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Podcast #97 from ASlobComesClean - Steps to Working through being Overwhelmed by Clutter


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Me working through the under-the-couch clutter overwhelm.

My two (and only two) decluttering questions.

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The After After Post About the Laundry Room

The Real Before and After Laundry Room Clean Up at ASlobComesClean.com

I promised a real before-and-after post about my laundry room.

Because here was the real before picture of one thing that had been in my way in the laundry room for weeks months:

Before the After in the laundry room at ASlobComesClean.com

My rolling cart which never fit after I got my last washing machine. I had been moving it out of the laundry room every Laundry Day. Then I’d leave it out in the hallway (where we were always running into it) until I found out someone was coming over. I’d move it back into the laundry room until the next Laundry Day .

Since it didn’t have a real home, it became a clutter magnet.

It was just so convenient. Such a great place to hang clothes, drape clothes that shouldn’t go in the dryer, or generally shove anything I felt like shoving.

I was more-than-a-little excited that my new set made room for this super-narrow cart.

But before it went neatly into its new spot, it needed to not be a big, ridiculous mess.

Time to declutter.

Step One: Get rid of the easy stuff.

The easiest of the easy stuff is trash. It’s always trash. Even if that means assessing the situation and realizing there’s no trash. Which never happens to me. I always find trash.

The other easy stuff is stuff that has a home somewhere else. I don’t need to get creative and DECIDE where to put something, I just need to move it to the home it already has, but wasn’t in.

Things like:

After After the Laundry Room Collage 1 at ASlobComesClean.com

A pink bandanna that needs to go where pink bandannas go, the Christmas towel that needs to go with Christmas stuff, and the piece of a really cool puzzle book thingy that needs to go in the trash. Because I put the really cool puzzle book thingy in the trash when I realized I’d “lost” some of the pieces.

I kept removing things that were easy, taking them where they needed to go right then, and consolidating the things that were there. I rounded up one of Hubby’s oh-so-useful leftover coffee canisters to hold coffee-scented clothespins, and put my cleaning cloth container on the cart since the top of the dryer is no longer a flat surface.

That container doesn’t actually fit, but oh well. (If you thought you were going to find amazing and perfect organizing ideas, I’m sorry.) Wonder why there’s writing on my cleaning cloths? Here’s why.

after after the laundry room IMG_6380 at ASlobComesClean.com

Once it held only what I needed (it was decluttered, not organized), I could slide the cart into its new (or old, depending how you look at it) home. I’ve loved having this stuff in a real home, out of the way, and my laundry room has been much easier to keep under control.

Yay for that.

after after Laundry Room Cart at ASlobComesClean.com

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The Laundry Room Cart Before and After at ASlobComesClean.com


The Good and Bad of Cleaning with Baking Soda

The Good and Bad of Cleaning with Baking Soda at ASlobcomesClean.com

Baking Soda is awesome, y’all.

I use it all the time to clean stains off my counter tops. My somewhat-old-fashioned, non-granite counter tops.

Y’all convinced me here, and then I became a believer here.

But even though baking soda is perfect for cleaning a lot of things and is safe enough to use in cookies (which means you actually EAT it!) or for brushing teeth (Hubby tried this recently when we were out of toothpaste, yuck!), there’s a downside.

I’m not knocking cleaning with baking soda, but I think it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into before you start sprinkling everything in sight with the stuff.

I’d hate for someone to think they’re doing a quick kitchen clean up before a guest shows up and not leave time for the endless wiping required to remove the film left  behind before the doorbell is due to ring.

Oh. I just gave the downside away. Oops.

There’s a film. A film that doesn’t go away in one wipe, y’all. Or two wipes. Or sometimes even three.

I can deal with it on my baking-soda-colored countertops, but my shiny (other than the burnt on stuff that looks significantly worse in the picture than I ever noticed while doing this and which is therefore a project and post for another day) black stove, not so much.

baking soda stovetop film 2 at ASlobComesClean.com

I thought I was being all Cleaning Blogger Awesome when I cleaned that stove.

And then it dried.

baking soda stovetop film 1 at ASlobcomesClean.com

And I wiped it off again.

And then it dried again.

And I had to wipe it off again.

And then it dried yet again.

baking soda stovetop film 3 at ASlobComesClean.com

And my daughter exclaimed how terrible it looked and wiped it down again. And then again. She experienced that strange satisfaction that comes over you when you wipe away visible mess. And then she experienced the frustration of seeing the mess reappear when it dried.

Yes, crusty stuff had come off, but the magically re-appearing white film was getting ridiculous.

Finally, it looked ok.

But I’ve decided to stick to cleaning with baking soda on baking soda colored surfaces.

baking soda cleaning water dispenser on fridge at ASlobComesClean

Especially after I used baking soda to easily clean this severely-water-spotted-and-long-neglected water dispenser tray on my fridge. It worked, and the mineral deposits (aka ickiness) were mostly gone. But then, when I stepped back to admire my work, I saw the the area around the area I’d just cleaned. Ugh. Did you read the post about cleaning that stainless steel? I’d just cleaned it about an hour before this!

baking soda cleaning fridge front at ASlobComesClean.com

Yay for natural cleaners that really do scrub out stains and get rid of tough built-up messes. Boo for the mess baking soda leaves behind.

Do y’all have any tricks for me? Do you know the absolute best way to get rid of the film in one or two (or even three) wipes?

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The Good and Bad of Cleaning with Baking Soda where did that white film come from at ASlobComesClean.com


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