Making Shower Cleaning as EASY as Possible

Just letting you know up front that I’m going to use Amazon affiliate links to the tools that have made shower cleaning so much easier for me. That’s partly so you can see exactly which products I’m talking about, and partly because I’m hoping you’ll buy a six-thousand dollar TV while you’re on Amazon and I’ll get the commission for THAT. Actually, if you can afford a six-thousand dollar TV, I recommend you get a maid and skip this post. (Right after you follow the dish soap link and buy your new TV.)

How I Make Shower-Cleaning as Easy as Possible at

In case you didn’t know yet, my cleaning tips aren’t based upon a love of cleaning.

Really, though, they’re not based upon a hate of cleaning either.

My cleaning tips are from the perspective of someone who goes through life NEVER EVEN THINKING about cleaning until she knows the doorbell is about to ring.

I’m all about finding ways to combat my T.P.A.D. (Time Passage Awareness Disorder – a totally made-up-by-me problem) and my Slob Vision.

What works for me?

Associating tasks with things I do regularly anyway. Putting reminders IN FRONT OF MY FACE where I can’t possibly miss them. Even though I still totally miss them sometimes.

This tip fulfills all of those requirements.

Keep a dish-soap filled, non-scratch dish wand IN THE SHOWER. Use it while you’re in the shower.

Even though I figured out a while back that dish soap cleans my shower as well as anything ever did (while also not freaking me out by its chemicallyness), and even though I figured out a while later that the very best time to clean my shower is when I’m already in it, it took me an even longer while to actually act upon this solution suggested by so many of you.

There’s not too much more to say. Having a non-scratch dish wand already filled with dish soap in the shower, hanging right in front of my face means I do a little scrubbing here and there while taking my showers. (Which I do every single day anyway.)

And the wand doubles as a pretend microphone, which is also totally useful in the shower.

You’re welcome.


How a Zaycon Pick-Up Works

How a Zaycon Pick-Up Works at

I’ve shared my love of filling my freezer with Zaycon chicken many times.

But I know it’s weird. I mean, drive to a parking lot and get MEAT out of the back of a truck?

Ummmm, okay.

Zaycon’s offer to pay me in bacon to write some posts about the process was great motivation to remember to take pictures of the pick-up I did recently so I could share them with you.

And boy did I learn more that day than I expected to learn. I promise I didn’t do this on purpose to see what would happen, but I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT MY PICK-UP!!!

Really. I’ve never done that before.

I have had a lot going on lately and stress tends to make my brain all jumbly and I had somehow neglected to put my pickup date with an alert into my phone like I usually do. So one random morning when I needed to leave for a speaking engagement at noon and had planned out every single second before my departure, I checked my email at 8:30 a.m.

I saw an email that said my pick-up time was starting. Right then. At 8. And it went to 8:30. Which was when I was reading the email!!!

I. Freaked.

Thankfully, the email had a phone number. The lady who answered the phone was amazingly nice and understanding and helpful. She re-scheduled my order to be picked up in the nearest pick-up location where the truck was headed next. The place was about 30 minutes from my house and the pick-up time was 10:00 a.m.

Whew. While I didn’t love having my well-planned morning totally interrupted, I was soooo happy they found a way to make it work for me.

When I drove up to the new-to-me location, I saw the enter sign at the road showing me exactly where to go. The truck makes it hard to miss the location, but they also do a good job telling you where to drive.

How Zaycon Works at

You stay inside your car, and the driver comes to your car window.

The driver immediately knew I was the one he’d missed at his last pickup spot. He explained that he was about to call me to remind me to come pick-up when my order disappeared from that location on his tablet and moved to the next location.

As he always does with the chicken, he asked where I wanted my box o’ meat and put it inside the car for me. (I told him to put it on the other side so it would be easier to take a picture! Please ignore the trash!) With chicken, he always places a plastic sheet under the box to protect my car. Zaycon brings the box right to your car

I got home and transferred the bacon to my freezer. It came already-frozen in three pound packages. This made the putting away process ever-so-much simpler than the chicken.

Bacon from Zaycon - How it all works at

I asked the driver if he always calls people who miss their pick-up, and he said that he tries. With chicken, he is sometimes so much busier than he can’t.

And speaking of chicken, Zaycon announced today that they have taken the price of chicken back down to 1.89 for the upcoming event!! Those who paid 2.49 are being credited the difference! Go check your location now to see if you can still order!! In my area, orders need to be placed by Nov 13, but don’t wait because they do run out! (I’ve missed it before because I waited!)

So how’s the bacon?

I like it, but my 12yo (who considers himself a bacon aficionado) . . . loves it. L-O-V-E-S it.

Go here (through my referral link) to see which events are coming to your area soon.



Year Two in E-Book Form!!!

Year two of in E-book form!

Last May, I released the first year of in e-book form. Now, almost six months later . . . Year Two is done!! It took so long because I only work on it for one hour each week during my daughter’s gymnastics class, and she didn’t go to that during the summer.

This one is LESS than 800 pages!! 786 is LESS than 800.

In case you’re new here, let me explain why I am putting the blog into e-book form.

People read the blog backwards all the time. I recommend it for people who are completely overwhelmed in their homes and need to see in “real” time the process I went through (which includes many struggles, failures, and successes) coming to grips with my own Slob Problems.

You can read the blog backwards for free. It’s all available at any time to anyone who wants to click through each post. For convenience (and after many requests to do so), though, I’m offering the same content in e-book form. This allows people to read offline on their Kindle, their computer, or other reading device.

Year Two is the exact same content you’ll find on the website itself, but I did remove the time-sensitive-and-therefore-currently-irrelevant posts about random deals. Year Two was when I started experimenting with monetizing the site.

Year Two in e-book form is $15. I know that is a lot, but it’s what makes financial sense for me when it means the loss of more than 750 pageviews.

If you purchased Year One in e-book form, there was a code at the end to get Year Two for $10. For a limited time, I’m posting that code here for those of you who didn’t buy Year One but want to get Year Two.

The code: YEARTWO

Totally creative, right?

Go here to purchase Year Two of in e-book form.


Or if this is a new concept to you, and you want to start with Year One, go here.


If you’re interested in reading backwards, but (like me) would never pay for something you could technically get for free, go here to learn how to get started.



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