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Five weeks from next Tuesday, How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing With Your House’s Dirty Little Secrets will be out!

Out in the world!

Out on its own!

Available to be misinterpreted and misread and hated! Oh. Wait. That last line was just my author-insecurities coming out.

Honestly, I’m ready. The book is ready. And I’m so excited to share it with you because I know it’s exactly the book I desperately needed when I was ready to start this deslobification process. While there are people who definitely don’t need it, I know for a fact there are so so many who do.

My goal now (and for the next chunk of my life) is to get the word out about the book so it can reach those people who so desperately need it.

And that’s where I need your help. 

If you already know you are going to get the book, can you go ahead and pre-order? I’m not sure about all retailers, but the one where I pre-ordered it (yes, I totally pre-ordered my own book . . . ) says I’ll get it ON November 8th, the day it comes out!

And y’all, you know what else happens on November 8th this year, right? Mmm-hmmm. Elections. So if you think you might need a distraction on that day, won’t it be great to have this book to take your mind off of politics?

Here’s the thing. Pre-orders aren’t everything. You’ll be able to get the book whenever you want, but pre-orders help so so much in making sure others know about the book. Retailers look at pre-order numbers to decide if they’ll stock the book in their stores. You know there are people who don’t do much online, right? People who find the help they need by walking around bookstores? They need this message of hope, too.

And specifically, there is a certain number of pre-orders that need to happen before we get to the one-month-away date, which is October 8th. I don’t understand, but I trust my publisher that it’s important. That’s why I’m putting this form out now even though I’m not quite ready.

I’ve been working hard on several special digital bonuses for those of you who pre-order, and the bonuses will be coming out soon!

As part of these bonuses, I’ve written a brand-new short e-book called 14 Days to Opening Your Front Door to Guests. That e-book will be free as a digital download for those who pre-order and fill out this form! (You’ll get it via email as soon as it’s ready!)

Things to note:

You won’t get the digital bonuses immediately, because I’m not quite done with the e-book. As soon as it is done, I will send it out to the people who have filled out this form!

Bonuses will be delivered by email, because they’re digital! (Not physical, like the book!)

You MUST fill out the form to get your digital bonuses. I do not have access to any information about you at the retailer where you pre-order. None. Not a bit. So even if you pre-order the book at each and every retailer that exists in the entire universe, but you don’t fill out this form, you won’t get any of the digital bonuses.

You do not automatically receive the digital bonuses when you pre-order How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind. You must fill out this form to get the bonuses.

I am fully aware that the last two explanations were two versions of the same explanation. Watch what else I’m about to do.

The book is a physical, pages-and-ink-and-everything book. The bonuses are digital. You won’t be able to touch them. They’ll be on your computer (or phone or tablet or whatever). They will not arrive with the physical book, but will arrive via email when they are available. But only if you fill out this form.

You can order any form of the book (print, Kindle or Nook, audiobook) and get the bonuses. (But only if you fill out the form.)

The form asks for your order confirmation number. This is easy to find. Search your email for “How to Manage Your Home” and the email you received when you pre-ordered should come up. Your order number is on that email.

You can also sign into your account at the site where you pre-ordered and find your order there. On some retailers, if you go to the item page for the book, you’ll be told you’ve already ordered and be given a link to your order details:


Helpful hint: If you are looking at your email or at the order details page, but you’re just not seeing your order number, Press Control and F at the same time (on a PC) and type in “order” in the search bar that appears. Your computer will highlight that word on the page that you’re on. Cool, huh?

If “order” doesn’t work, try “confirmation” or something like that. Different retailers might use different terms.

If you have questions (after reading all of those instructions and details and clarifications) email me at [email protected] and I’ll help you out!

Go here to pre-order and then here to fill out the form!

Thank you SO much to those who have already pre-ordered and to those of you who pre-order today! 

More about How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind

Some quotes from some of the early readers:

I have read every bestseller book out there to help me get my house under control.  I can identify the “stuff” in my home and the items that bring me joy.  I’ve worked through “how to” checklists and posted purging questions wherever I’ve decluttered to help me make decisions.  And even though I found valuable tidbits in all of it, none of those books gave me hope for a real change in my household until I read How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind. The Container Concept hit me like a ton of bricks.

Stephanie M.

As a card carrying artsy fartsy slob, I not only enjoyed this book, I needed this book.  When I was asked to read a book about cleaning and decluttering, I was a bit hesitant.  I felt like a failure already.  Did I really need to read yet another book full of tips and tricks that would leave me feeling worse?  From the first page, I was put at ease.  It’s okay just to do the dishes?  Really?  I didn’t have the usual feeling that I needed to just fire bomb my house and start over.  This book gave me hope!  I can do this! The appendix alone is worth buying this book.  I want to print it and glue it to my wall as a life map.  Dana has found a way to make life easier for those of us who are cleaning challenged.  She has walked it herself and shares her journey with honesty and humor.  Thank you Dana for giving me permission just to “do the dishes”.  I woke up this morning to a clean kitchen and toasted you with my cup of coffee.  Tomorrow I may sweep the floor.

