A Few Highlights of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

I had big plans to make a video with one of the characters from my Clutter Avoidance video series. It was going to be me explaining how to look at and download the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle to Aunt Myrtle.

Aunt Myrtle was going to be whichever character’s wig I could find first.

I did the screen cast part (which is the video of just my computer screen with me explaining what I’m doing) explaining it all to Aunt Myrtle (hence the different-though-not-completely-distinct voices and me having a conversation with myself) but then couldn’t figure out how to combine that with other video of me in the wig and such.

Oh well. You can still check out the video with me having a conversation with myself. Let me know if you catch the parts I thought were funny. (Keep in mind it’s supposed to be Aunt Myrtle’s computer.) It truly does show how The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle works, so maybe it will help. Just click on the picture below to see the video (things are wonky and I can’t link words for some reason!!)


I also promised to point out some of the major values before this bundle goes away after Monday, so here you go.

I’m going to start with the Bonus Offers. If you’ve clicked over to look at the bundle, you might not have scrolled to the bottom to see them.

(Oh. And as of now, all links are my affiliate links to the bundle!)

My favorite: Choose 1 FREE Online Class from Craftsy (Select from 24 of Their Most Popular Classes) Up to $60 Value
I signed up for the digital photography class and have been very impressed. I had access immediately. It’s a 59.99 value. (Double the cost of the bundle, but free with purchase of the bundle . . . )
The full value of all the bonuses is $300. For real. The scarf and kid’s activity box do require you to pay shipping, but She Plans Dinner and Craftsy are COMPLETELY free.
Then there are the courses. Some of these have big price tags, but are included in the cost of the bundle, which makes the value pretty clear.

healthyhomeThe Healthy Home eCourse. A $95 value!!! Did you catch that? This course alone costs more than three times the cost of the bundle. So you get it at 2/3 off AND all the other goodies.

I am currently going through the course. My thoughts: It’s a real course. It has modules and units and you have to go through in order. Some are audio files, some video files (all done on their site and don’t have to be downloaded), some written sections.

And you have to go through in order. Which I already said, but it was the thing that stuck out when I wanted to go ahead to the Cleaning section and couldn’t. I had to wait for my test to be graded.

FOR REAL. A test. Graded. Not that it was a hard test, but it does make me take the next stuff more seriously. There is an emphasis on essential oils, but so far I haven’t felt like it was a sales pitch for them. It’s interesting stuff.

Then there’s 14 Days to a Better Neck. That was a title that made me say, “Huh?” But I’m doing it. It’s a series of videos with stretches and exercises specifically designed to help your neck. To help you get rid of neck tension. For people who carry their stress in their necks. Which means PEOPLE LIKE ME! I may be jiggly everywhere else but I have a neck of steel, people! Every masseuse ever has laughed at my warning about my neck and then told me post-massage that I really should get weekly massages. That YES, I have the tensest neck of anyone they have ever worked on.

The value of the neck program is 14.00. Adds up quickly, right? Makes 29.97 look pretty good, huh?

And there’s an audio decluttering course. Having something to listen to while decluttering is ideal! (Like my podcasts!)

And then there’s the second to the right on the top row up there. We’re not going to talk about that one, but I’m totally going to listen!

There’s really enough to go check out to see what appeals to you. Really. Just like Aunt Myrtle did.


Go here to check out the bundle!

Or you can buy now!


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Two Very Different Women Who Cooked for Their Families

This post contains affiliate links alongside totally free inspiration.
Making Cooking for Your Family Work for YOU at ASlobComesClean.com

When my husband and I got married, things were pretty smooth that first year. I’d heard horror stories from newlyweds about adjusting to living together, but we got lucky. I think part of it was that we were so grateful to be together after our opposite-sides-of-the-world romance, and part was that we drove home together from work each night. Thirty minutes in a car lets you deal with any “issues” before you even walk into the apartment.

But one thing that made me bonkers was his reaction to my call of “Dinner’s ready!!!”

My pronouncement that my latest newlywed-in-the-kitchen creation was complete got him up and moving . . . and doing things OTHER than coming to the table right then to eat.

