Decluttering a JUNK Cabinet (a Catch-All Storage Space)

I finally tackled an overwhelming storage space in my home. A storage space I’d avoided looking at for a very long time.

A storage space I had attempted to declutter before.

But I did it. And I made a video.

So yay.

The main thing I learned: Look. Always, always look. Even if I’m sure I know (like, absolutely, totally for sure sure) I know what’s inside a space, a container, a whatever . . . look.

Always look.

Because when I let myself assume I know what’s inside, I also let myself assume other things, such as:

  • Opening that cabinet will immediately turn me into a blubbering mess. I’m just sure whatever is in there will bring back memories, probably sad ones.
  • The things in that cabinet are super-duper useful. And necessary. Even though I couldn’t tell you what those amazingly useful things are, I know they’re useful. How do I know? I just know.
  • That cabinet contains objects that will require life-altering emotional energy to examine. Much decision-making shall be required. (For dramatic effect, I use words like “shall” in these internal conversations.)

But I’ve learned, the hard way, to look anyway.

Because I’m always wrong. 

Watch the video here, or go over and watch it on YouTube.

Here’s hoping I start making more videos again!!!


How Do I Declutter a Cabinet That is Stuffed Full of Junk how to declutter video at



This Spot. Again. #5MinuteFriday

That Spot Again #5MinuteFriday Decluttering because of the Visibility Rule at

I took five whole minutes to practice what I preach. This very spot is the example I use when explaining the Visibility Rule as I speak to groups of women.

And part of explaining the Visibility Rule is explaining that visible spaces get re-cluttered more frequently than non-visible spaces, so that’s an extra frustration that comes with tackling them.

Technically, I could have straightened this space in way less than five minutes, but giving myself the five minutes of focus let me get all the way to the bottom of the issues of this space.

Initially, I was only planning to show you the closer up pic:

Decluttering That Spot Again Kitchen Counter Before #5MinuteFriday at

But then, I decided to be honest and show the dirty cookie sheet and spoon that were also cluttering the space. Technically, those were procrasticlutter.

In five minutes, I replaced the super-boring-normal stopper on the fancy olive oil with the super-fancy-mechanically-amazing stopper that was probably a few days away from being completely forgotten and lost forever.

That Spot Again decluttering and the visibility rule at

I also took the random snacks in the basket to the other basket on the other side of the kitchen where the kids actually look for snacks.

That Spot Again decluttering and the visibility rule at

The cookies everyone liked that got lost and forgotten among the snacks that were lost and forgotten? I threw them away.

I was very pleased with the progress after five minutes:

That Spot Again Decluttering Kitchen Counter After #5MinuteFriday at

Notes: The blue bag held a bottle of wine someone gave us. We don’t drink, and so it sat there. Cluttering my counter. I took it out of the blue bag and put the bottle in my spice cabinet, hoping I’ll think to cook with it at some point. I stuck the bag with my other reusable bags.

I am aware there are four cutting boards in the photo, and to be honest, there’s one more tiny one that was likely in the dishwasher at the time I took the photo. They all seem necessary, but I should probably evaluate that thought at some point. I have legitimate reason to fear turning into a Crazy Cutting Board Lady as I age.


Decluttering the Kitchen That Spot Again Before and After #5MinuteFriday at Using the Visibility Rule



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