Hawaiian Falls (Texas Waterpark) Giveaway!!

I was provided with tickets for my family in exchange for writing this post.
Family Four-Pack Hawaiian Falls Ticket Giveaway at ASlobComesClean.com

It’s summer.

I love summer.

Summer is all about fun, and this post is all about fun. I am SO excited to host this giveaway for a FOUR PACK of tickets to a Hawaiian Falls waterpark!!


Hmmmm. How to relate this to cleaning?? Well, even if you forget to do the dishes the night before, you won’t see them all day because you’re at the park, and you won’t even think about them because you’re having so much fun!

Now that I’ve made it totally, completely relevant, let me just say that my kids and I love these waterparks. We go every summer. As you know, I’m mostly, kinda-sorta taking the summer off from blogging. Days like the ones we spend at Hawaiian Falls are the reason. I want to be fully there with/for my kids during these fleeting days/years while I have them to myself.

All to my greedy-mommy-self.

So, when I had the opportunity to go play on the ropes course at one of the parks with some other Dallas bloggers, I took it. I took it because it meant I could offer one of you the chance to be with YOUR kids one day this summer doing fun stuff together.

I maybe also took it because I got tickets for me and my kids.

Fine. I mostly took this opportunity because it sounded so fun. And it was!

I love water rides. I love swimming. But this particular park in W. Settlement, Texas (and one like it in Pflugerville, TX near Austin) not only has water stuff, but also an Adventure Park!

Adventure Park at Hawaiian Falls WaterPark ASlobComesClean.com

Adventure Park = ropes course.

Ropes Course at Hawaiian Falls ASlobComesClean.com

Not only can you do the wave pool and the waterslides and the lazy river, you can play on three stories of ropes courses, each story with about ten challenges. That’s included in the price of going to the waterpark for the day. For an extra cost, you can also zipline across the entire park.

Like me: Zipline across the park at Hawaiian Falls Waterpark ASlobComesClean.com

I did that. Across the park and back again. Waaaahhhhh!!! Lest you think I’m brave, I took forEVER to step off that platform and I asked and re-asked the worker sixty-ba-jillion times if she was SURE everything was hooked correctly.

Fun, but scary.

Needless to say, my kids have decided we’re going to this specific park so they can experience the ropes course. Just note that if you go to one of the two with an Adventure Park (W. Settlement and Pflugerville), bring close-toed shoes and clothes to wear over your suit. You have to be dry, and can’t do it in flip flops. If I didn’t know that ahead of time, we’d not be prepared!

But you’ll have fun at any of the locations, even without the Adventure Park. I (and all my mom-friends) love these parks because they are amazingly family-friendly. They are small, so it’s easy to set up a meeting spot and get back to it if your family wants to split up for a ride or two. There are also plenty of shaded spots, and sections for younger kids. They also play family-friendly music and offer unlimited drinks for the day for 4.99! Not bad!

Oh. And parking is free.

All these things give my mama-heart the warm-fuzzies, and these warm-fuzzies got warmer when the owner spoke to those of us at the blogger event. Hearing his heart for this business was so interesting and fun. He is in this business specifically to provide a place for families to have fun together. The comfort and happiness of the mama is top priority. The small size and other family-friendly features are purposeful.

So, if you’re in Texas, check out the locations and see if there’s one near you. Or maybe you’re heading to the Dallas or Austin area for a vacation this summer! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment below sharing your favorite family summer memory.

Enter the giveaway AND go ahead and use these coupons for Mondays and Tuesdays! These are some great savings!



Prize Details

One commenter will win a four-pack of tickets that can be used for one day’s admission to any of the seven Hawaiian Falls waterpark locations, all located in Texas. Most are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, plus one near Austin. Hawaiian Falls will provide the tickets and will mail them directly to the winner.

Giveaway details

You are allowed one entry. The prize is four one-day tickets to any Hawaiian Falls location, valued at $107.96. Tickets must be used in the summer of 2015. All parks are located in Texas. The giveaway is open to people living in the continental U.S. Enter by commenting on this post directly. The giveaway will close on Sunday, July 5th at 10 p.m. Central time. The winner (chosen randomly) will be notified via email, and will have 48 hours to respond to the email. If a response is not received in that time, another winner will be chosen. See all giveaway policies here.

