From Our Mailbox: Why People Like Us Need the Visibility Rule

From Our Mailbox Why People Like Us Need the Visibility Rule at

Oh my word, I love this note I received after my recent podcast about the Visibility Rule. My FAVORITE part is how she was just thinking how much better she was doing. That is EXACTLY what happens to me, over and over again!

Hi Nony,

I’ve written to you before. You actually read one of my emails about having a housekeeper on a podcast! (Hello 15 minutes of fame!)

Anyway, I always listen to your podcasts when I am cleaning up before my housekeeper arrives. This week I was listening to the one about visibility and I was thinking about how I have become so much better about this rule because of what needs to be done before she gets here each week: surfaces, floors, dining room table, etc.

visibility photo 2 at

Then suddenly I looked up and realized that she would be here in ten minutes and I had spent the last 15 minutes cleaning paint out of old yogurt containers. While my family room looked like this:

visibility photo 1 at

So I guess I haven’t improved quite as much as I thought.

Thought you would enjoy that! - From Our Mailbox

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From Our Mailbox Why People Like Us Need the Visibility Rule pin at

083 Clutter Threshold – How Much Stuff Can I Handle? Podcast

Podcast #83 from - Clutter Threshold How Much Can I Handle? Podcast

podcast title Clutter Threshold – How Much Stuff Can I Handle at

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My mom’s clutter threshold vs. mine.

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When the Thought of Decluttering is Overwhelming, Start Here

When decluttering is overwhelming and you don't know where to start, start here.


I get it.

Decluttering a slightly messy closet is a nice thought.

Decluttering an entire house with cabinets that won’t close, entire rooms that can’t be used, a walk-in closet that hasn’t been walkinable in months/years . . . is completely overwhelming.

Really, I get it. Decluttering is overwhelming.

The best advice I can give (based on way too much personal experience) is to grab a trash bag (or a shopping bag or a box you were planning to throw away) and start removing trash. Trash is easy.

If you have a recycling bin, grab it too.

Start with the most obvious trash in your home. Food wrappers. Dirty tissue. Empty packaging. Broken toys placed “briefly” on the kitchen counter (last month) so you could decide if you had the time/energy/desire to fix them.

Here’s the thing. “Clutter” is an ambiguous word. Clutter can be a pile of papers, a pile of shoes, or a closet full of who-knows-what.

Over the past more-than-six years of my own deslobification process, I’ve learned this:

Clutter = The Unknown

Who knows what kinds of glorious treasures I’ll find in that pile? Who knows what kinds of can’t-possibly-get-rid-of-it stuff I’ll uncover?

I don’t. And even worse, I don’t know what I’ll do with it if/when I run across this unknown treasure/necessity.

All that not-knowing is a great reason to wait.

And not do anything.

So to make myself do something, I start with the easiest of the easy stuff: trash.

Make the pile a little smaller or the room a little less stuffed-to-bursting by pulling out ads for used car lots or the empty boxes I thought I’d already taken out to the garage.

There are two possible results to this strategy:

  1. I see a visible difference because the trash is gone, get inspired to keep going and completely finish decluttering what was once an overwhelming space.
  2. I see a visible difference.

Either way, I’ve made progress. I like progress.

If you’re continually overwhelmed by the clutter in your home, keep reading.

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If even thinking about decluttering is overwhelming, this is the place to get started decluttering your home.


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