Turning Off the Automatic Put Back Feature

Decluttering - Turning Off the Automatic-Put-Back Feature in my Brain! at ASlobComesClean.com

Oh, how I struggle with the Automatic Put Back.

Do you?

Oh. You have no idea what I’m talking about? Well, it’s the thing that happens when I pull something out of a cabinet/drawer/closet and think “Oh, we can’t use this because it’s broken/ugly/I-just-don’t-like-it.”

Those thoughts go through my head.

My response? Put it right back where I got it.

Which is interesting (a nice way of saying SO DUMB) since I almost never automatically put something back after I actually DO use it.


But I’m working to adjust my settings. To turn off the Automatic Put Back feature in my brain.

Like when I pulled that water bottle out while searching for one to send with a kid to camp over the summer. I was pretty sure it leaked. I asked the kid if it leaked. The kid confirmed that it did leak. And that there was no way he was taking it to camp.

Y’know, because it LEAKED!

But as I leaned over to place it BACK in the cabinet, I stopped.

Maybe it has something to do with all the decluttering I’ve done over the past five years. Maybe my brain registered that a useless water bottle has no right to take up cabinet space in my house. Maybe it’s because I saw it as a topic for a future blog post.

Whatever it was, I’m so glad I was able to override that blankety-blank feature at least this once.

I threw it in the trash. Right then.

Go me.

I’d be more proud if I’d thought to stick it in the recycling bin instead, but whatever. It’s gone.

Does your brain have an Automatic Put Back Feature? Is it the good kind or the bad kind?



Decluttering the Laundry Room

Decluttering the Laundry Room at ASlobComesClean.com

Oh, how I wish I’d run out of things to write about around here . . . .

No such luck.

I’m sure it started with one little thing thrown into the laundry room just before the doorbell was supposed to ring. Then another thing and one more. And then, since it was a “junk spot” anyway, other random things that didn’t have a home got dumped there.

Which meant that even the things that WERE supposed to live in the laundry room got dumped on top of the pile.


After months of full-body contortions needed to load and unload the washing machine, I finally took an HOUR and cleared the floor.

My goal? Be able to stand in front of my washing machine. Y’know, like Normal People do.

I started with the easy stuff. More specifically, trash.

Trash from the Laundry Room Decluttering Project at ASlobComesClean.com

Things like nasty tennis shoes three sizes too small, packaging from things that actually do get stored in the Laundry Room, and a reading log from the library program.

The library program we didn’t attend even once this year.

Which means that piece of paper is AT LEAST a year old . . .

Then I moved onto the next phase of Easy Stuff. The things that needed to be put away. Things that have a place but somehow ended up tossed (literally) onto the floor.

Easy Stuff Putting Things Away at ASlobComesClean.com


And finally, I’d worked my way down to the floor.

Decluttered (but trashy) floor at ASlobComesClean.com

The dirty floor. Right. I’ve had to give up the delusion that it’s possible to be a Clutter Slob without being a Dirty Slob.

Dirty lives under clutter.

In less than an hour, I was living my dream.

My dream of NOT having to load the washing machine while balancing with one arm on the washer and one leg up in the air.

I dream big, people.

I can finally walk into my laundry room!! At ASlobComesClean.com


2 Minute-Task – Cleaning the Fryer

Two Second Task Clean the Fryer (that I Used Last Week!) at ASlobComesClean.com

I mentioned on facebook over the summer that I was excited to find fresh okra at our local Farmer’s Market.

I. Love. Okra.

So much.


Sorry. I got distracted.

Anyway, I googled my own recipe for what I don’t hesitate to declare is the very best fried okra ever.

I also dug around in a cabinet and found my fryer.

I almost never use that thing, but when I need it (like, when I find farm-fresh okra), I’m glad I have it. I spent a few hours frying okra, (eventually) cleaned up all the other items for that insanely messy endeavor, and then left the fryer sitting on the counter.

And ignored it.

For more than a week.

At some point, Hubby emptied the grease to put out with the trash, but I still ignored it.

Finally, I washed it out (which took no time at all) when I had the brilliant idea to make “homemade” doughnuts (Grands biscuits with a hole torn in the middle) for the last day of summer break. Right. I washed it out so I could use it again.

After I used it, I left sitting on the counter. Un-emptied and un-washed.



Thankfully, on Monday, I was in a rather thorough mood as I worked to get the kitchen back on track. Instead of pulling the classic I’ll-bet-that’s-a-really-hard-thing-to-deal-with-so-I-just-won’t-deal-with-it-at-all-and-maybe-it-will-go-away trick, I stopped to think.

I grabbed a pickle jar that I hadn’t been using for anything else and poured the grease into it. I gently placed that in the trash can. I then washed the fryer and dried it and PUT IT AWAY.

Can you believe I did ALL that??

And it took a whole two minutes. Or less.



What two second tasks have you done lately?


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