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Decluttering the Garage’s Lawn Equipment Area (And a TORO SmartStow Lawnmower Review)

Freeing Garage Space with TORO SmartStow Lawnmower at ASlobComesClean.com

Father’s Day was Sunday. This year, Hubby got a new mower! Toro happens to have a really cool one that takes up significantly less storage space AND we needed a new mower AND it just so happened to be Father’s Day.

Translation: This is a sponsored post for Toro that came at just the perfect time!

This was the Lawn Equipment Storage (etc. etc.) section of our garage.

Before Picture of a VERY Messy Section of My Garage at ASlobComesClean

Scary, huh?

Way back in there, you can see the mower we had been using. It was borrowed, and was a TORO. We borrowed it when our other one died. Hubby loved it, and was therefore ecstatic when he found out he was getting a TORO of his very own.

But his new one, the Toro Recycler with SmartStow has a special feature. It can be folded up and stored standing upright, taking up significantly LESS space. LESS storage space.

And that part makes ME happy.

In my head, before I actually went out and looked (really, really looked) at the space, this was going to be a simple matter of taking out the old, borrowed, space-taking mower and replacing it with the new, compact one.

But to get the old mower out, I couldn’t ignore/avoid-moving all the other stuff other junk.

Really. I couldn’t. No matter how hard I tried.

So I decided I might as well declutter that space. It was as good an opportunity as any to clear my Slob Vision and tackle a corner of the garage that I generally ignore.

What I purged:

Junk Pulled Out of the Garage at ASlobComesClean.com

Top Left: Kitchen Cabinet Doors that I totally believed I’d use to make something cool. Behind those, the kitchen vent I kept for some strange reason when we got a new one. Those things are in the Donate Pile now.

Top Right: The Thing I Don’t Want to Talk About.


It’s a crazy contraption I bought off a random website after finding mouse poop in the garage right after we moved into this house 9 years ago. Hubby communicated his skepticism about this item non-verbally when I bought it. Hubby’s raised eyebrows and smirky mouth were right. It was a VERY stupid purchase.

Bottom Left: A kiddie rake. Our kids are big enough for big people rakes now. (And they no longer view raking as a game.)

Bottom Right: An edger given to us by someone who tried to sell it in his garage sale. We couldn’t get it to work. But we kept it. For, like, four years.

After clearing the junk in the garage ASlobComesClean.com

Ahhhhhh. Fewer things, and less ground surface covered.

Mama’s happy about that. Daddy’s happy about his mower.

So what does Hubby think of the Toro Recycler with SmartStow? He really loves it. While my own favorite feature is the shiny redness, he got a little more specific.

  • It’s easy to start. No priming (I think that’s what he called it) required. Just pull the start cord.
  • The gas cap is attached. No losing possible. Evidently, this has been an issue in the past . . .
  • It’s very easy to adjust height.
  • There’s a place to hook up the water hose on top so you can wash off the blades without awkward positioning.
  • It’s self-propelled. My 13yo is most excited about this. The old one wasn’t, and he’s in love with this feature.
  • It is specially designed to be stored upright and takes less floor space in the garage. (Hubby doesn’t care about this feature nearly as much as I do, but he does think it’s cool.)

Toro Recycler with SmartStow Review at ASlobComesClean.com - Easy to Stow for Garage Organization

And here are Hubby’s thoughts on video:

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

And, as promised in the video, a more realistic, panned-out view of the result:

More Truthful After Picture at ASlobComesClean.com

Right. This was just a small chunk of the work needed. Unfortunately, my kids have talked me into having a garage sale to get rid of their old bikes and SO much more. I’m thinking of ways to get out of that . . .

And in case anyone notices the big difference in winding-up techniques of the green cord vs. the orange cord, the orange cord was wound by Hubby. The green by me. Yes. I have issues. Never even noticed until I saw it in the photo.

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. Toro provided us with the mower and I’m being paid for my time creating this post. All experiences, opinions, messy garages and lame cord-winding techniques are mine.

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Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!! from ASlobComesClean.com

It’s officially-but-not-officially summer!!!! Calendar schmalendar. The kids are out of school!!!! Yeehaw!!!

(Read to the end and I’ll give you a tip on how to take a picture like that!)

Anyway, if you’ve been around for the last few years here at A Slob Comes Clean, you know I now take summers “off” from this blogging job I created out of thin air back in 2009.

