Only Available for 20 More Days – 28 Days to Hope for Your Home!

Warning 28 Days to Hope for Your Home will be retired from e-book form at the end of Feb!

Just letting you know that if you have thought about buying 28 Days to Hope for Your Home, but haven’t yet . . . don’t delay.

I know for a fact it was four years ago when I first released 28 Days to Hope for Your Home. I remember because I’d had this great idea to put it out on February 1st, and I was going to market it to those people who had given up on their New Year’s Resolutions within the first month of the year. The idea was to spend February working toward real hope.

And then I realized it was a Leap Year.

But 29 Days didn’t have the same ring to it.

Little did I know that I would still be receiving emails four years later, letting me know that another home has been improved by following the broken-down-as-far-as-they-can-be-broken-down steps in that little e-book.

But alas, it’s coming down.

My “real” book, How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind, will be released on November 8th of this year. That book will cover it all, giving you everything you need to get your home under control (except for the sweat and effort and tears you’ll have to provide). I asked if I could add 28 Days to Hope for Your Home as an appendix to that book, and the publisher agreed. As a formerly hopeless housekeeper, I couldn’t bear the thought of someone learning all about how to keep their home under control from the book, but then not having immediate access to that day-by-day, quick-start guide.

So, if you don’t have it, now is the time. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until you buy the big book in November. I promise you, you’ll want that book, too.

And your dishes will already be done, so you can stop and read as soon as you get it!!

Go here to be sure you don’t miss it!

Only Available for a Limited Time! This e-book will guide you through the development of four basic habits that will get your home under control!


And Then There Was Only One . . .

And Then There Was Only One at

I’m down to one trick-or-treater.

I knew this on October 31st of last year, but somehow I guess I still put away two Halloween buckets.

There comes a time when you move from being the candy getter to the candy giver, and 2/3 of my kids are now givers, working at our church’s event instead of going trick-or-treating.

And Then There Was Only One at

Yet, last week as I opened the cabinet where I keep our buckets, I noticed there were still two in there. I really can’t pretend I need two when I only have one person in the house who would ever use one.

Sticking it in the Donate Box showed clearly how quickly we’re moving toward the end of another era in our family, and that made me sad. But I am relieved to reduce by 50% my chances of being hit on the head by a falling plastic pumpkin when I open that cabinet.

And Then There Was Only One pin at


Preventing Clutter with Pre-Made Decisions: I Don’t Keep Holey Socks!

Preventing Clutter with Pre-Made Decisions I Don’t Keep Holey Socks! at

As someone who has decluttered ridiculous amounts of stuff from her home, I love (like totally love) making single decisions that prevent me from having to make lots of little decisions in the future.

When holey socks come through the wash, I throw them away. No questions asked. I used to judge the severity of the holes and/or dream about being the world’s greatest homemaker and darning them.

A hole is a hole, y’all. And let’s be honest, I’m never going to darn a sock.

I made this pre-made decision a few years ago when another mother warned me she’d heard the kids would be doing something shoeless in P.E. the next day so she’d been checking for holes in her own kids’ socks.

That’s enough to send panic into my Slob Heart. As I checked my kids’ socks, I was appalled. I was also appalled at their lack of concern about little piggies sticking out in their P.E. class the next day.

The holey socks had to go. And all future holey pairs as well.

Preventing Clutter with Pre-Made Decisions I Don’t Keep Holey Socks! 2 at

Oh, and let’s all pretend this picture was taken before the sock went into the wash so the stains would have been TOTALLY gone had it been washed.

And if we’re going to pretend that, let’s also pretend I took a shower after I took this picture.

Do you darn? Is it hard?


I’ve pre-made other decisions to keep clutter out of my house. Check them out, and tell me what decisions you’ve made.

Used Gift Cards

Tissue Paper for Gift Bags

“Free” kids’ cups.


Note: Does holey seem like a real word to you? It didn’t to me, but it is according to the internet! (And we all know everything you read on the internet is true, right?)

Preventing Clutter with Pre-Made Decisions I Don’t Keep Holey Socks! pin at


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