and then had this idea for a series of videos.

For my own Clutter Guilt situations, I have the unique advantage of having a blog about decluttering, which means most people in my life (most, not all) KNOW I can’t handle stuff and understand when I have to get rid of things.

Most of them understood pre-blog, anyway.

But honestly, through the past five years of decluttering like a crazy woman, I’ve gained enough Decluttering Momentum that I no longer worry about offending the person who unloaded their own clutter on me. If they don’t want it in their home, I feel no obligation to keep it in mine.

I know. Sometimes it isn’t that simple.

There are times when you can feel obligated to offer the clutter/stuff/junk back to the giver before donating. I’m sharing a few approaches to these conversations this week.

(And mostly, I’m having fun.)

(Click here if you can’t see the video!)


Clutter Guilt Script – The “Playing Dumb” Approach


Guilter: (Answers door.) Well, hello!! How are y . . . What’s that? (looking down)

Guiltee: It’s those Christmas decorations you love so much! I kept one for memory’s sake (I hope that’s okay!!) but I thought I’d give them back to you since I don’t need them anymore and we just don’t have the space to store them!

Guilter: No, when I got new ones I gave those to you. They’re very special to me.

Guiltee: (Very serious.) I know. That’s why I’m bringing them back to you! (continue nodding seriously while attempting to place the box inside his/her house.)

Guilter: I don’t want them.

Guiltee: (Confused) I thought you said they were really special? Oh, I must have misunderstood. I don’t mind at all dropping them by Goodwill.

Guilter: You’re going to DONATE them?

Guiltee: (Confused) Of course! I don’t have the room, and you don’t want them. What else would I do with them? I wouldn’t throw them away!! I mean, these are very nice Christmas decorations!!

Guilter: But I got those at a garage sale in a very fancy neighborhood when I was pregnant with you.

Guiltee: Oh, so you do want them?(starts putting the box down)

Guilter: No, I don’t want them!

Guiltee: OK great! Then I’ll take care of everything! There’s a place I can drop them off on my way to pick up the kids from school.

Guilter: Bu. . .wha . .

Guiltee: Oh, I gotta go! See ya later!!


Feel free to memorize and use!!


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Hiding Solutions from Myself

Hiding Solutions from Myself -

I can come up with some great solutions.


But the hidden ones rarely work.

While I’d love for my house to look perfect at all times, some of the ways we make things work keep it from looking perfect.

Half-full (or worse, ALMOST full) water bottles grate on my nerves. I try to avoid letting them happen, but they happen. To keep from wasting the nobody’s-gonna-to-drink-it-now water, we use it to water the plants.

Actually, Hubby does. In our house, he’s the one who handles NOT killing plants.

When one of the irritating bottles appears, everyone knows to take it to a certain spot in the breakfast area.

But as I found when I decluttered/switched-out-old-storage-containers-for-new-ones recently, I once had the really great idea to put them in a less obvious spot. A logical spot.

Logical + Less Obvious = Doesn’t Work ‘Round Here.

Really, it would be so nice if those eyesores could be two feet away, hidden inside a cabinet.

Oh well.



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