The Next Saturday: Decluttering Two (Or Three) More Things

It was the next Saturday. I had another small pocket of unclaimed time, and I decided to try my Two Things strategy again.

This time, I followed my Visibility Rule the way it’s supposed to be followed. Don’t declutter something guests will never see. Declutter something out in the open that I’ve stopped seeing.

Like this:

Clearing Out the Kitchen Shelf at

My pantry/breakfast nook.

It has been the subject of oh-so-many previous decluttering posts.

I removed trash.

I called that one thing. One super quick thing.

Then I moved on to the pantry:

Before Picture of Messy Pantry at

I kept removing trash.

Trash pulled out of the pantry at

Lids for containers that had broken long ago. Expired “extra” mustard brought home because it was free with some other purchase. We don’t eat enough mustard to need extra.

And, an empty lasagna noodle box. Empty because it was open ON THE BOTTOM and the noodles fell out onto the floor. Whatever. It’s gone.

And . . . not included in the collage (but seen at the very top of the before picture), seaweed. Note to self: Even if seaweed seems like something Hubby would like, buy it in a small quantity the first time. Don’t get it from Costco.

Trash removal, things going to other places in the kitchen where I’d look for them first, and a little consolidating/rearranging, and this was the result:

Cleaned Out Pantry at

Not perfect. Way better.

And that was my two things. I had cleared out the mostly-empty chip bags and purged the pantry.

But then, I decided to keep going. It was hard to ignore the space next to and below the two spaces I’d just tackled.

Before Clearing the Breakfast Nook at

After straightening, consolidating and moving things to their real homes less than two feet away (this flat surface is WAY too convenient), it looked like this:

The Breakfast Nook. Better. At

Far from perfect. Still with a ceramic pumpkin. But oh so much better.

So there you go. My two things turned into three things even though they were really probably only one thing.

Whatever. I made progress. Go me!!!

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More Ideas for Containing Stuffed Animals

Ideas for Containing Stuffed Animals at

I started to title this, “More Ideas for Stuffed Animal Storage” but stopped myself.

It’s not about storing. It’s about containing. By “it” I mean the way I have to think about my home to keep it from getting out of control.

Storing means finding a place (or many places) to put things.

Containing means designating a space, and letting that designated space determine how much/many of something we can keep.

Here’s the post where I finally understood what containers really are. Here’s a podcast where I blab on about this life-changing concept and how it works. Here’s another post where I explain what it means to see your entire home as a container.

stuffed animal bean bag

Recently, I shared how we contain my daughter’s stuffed animals. One of you commented with a solution I’d never heard before! It’s a product that’s like a bean bag, but you stuff it with your stuffed animals! It contains/limits the stuffed animals, and can be used as a seat or a big pillow. Isn’t that cute?

I shared this on Facebook, and another of you mentioned you’d done the same thing with a bean bag cover. Here are some of those on Amazon, though most were not in stock when I clicked on them individually. And I wouldn’t recommend removing the stuffing from an already filled bean bag chair. I tried that once and it made a HUGE mess.

Or you could sew your own bean bag cover! Here’s a pattern.

I also loved this idea from Tara:

Stuffy Jail

She created a “Stuffy Jail.”

She said, “We have ‘stuffy jail’ under my daughter’s loft bed. Crates, zip ties and elastic cord. Easy peasy!

I’d love to see your ideas for “contain”ing stuffed animals! Send me an email with pictures at aslobcomesclean @ gmail . com (with spaces removed!).


Also, if you don’t already have it, get my e-book, Teaching Kids to Clean for only $3 through the end of May. Use the code TEACH to get the discount! Go here to read more about the e-book and purchase.

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Containing Stuffed Animals


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