Blogging is my creative outlet. My kids need to be my creative outlet for the summer.

But, I can’t go completely dark for three months, so rest assured you’ll hear from me here and there. It will just be random. Unpredictable. Whenever I feel like it. (Which is exactly what I love about summer!!)

And I’ll still be on Facebook. And I’m liking Instagram a little more these days.

I have some ideas for you for the summer.

Idea #1:

Get in the water with your kids. Not sure about that? Read my practical advice for getting to the pool with your kids here.

Idea #2:

Teach your kids to clean. Even if it’s a random Tuesday morning and only happens once this summer. It’s worth it. I promise. If you feel clueless on how to go about doing that, I’ve decided that my e-book, Teaching Kids to Clean, will stay on sale for the entire summer. That way, anyone who lands upon this lovely community of supportive slobs over the summer can jump in and get to work with her own kids. No code needed. It’s $3 until Sept 1st. Go here to purchase.

You can also browse posts on this subject here. (For free!)

How to Teach Kids to Clean

Idea #2:

Read ASlobComesClean.com. I know. That’s what you’re doing right this very second.

But I mean read it backwards.

I only suggest this because it’s what people do. Y’all tell me it’s like reading a novel, and that it encourages you to see in “real time” the changes and struggles and successes and failures and re-starts and such that have happened over the past almost-six years of my deslobification process. No quick fixes around here, but real life galore.

My Get Started page will tell you how to do that for free, or if you want it in e-book form so you can read offline, you can purchase a year at a time, or the first three years are now together as a set for $25.

Read it on your road trip. Laugh out loud and/or gasp at my wow-who-would-put-that-on-the-internet before pictures. If your husband is driving, he will ask what’s so funny (or horrifying) and you can read the parts that will prove someone is worse than you. Just don’t show him pictures until you stop for gas. He needs to keep his eyes on the road.

ASlobComesClean.com in e-book form!!

And just in time, I have Year Three in e-book form (finally!).

Get Year Three by itself:Add to Cart

Click here to start with Year One.

Go big and get Years One, Two and Three together.

Add to Cart

Idea #3:

Explore things you haven’t before. Did you know I have a page with all kinds of links to my decluttering posts, both the advice ones and the before-and-after ones? Or check out my free printable cleaning checklists.

Have you ever watched my youtube videos? There are a lot of them here, or you can go over to YouTube and watch there. Here’s a playlist of my favorite ones where I play various characters trying to unload their junk on Nony.

Avoiding clutter!!! at ASlobComesClean.com

What about podcasts? All you need to do is hit the play button (the arrow) in the gray bar on these posts linked here, and you’ll hear my voice come out of your computer. Just my voice. Which means you can do the dishes or declutter while I blab on and on about doing the dishes and decluttering. It will be like I’m there with you while you’re working on your house. Except that I’ll actually be at the pool.

Idea #4:

Get my e-books. They’re instructional. 28 Days to Hope for Your Home will talk you through four weeks of developing four amazingly basic habits that will drastically change your home. Really.

Drowning in Clutter? will help you look at your clutter differently and will give you actionable strategies for getting it out of your home.

28 Days and Drowning in Clutter? are $5 each, but you can get them as a set for $8.

My e-book, Giving God the Worst of Me, is totally free. No strings attached. I ask for your email address, but even that is optional. If you’ve ever wondered about the backstory of this blog, that e-book tells it. Basically, it is my heart in e-book form.

Idea #5:

Most of all, though, I encourage you to sign up for my email list. There are two options. You can sign up to get daily emails which aren’t really daily, they just come the morning after I post something on the site.

You can also sign up for weekly emails. Those go out on Sunday (while I’m sitting in church) and have summaries of everything I posted in the previous week.

By signing up for those, you won’t miss anything that goes up over the summer! And you’ll get a free printable (exclusive for email subscribers) of four basic tasks that will keep your home out of total craziness over the summer. I call it my Surviving Summer ultra-basic checklist.


Photo tip: With your smart phone, take a video of your child flipping his/her hair in the water. Pause the video at the coolest part, tap your phone to remove the play button, etc. and take a screen shot of the paused video. (My friend told me this tip, I didn’t think of it myself!!) This would also work great for action shots like going off the high-dive or down the slide.


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