Not Feelin’ It

I’ve been in a funk. A funk that makes me feel like I have nothing worth writing on here. I’m hoping that if I just write about the funk, the funk will go away.

Here goes.

I’m tired. And a little stressed. I’ve mentioned my mother-in-law’s health in passing, but it’s not a passing thing. It’s a thing that is greatly affecting our entire family. She’s 82. She has osteoporosis. I never knew what that really meant until she started dealing with the horrible effects of it.

Basically, almost two years ago, she started having severe back pain. She’d been in the hospital for an asthma attack right before the back pain started so we thought it was a muscle thing related to being in the hospital bed.

Finally, when it didn’t go away, we found out she had a compression fracture in one of her vertebrae. Thankfully, there’s a newish thing called kyphoplasty that helps. But it involves time in the hospital because she has to go off her blood thinners before the procedure and then be monitored for blood clots after the procedure.

It was a relief when she got relief. But then it happened again. And again. And again and again.

The poor woman used to be 5’8″. She’s now, maybe, 5’2″. Any little thing can cause a fracture and we often have no idea what happened.

And now, in the past month, she has been in ICU for almost three weeks and on a ventilator for almost two. The lack of mobility combined with what would be normal everyday illnesses for most people brought about severe breathing issues to the point where we were told we “need to be ready.”

Thankfully, she’s doing much better and we’re hoping they will take out the ventilator tubes soon. (If you’ve never seen what it really means to “be on a ventilator,” just know it’s awful. So much worse than I ever imagined.)

Now, the challenge will be to figure out what’s best for her to get the care she needs.

But that’s life.

It’s just another example of how planning exactly how things will work in an ideal, house-is-perfect-all-the-time world is pointless. Life happens. It throws crazy things my way. I want to live those crazy things, though, because they’re usually the things I’m so glad I did.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all the craziness, I’m doing the dishes. I didn’t do them last night. Honestly, I just didn’t want to. I was exhausted.

But I did them this morning. My dishwasher is running right now. I’m thankful for the focus I’ve been able to place on my home through this blog for the past five years. It has allowed me to fully UNDERSTAND that in the midst of crazy, out-of-my-control times, that one simple routine will go far in the quest for sanity.

Thanks for listening.



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Baskets? Oh. I Get it Now.

Finally grasping how to REALLY use baskets to stay more organized.

I used to think baskets would solve all my problems.

So I bought them.

And then bought some more.

And a few more just in case.

Then, I’d get home and the Organizing Energy I had before I left for the store was gone. The baskets would sit in their bags on the floor or on a shelf for . . . like . . . . forever.

They became part of the clutter.

A big part of my progress in this whole deslobification process over the past five years has been realizing/accepting that it’s best for me to JUST declutter. To get rid of the stuff that we don’t need and/or that won’t fit in our home.

JUST decluttering makes the house feel 1000 times more organized.

Because Just Decluttering makes so much sense to my brain, I’ve found myself a little fearful of containers.

But now, more than four years after the lightbulb moment when I finally grasped the Container Concept, I’m using a basket.

And I’m pretty sure I’m using it correctly.

This is a big deal, people.

When I would hear someone say that the best way to keep countertops tidy was to use baskets, I’d nod on the outside and cry on the inside. All my own attempts at this totally obvious and logical solution had failed. I needed SIX baskets to hold all my stuff and then the stuff never made it back into the basket so my counters were covered in not only STUFF but in empty baskets.

Now I get it. I needed less stuff, not more baskets.

And once I had less stuff, the function of the basket finally sank into my Slob Brain.

The basket is where I put the stuff when I clean the kitchen.

Now I’m pretty sure a Normal Person would disagree and say “No, the basket is where you put the stuff after each and every time you use it so your kitchen counters never get out of control.”

Yay for them.

That’s just not how I roll. (Unfortunately.)

But with less stuff (ONLY what will fit in the basket) I find that the basket removes my frustration over my cluttered countertop since there is no decision to make, only a job to do. Move the stuff into the basket.

And if the basket overflows, then the natural limit of the container has been met and it’s time to see which bottle doesn’t deserve to be there. I’m using that basket ONLY for the vitamins and things that get used consistently. Random other bottles can go in the cabinet.

Don’t worry. I totally get that all these things are INSANELY OBVIOUS to most people.

They weren’t to me.


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