Angela S.

I laughed my way to a truly clean(er) house!  How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind doesn’t just tout another organizational method that sparks inspiration and then fizzles. Dana White uncovers the reasons most organizational ploys fail and delivers real, practical, attainable hope! Adjusting my thinking to reality about managing my home has already set in motion sustainable change. This is the first organization book that I have ever read that was written by someone who isn’t naturally organized.  And I loved it.  No judgement, no superiority.  Just a whole lot of real, practical help with a good dose of humor and hope.

Shelby K.

And you can see the table of contents here:

Click here to see the table of contents! HTMYH at

Click here to get to the form, or fill it out below. Go here if you need to pre-order. 



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Paying to Have an Old Mattress Hauled Away – Was it Worth It?


After mphty-mph years, we got a new mattress!

I won’t talk about how long we knew we needed it, or about how old the mattress was that we slept on for our entire marriage until last month.

But I will talk about my excessive cheapness and how that was a major factor in waiting so long.

Mattresses are expensive, y’all. And stressful to purchase since they’re one of those things you’ll spend a LOT of time regretting if they’re not as comfortable as you thought they were. Y’know, in those five awkward minutes of lying down and rolling around in front of an expectantly waiting salesperson/stranger.

But we did it. We finally did it. We rolled and shifted and rolled again and shifted again. We made awkward jokes about the shifting and the rolling and finally made a decision. And we ordered. And we paid.

But at the moment of payment, decisions are required. Because it’s never as simple as just paying for a mattress, right?

What about the old mattress?

Do we want to pay fifteen dollars to have it hauled away?

Really? Fifteen dollars to let someone else take my mattress? Fifteen dollars to basically throw something away? (Because that mattress was beyond redemption or repurposing or any of that.)

And haven’t I heard radio ads from other stores saying they’ll haul away an old mattress for FREE?

Oh, how my frugal brain looks for reasons to procrastinate when forking over big chunks of money.

But I said, “Yes.”

“Yes, I will pay you an amount of money that’s less than what it would cost for us to go out to eat at a fast food restaurant to not have to worry about getting rid of that old blankety-blank mattress.”

The second, wordy version of “yes” is what I said in my head. The first, single-word version is what I actually said to the woman taking my money.

Here’s the thing. I know how things go in my house. Many times, I’ve uttered an Auto No to something that will cost me money.

Many, many times, I’ve lived with large items sitting in my home waiting on me to get them out. Ummmm, didn’t I just write about a big, humongous chair that I stubbed my toe on many times between the time I decided I didn’t want it and the time when it actually left my house?

Sure, we could have saved fifteen measly dollars taking that mattress and box spring to the dump on our own.

Except we’d have to borrow someone’s trailer to get it there. And we’d have to spend a Saturday morning borrowing the trailer and loading up the mattress and driving to the dump. And I’d have to devote an hour or so in the week before to figuring out where the town dump is, and learning what we have to do to be able to dump there.

We’ve never even been to the town dump in this town. In past cities, though, we had to have proof of residency. And I seem to remember needing special tickets that we picked up at city hall.


That’s a lot of hassle, and it was worth fifteen dollars to me to not have to deal with that hassle.

Here’s the thing. If that mattress took up space in my garage for a few months, I’d probably be giddy with excitement to pay someone fifteen dollars to get it out of my way. I’m sure I’d be happy to pay someone fifteen dollars to free up a Saturday that would otherwise be spent hauling it myself.

But for some reason, I hesitate in those key moments when the salesperson asks if I want to pay extra on what is already an overwhelming purchase for a cheapskate like me.

But I said yes.

And I’m so so glad I did.

Because this was the scene in my living room for about 6 hours before the delivery men arrived with my new mattress.

The HUGE mattress in my Living Room, waiting to be hauled away

I’d taken the old one off of the bed so I could use this ridiculously-rare opportunity to clean out under the bed while there was no mattress or box-spring on it.

So worth fifteen dollars to me.

Would have been worth forty.

Thankfully, it wasn’t fifty. I may not have learned enough yet for that amount.

Yay for not moving (and moving around) that monstrosity sixty five times before it left my house.

If you’re horrified, I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve pursed my lips in disapproval at people who “wasted” any amount of money on things they could technically do themselves. But that was before I understood and accepted the value of open space in my home. The value of a Saturday morning without the hassle of a trip to the dump or the dark cloud of needing to take a trip to the dump hanging over my head. It’s been a long road, but I’ve learned a lot.

Oh. And that guy who takes everything I want to donate? The one thing he won’t/can’t take is mattresses.

If you are desperate to change your mindset, and you want home management strategies that actually make sense (to us not-naturally-organized types), check out my new book, How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind. The book will be released wherever books are sold on November 8th, so pre-order now. HowToManage_3D



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