He’d head to the bedroom to change. He’d get up and grab the newspaper he didn’t finish that morning, and then READ IT.

He’d do some other thing that wasn’t eating.

I thought I was going to LOSE my mind. At first, I was confused. Then, I was mad.

Finally, either through a confrontation or a random conversation (it has been fifteen years and my memory is fuzzy), I figured out what was going on.

Before we got married, we talked about how things were in our homes growing up. We both had moms who cooked.


We had exactly the same philosophy about the importance of eating at home.


We both understood the importance of sitting down together around a hot meal.

Not so much.

Here’s the thing. His mom worked full time. My mom stayed home. They both cooked for their families. Both of their families ate home-cooked meals every night.

But they did it in very different ways. When my mom said dinner was ready, we all stopped whatever we were doing and ran to the table. We ate the food that had just come off the stove or out of the oven. Letting the food get cold was something we knew not to do.

His mother cooked on the weekends. Big pots of beans and pans of cornbread. Pot-roasts and casseroles and baked chicken breasts. Then, throughout the week, they ate that food.

That home-cooked food.

But if his mom said, “Dinner is ready!” (which I’m not sure she did), it meant come fix yourself a plate and warm it up. That can be done immediately or five or ten minutes later.

Neither way is right or wrong. Both women cooked. Both women put in real effort and time and work to ensure they didn’t blow the family budget eating fast food.

Both women are wonderful cooks.

They just did it differently.

Once I understood why Hubby didn’t react the way I wanted him to react to my declaration that dinner was ready, I gained such respect for my Mother in Law’s way of doing things. I’ve learned a lot from her and some of my best freezer cooking ideas are based on how she cooked.

Not that Hubby dawdles at dinnertime anymore. He’s learned.


I talked yesterday about finding whatever works for YOU. I also plugged the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle as being full of great help from lots of different perspectives. Here are some examples just from the recipes/kitchen/meal-planning sections:

(Right. There’s so much more in the bundle, including organizing and cleaning and faith and parenting and marriage and more!!!)

In Easy Oven Free Dinners, Tabitha shares crockpot, stove-top and microwave meals that keep you from needing to turn on your oven. Summer is coming. If summer is the time you feel like you could actually focus on cooking at home, but turning on your oven means your house heats up (not a good thing in Texas in the summer!), this is good place to go for ideas. It’s normal price is 3.99.

Preparing meals that can go straight to the freezer and then get dumped in a crockpot on a busy morning so you come home to a ready-to-eat dinner is a great solution for a busy mom who wants to cook.

No Cook Freezer Meals (normally 5.99) has meals that involve no cooking whatsoever before sticking them in the freezer.

There’s also a detailed Costco shopping list and freezer meal plan for a budget (that’s normally 5.00).

If you have tried meal planning and it doesn’t work for you, maybe Mindy’s method of Backwards Meal Planning (normally 2.99) will help you.

If you’re determined to start eating more “real food” but you feel overwhelmed, Frugal Real Food Meal Plans (normally FIFTEEN dollars!) is included, as is Supermarket Ninjas: How to Find Real Food at the Grocery Store without Losing Your Mind (4.97) and Supercharged Foods for Kids (normally EIGHTEEN dollars!!).

And if you do want to get crazy (the good kind of crazy), there’s From Your Garden to Your Family (10.00) and The Canner’s Cookbook (4.99 value).


And seriously, y’all, there’s even more. There are multiple e-books included that focus on gluten free and grain free cooking.

So even though I love money and that’s why every link in this post is my affiliate link, I do want to be sure you grasp the value of the e-book (and e-course and printables) bundle that is ONLY available through the 27th. JUST the e-books I named and stated the outside-of-this-bundle cost for add up to $70.93.

For real.

And the bundle, which includes all of them plus SO much more, is only 29.97. I totally get it that 29.97 is a lot of money. I don’t spend that much without some serious thought.

I think this bundle is worth serious thought.

Go here to check it out and see what it includes.

Oh. And the bundle includes Drowning in Clutter? (by me!) so there’s that. And if you already have Drowning in Clutter? you can gift your new copy to a friend without saying “I bought you an e-book about clutter.” “I had an extra of this book I loved” is so much less offensive, right?


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