Small Victories! KNOWing I’ll Be Able to Find Something!

Small Victories KNOWing I'll Find Something When I Need It at

Our new voter registration cards came in the mail last week. I knew exactly where I should put them.

That’s a big deal, y’all.

The key? Where I should put them.

I. Not someone.

Definitely not the best place to keep voter registration cards.

I answered my seriously-it’s-too-simple decluttering question: Where would I look for it first?

I know exactly where I’d look first. I’d look in the Junk Drawer. If they weren’t there, I’d probably look on my bathroom counter (don’t ask) or my dresser, in my underwear drawer, on the desk in the gameroom, and finally (while muttering rude things about myself under my breath), I would look in our filing “system” which is in disarray at the moment (and many past moments).

I love that question. I use it when I declutter and in moments like these when I need to decide where to put something. I love how the question eliminates all those steps in the last paragraph and the feelings of self-loathing I’ve experienced so many times as I drag my feet through the house, searching for something.

Where I would look for something is where I should put it.

Who cares where something should go if that’s the last place where I’d look?

Oh. And because I took a picture, I saw the things that were invisible that could totally go straight into the trashcan.

A lightswitch. (Don’t ask. I have no idea.)

An empty earbuds case for earbuds that have probably already been lost.

And a couple pieces of trash.

Not a decluttering project, but totally a decluttering win because there’s less. I like less.

Oh. And this would be an even better win if I also “replaced” the old cards with the new ones. But the old ones weren’t there. Maybe I’ll find them when I declutter my underwear drawer.

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These e-books are on sale through the end of November! (And don’t forget about Giving God the Worst of Me, my e-book that is always free!)

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From Our Mailbox: Managing by Using Awkward Pauses

From Our Mailbox Managing Using Awkward Pauses at

From Nony: I love this comment so much from Pauline on my recent podcast about fitting daily tasks into unpredictable schedules. I know so many of my readers struggle with chronic health issues, and I’d love to hear how you make it work in your own home! Here in the U.S., we’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week. The perspectives shared in the posts this week are beautiful examples of women who have chosen to be positive and thankful in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Hi, Dana!

I always love your podcasts!  Just wanted to say that another group of people that would benefit from this way of managing unpredictable schedules is the disabled or chronically ill. (I speak from personal experience here!)  We have good days when we have lots of energy, and many not-so-good days due to serious pain, fatigue, etc. – and of course, can’t plan ahead for that.  Happened to me last week, and just doing what I could in those awkward pauses saved the day – and my sanity!  Bless you for always being so encouraging!

Pauline shares beautiful photos and lovely thoughts on her blog, Little Prairie Home. - From Our Mailbox


From Our Mailbox; Managing Using Awkward Pauses pin at


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