Using My Head Exploding Rule to Declutter

Decluttering Following the Head Explosion Rule at

I was listening to my own podcast (a rare thing, since I don’t edit them) about the Head Explosion Rule as I cleaned up the kitchen this morning.

So when I ran across that glass lid-thingy in the picture, and began to feel a physical, head-exploding sensation come over me, I knew just what to do.

I threw it in the trash.

It’s the lid to a candle that my 13yo bought for me for Christmas. I love the candle, but I’m really not one to put lids on candles.

I’m sure there’s a reason to put lids on candles, but I’ve never, in my 41 years of life, known what that reason was.

But knowing that someone in the world of candles knows of a really good reason (obviously, since they make the lids) that I don’t know made me think maybe there was a reason I should keep it.

Knowing there’s a reason + not being able to imagine what that reason is = head explosion.

If something causes my head to feel like it’s going to explode, I declutter it.

If you’re a candle expert, feel free to explain the reason. Not that it matters now, since it’s gone.




Priorities – And Sledding without Snow

Snow Day in Texas at

It’s 2:20 on Wednesday afternoon, and other than a quick, not-a-real-post on Monday, I haven’t blogged this week.

We had “snow” days on Monday and Tuesday, which were really Ice Days. The roads were bad, so school was canceled, but we managed to get out with friends to have a BLAST “sledding” in our laundry baskets.

Today, it actually snowed, but school wasn’t canceled.

My 13yo took that pic as I dropped him off, but now there’s not a patch of snow to be found. All of it has melted.

So why a post about priorities?

Here are mine:

1. Be mom and wife.

2. Be a blogger.

Basically, I have always been committed to putting life before blogging. I consider my family my life’s work.

I’ve re-committed to that lately. Not that anything has changed, but I’ve decided to not let my blood pressure rise when blogging gets pushed down the list by Mom Stuff.

Even though blogging (and podcasting, and speaking, and writing e-books, and interacting on social media) is officially my job, if my priorities got out of whack, I’d have to let it go.

I’d prefer not to let it go, so I’m committing to not let it get out of whack.

Sorry if that’s confusing, but this hour between getting home from counting money for a school fundraiser (a Mom Thing) and picking up kids from school (another Mom Thing) is going really quickly. I don’t have time to blather AND edit.

Basically, these “Snow” Days have been a test of my renewed commitment to stop blogging as needed when Momming throws me a curve ball. It was way more important to watch the fourth Harry Potter movie and work on a Star Wars puzzle and dig out coveralls and mismatched gloves than it was to write.

Here’s hoping tomorrow allows for some time to write the posts that have been rolling around in my head.

Oh. And don’t forget about the Spring Cleaning Printables Bundle that’s going on right now. It’s one of the ways I get to call this my job.



Reality Check 2/23

Someone had to play in the "snow" that wasn't really snow.

Someone had to play in the “snow” that wasn’t really snow.

Last week was crazy. School fundraisers and dentist appointments that involved hours in the chair to have a 30+ year old filling ground down so I could be fitted for a crown (and that I’d completely forgotten was an appointment that would last most of the day) and title transferring for the inlaws new car and such meant I didn’t keep up with a daily blurb the way I’ve done for a few others of these.

I do know that I kept up with running the dishwasher daily and that it only took about 30 minutes to get the house under control before Grammy came to visit on Saturday. I’m calling that a win.

And now it’s a snow day, so I’m going to enjoy watching the fourth Harry Potter movie with my boys. Life stops for snow days.

(And FYI, it’s actually an Ice Day here in Texas. Not enough to stop things for those who live up north, I’m sure, but I’ll take it.)

My goals for today: Do Laundry Day and stay in the pajamas I’ve been in since yesterday afternoon for as long as I possibly can.

I also want to be sure you know about another free shipping code for Schoola. The code is HURRY.

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I’ve now purchased quite a bit on Schoola and have been mostly pleased. My main complaint is that because they do everything in “school” sizes it’s sometimes confusing. On certain items, it can be hard to determine if something is a child L or an adult L. I’ve had one item arrive that was a child’s size when it was listed in the High Schoola category. Everything else has been excellent, though. I LOVE that they send a bag with pre-paid postage with every package. This makes it super easy to practice the One In One Out rule. Yay for that.

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Go here to sign up for Schoola through my link. Use the code HURRY for free shipping for a limited time. (That means I have no idea when the free shipping promotion will end!)


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