Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!! from ASlobComesClean.com

I wrote this back in June, but I’m putting it at the top for those who are wondering what is going on around here for summer! I’ve been publishing some fun and inspirational stories from YOU, so keep scrolling to see those!

It’s officially-but-not-officially summer!!!! Calendar schmalendar. The kids are out of school!!!! Yeehaw!!!

(Read to the end and I’ll give you a tip on how to take a picture like that!)

Anyway, if you’ve been around for the last few years here at A Slob Comes Clean, you know I now take summers “off” from this blogging job I created out of thin air back in 2009.

Blogging is my creative outlet. My kids need to be my creative outlet for the summer.

But, I can’t go completely dark for three months, so rest assured you’ll hear from me here and there. It will just be random. Unpredictable. Whenever I feel like it. (Which is exactly what I love about summer!!)

And I’ll still be on Facebook. And I’m liking Instagram a little more these days.

I have some ideas for you for the summer.

Idea #1:

Get in the water with your kids. Not sure about that? Read my practical advice for getting to the pool with your kids here.

Idea #2:

Teach your kids to clean. Even if it’s a random Tuesday morning and only happens once this summer. It’s worth it. I promise. If you feel clueless on how to go about doing that, I’ve decided that my e-book, Teaching Kids to Clean, will stay on sale for the entire summer. That way, anyone who lands upon this lovely community of supportive slobs over the summer can jump in and get to work with her own kids. No code needed. It’s $3 until Sept 1st. Go here to purchase.

You can also browse posts on this subject here. (For free!)

How to Teach Kids to Clean

Idea #2:

Read ASlobComesClean.com. I know. That’s what you’re doing right this very second.

But I mean read it backwards.

I only suggest this because it’s what people do. Y’all tell me it’s like reading a novel, and that it encourages you to see in “real time” the changes and struggles and successes and failures and re-starts and such that have happened over the past almost-six years of my deslobification process. No quick fixes around here, but real life galore.

My Get Started page will tell you how to do that for free, or if you want it in e-book form so you can read offline, you can purchase a year at a time, or the first three years are now together as a set for $25.

Read it on your road trip. Laugh out loud and/or gasp at my wow-who-would-put-that-on-the-internet before pictures. If your husband is driving, he will ask what’s so funny (or horrifying) and you can read the parts that will prove someone is worse than you. Just don’t show him pictures until you stop for gas. He needs to keep his eyes on the road.

ASlobComesClean.com in e-book form!!

And just in time, I have Year Three in e-book form (finally!).

Get Year Three by itself:Add to Cart

Click here to start with Year One.

Go big and get Years One, Two and Three together.

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Idea #3:

Explore things you haven’t before. Did you know I have a page with all kinds of links to my decluttering posts, both the advice ones and the before-and-after ones? Or check out my free printable cleaning checklists.

Have you ever watched my youtube videos? There are a lot of them here, or you can go over to YouTube and watch there. Here’s a playlist of my favorite ones where I play various characters trying to unload their junk on Nony.

Avoiding clutter!!! at ASlobComesClean.com

What about podcasts? All you need to do is hit the play button (the arrow) in the gray bar on these posts linked here, and you’ll hear my voice come out of your computer. Just my voice. Which means you can do the dishes or declutter while I blab on and on about doing the dishes and decluttering. It will be like I’m there with you while you’re working on your house. Except that I’ll actually be at the pool.

Idea #4:

Get my e-books. They’re instructional. 28 Days to Hope for Your Home will talk you through four weeks of developing four amazingly basic habits that will drastically change your home. Really.

Drowning in Clutter? will help you look at your clutter differently and will give you actionable strategies for getting it out of your home.

28 Days and Drowning in Clutter? are $5 each, but you can get them as a set for $8.

My e-book, Giving God the Worst of Me, is totally free. No strings attached. I ask for your email address, but even that is optional. If you’ve ever wondered about the backstory of this blog, that e-book tells it. Basically, it is my heart in e-book form.

