Vote for Your Favorite #TruCareForTroops Story

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I shared recently that TruGreen is donating up to $10,000 to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. For each new like to the TruGreen Facebook page they’re donating one dollar, and for each uplifting story that was shared by the family member of an active duty or veteran member of the military they donated $100.

It’s now time to go vote on your favorite story. The entrants of the top five most voted on stories will receive gift card prizes!

If you’re a regular reader, you know how much I love storytelling. Give me statistics and data and I’ll stare at you blankly.

But stories capture me and connect me to the heart of the people who make up the statistics.

It’s one thing to hear what the “troops” are dealing with, but it’s another to read the personal experiences of fathers and mothers who are parenting their kids, managing their homes, and loving one another while one parent is serving the country full time overseas.

I feel it’s my job to pass on the family stories to my own children that help them understand the realities of families whose loved ones fight for the country. I re-tell my own parents’ engagement tale. My mother and father married before their last year of college specifically so they’d have a year to be guaranteed to be together. The draft was in full force and men were being sent to Vietnam as soon as they graduated. That’s the reality of serving the country. Life paths shift and change.

I’m honored to be working with TruGreen to get these inspirational stories out for people to read.

Go to TruGreen’s Facebook page (remember that for each new like they’ll donate $1) and vote for the stories that make you understand the hearts of these heroes.

To participate in the TruGreen campaign for Children of Fallen Patriots, please go to:

Participants can engage on social media using the hashtag: #TRUCARE4TROOPS


About Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

Established in 2002, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is dedicated to providing college scholarships, supplemental grants and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. Since its inception, Fallen Patriots has extended over $6.5 million in grants that have been awarded to more than 400 children attending universities throughout the United States.


About TruGreen

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Top Five “Liked” Posts

Top Five Liked Posts at

It’s like a sitcom clip show. You know the ones where the characters sit around telling stories and you see clips from past episodes. We all know they’re just trying to fill up an episode without having to write another script.

Anyway, this week I’m sharing the ten (or so) posts from the past that have the most FB likes directly on the post itself. It’s time for the top five.

This post was written quickly during a busy week when I needed to post SOMEthing. It’s a tip I’ve used for years since I’m always finding myself in this frustrating situation. Turned out, LOTS of people needed to know this tip!  It’s #5:

Forgotten Laundry (How To Remove Stink From The Clothes Left In The Washer)

You know I’m all about using my freezer to make life easier. This technique has made my life much easier, and it seems like a LOT of people agree. It’s #4:

How To Freeze Ground Beef

#3 (Go make it NOW!)

How To Make Cinnamon Toast (The Worlds BEST Cinnamon Toast Recipe)


(Not too surprising since this is a big struggle for so many!)

How To Declutter a Child’s Room

And the #1 post with the most FB likes?
(Evidently, it’s a hot topic.)

My Thoughts on Hiring Someone to Clean Your Home




Top Ten Most “Liked” Posts (#6 – #10ish)

Top Ten Liked Posts at #s 6-10

I’m off having summer fun, but I’m sharing some fun “Top Ten” lists over on Facebook this week. Since I know many of you just come here directly, I didn’t want you to miss out! These are the top ten(ish) posts that have the most FB “likes” directly on the post.

Here’s number 12! (After my assistant put together the list, two more posts went crazy and stole spots, but I still want to share!)

How To DeClutter Fast: Five Areas You Can Purge In A Hurry

#11:  (It’s one I wrote after receiving ba-jillions of questions on this topic. I know. It’s 11th out of ten. Whatever.)

 How to Reduce Paper Clutter

The Real #10 in my list of top ten posts from the past with the most fb likes over on the site:

(And it just happens to be a really embarrassing story. Hmmmph.)

My Nurst Wightmare

#9 – Yep. I definitely still feel this way.

 Why I Don’t Care Who Sells My Stuff

It makes me happy that this one is #8 in my Top Ten list. Figuring this decluttering strategy out was a BIG deal for this Slob Mama.

How To Start Cleaning Up When You Don’t Know Where To Start

This one is #7:

Beef Noodle Stir Fry Recipe

#6 has done REALLY well for me on the blog. My kids ask me to make these when they have friends over and then they brag about how the post has gone viral for me. And their friends stare blankly since they have no idea what that means . . .

Pizza Snowballs  (A Pizza Pocket Recipe that Kids Can Make)


I’ll share 1-5 later this week!




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