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Podcast #94 from ASlobComesClean - Decluttering by Selling in FB Groups

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    The audio part of the podcast isn’t showing up in my feed. I’m not sure what happened, but just letting you know. 🙂

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    Erika Beatty says:

    Hi Dana,
    I can’t find the play button on the website. And the text downloads to my podcast player but I can’t press play there. Could you check that the audio file loaded when you have a moment. Thanks! Looking forward to this one.

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    Jennifer says:

    I subscribe so I get them automatically. Totally a podcast I can relate to!

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    Jennifer says:

    We have about an account at a consignment store to sell stuff. They typically request clothing now for next season. April is the time to bring your summer finery. The basinet sold there, so that’s getting it out of our garage. All the clothes my son has outgrown have gone there. Of course we give things to friends and family when we know they are expecting.

    I like the idea of the Facebook Group. I just joined one but need to be approved to join because it’s a private group, which makes sense. I understand your being wary of CL. I also understand there are huge regional differences. I’ve had tons of success with CL in our area and want to post this if someone recently moved into a city where CL activity is not scary.
    Number one, I completely agree with safety first. I’ve met one woman in the Fred Myer parking lot because that was more comfortable for her. Most often people meet us right outside the garage and the transaction takes place there or at the front door.
    Number two, you have to juggle a day and time that works for both people. I ALWAYS phone verify to set the time and place and we exchange phone numbers. I ALWAYS request that we text each other right before we get in the car to make the sale so we know they are home. I often call to make sure they are home. CL flakes exist. Mostly the flakes are for furniture, not so much with baby items (so far).

    We live in the Seattle metro area. Just last week we got at $350 Kelty baby backpack in excellent condition (with instruction manual and sun/rain hood!) for $125 by driving twenty minutes to Seattle. On another occasion we drove 45 minutes in the rain and huge traffic one way to Federal Way and did not regret doing so. The price was $75. We scored about 30 pieces of pristine name brand boy clothing that spanned 6 months to 18 months. I haven’t had to purchase any clothes for fall or winter, and he has things to grow into.

    Thanks for the podcast, it’s always so friendly sounding and fun to listen to.

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    Rebecca says:

    PPU = Porch Pick Up

    • 9

      Aaaaahhhh!!! That makes sense!! But it can also mean pending pick up (from a freecycle group I was in years ago) so that’s confusing!

  6. 10

    The groups I frequent use “x-posted” or “cross-posted” to indicate an item has been posted to multiple lists.
    NIL = next in line

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