Idea #5:

Most of all, though, I encourage you to sign up for my email list. There are two options. You can sign up to get daily emails which aren’t really daily, they just come the morning after I post something on the site.

You can also sign up for weekly emails. Those go out on Sunday (while I’m sitting in church) and have summaries of everything I posted in the previous week.

By signing up for those, you won’t miss anything that goes up over the summer! And you’ll get a free printable (exclusive for email subscribers) of four basic tasks that will keep your home out of total craziness over the summer. I call it my Surviving Summer ultra-basic checklist.


Photo tip: With your smart phone, take a video of your child flipping his/her hair in the water. Pause the video at the coolest part, tap your phone to remove the play button, etc. and take a screen shot of the paused video. (My friend told me this tip, I didn’t think of it myself!!) This would also work great for action shots like going off the high-dive or down the slide.


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Another Reader Has the Conversation: No Tutu for Me, Thanks.

ASlobComesClean.com - From Our Mailbox



Dear Dana,

I had a Clutter Avoidance conversation! My sister hosted a swimming party at her house and asked us all (I have 6 sisters, plus we have kids) to wear tutus! Yes, it was just as much fun as it sounds.  I made mine from my scrap material bin, and each of my 4 daughters already had one. I don’t have to feel guilty about throwing mine away, because it was made from scraps! At the end of the pool party, my sister who hosted the day took her tutu off and handed it to me. Everyone else tutu’s were made from tulle, and she told me she wanted me to have a tutu as well. “I have a tutu!” I told her, but thank you!

She persisted, so I changed tactics. I have been posting how many things I’m getting rid of on our family group page. I’ve been very vocal about my decluttering, so I said, in a playful tone, “You know how hard I’m working on getting things OUT of my house, right?!” Then 2 of my other sisters backed me up in a playful way. I complimented the tutu one last time, and told her I just didn’t need it, but thank you.

I don’t think I could have done this in the past! I would have just taken it, with plans of donating it later, then one of my kids would start playing with it… Thanks to your videos I was ready!

She wasn’t letting me off easily either, “You could play dress up with your girls! this one is big and fluffy!” It was tough!

I am going to call her and make sure she wasn’t offended. She probably wasn’t. This is just the guilt, right? I’m not the only one who feels this way when they say ‘no’ to clutter. She has a very tidy house, and is also not a fan of keeping everything. That’s why she was giving me the tutu.


A Girl with One Less Tutu


Watch (or read, but watching is way more fun) all my Clutter Avoidance Conversations here.

Are you looking for a guide for your own decluttering process? Click here or on the image below!

Drowning in Clutter? An E-book by Dana White "Nony" of ASlobComesClean.com

From Our Mailbox: Why Some Homes (Like Mine) Look Cluttered and Others Don’t

ASlobComesClean.com - From Our Mailbox


Nony here: I loved this recent comment from Amanda so much, I had to share it with all of you. She makes great observations about why some people’s homes (like mine) look cluttered, and others look awesome with the same amount of stuff!!

     I have a job where I am in and out of different people’s homes all day long. I was reflecting on what makes some homes (including mine) look “cluttered” with objects, while other homes have a lot of objects in them, but instead of “clutter” words more like “well-appointed” come to mind.
One of the differences that came to mind is that a lot of the “objects” in my home are “partially broken” items, or items “with potential” (you know, if I just do this-or-that with this item, it will be perfectly useful to us again, so I shouldn’t get rid of it). Thing is – I never actually DO the “this-or-that thing” and everything just ends up sitting around being CLUTTER.  It’s not the *only* reason for clutter in my house, but it’s a nice reason to have recognized and be able to “call myself” on to help with getting rid of things I should no longer hold on to.

I totally identified with this post!!!


Here’s the post where Amanda commented: Decluttering Decisions are Personal

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