Last Day, and One Resource That Makes The UHB Worth the Money All By Itself

It’s the last day (Monday, April 27th) of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. (Are you relieved I’ll finally stop talking about it? I’m ready to share some decluttering projects I have done lately!!)

But before it’s over, I want to point out one single resource that may make the entire bundle worth the price for you. It is one I hadn’t paid much attention to, but I kept hearing about and finally checked it out.

It’s the ecourse called A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies.

Not that I had a real list of reasons I wasn’t interested, but these things probably had something to do with my lack of attention:

  • My kids are growing up, and for some reason I thought this was for really young kids.
  • The cover looks like it’s about essential oils. I have nothing against essential oils, but I haven’t gone down that everywhere-on-the-internet road yet.
  • While I really do appreciate the legit course style of The Healthy Home (another more-than-$90-on-its-own resource in the bundle that I talked about on Friday), once I experienced the test-taking and can’t-move-to-the-next-unit-til-you’re-done-with-this-one-first part, I wasn’t ready to take on another course. I’m the mom who tells my 2nd grader I’m not doing her project for her (like other parents do) because I finished 2nd grade back in the 80s.

But for you, my reader, I decided to at least check it out. At least one lesson.

And then I watched a second lesson.

And then another.

And then, while I got up and did something else, I let another one play while I listened.

And my brain has been swirling with homeopathic possibilities for three days now.

Before I start telling you what I love about this course, let me just casually mention that the price of this course alone is $99. Y’all, that’s one measly dollar less than a hundred.

(And the entire bundle which includes this course and about a hundred other resources is $29.97.)

First of all, this course reawakened the natural-remedy-loving part of me that came about in my child-bearing years. With three kids, each 2 years (more or less) apart, I spent six straight years either pregnant or breastfeeding (or both). I didn’t drink a single Diet Coke or take any medication other than about five total Advil over those six years. (Not that I’m saying Advil is okay. Who knows what is recommended or forbidden these days?)

I was all about doctor approved natural remedies at that time in my life. And I remember being amazed at their effectiveness.

I remember thinking there must be natural ways of dealing with a lot more health issues.

That’s why the information in this course was so fascinating to me. I loved hearing the explanations about why what works and how. But I really loved how it focuses not just on healthy preventative things, but dealing with acute issues in kids or adults using homeopathy.

Things that I really liked about A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies:

  • There are two instructors. Most of the lessons I listened to were done by the one who is a pediatric nurse. She combines her knowledge gained from working in traditional medicine with her passion for homeopathy. She’s also a mom, and her experiences with her own kids is what made her passionate about this.
  • The lessons I watched were not about essential oils. Again, I have nothing against essential oils and have been meaning to look into them (which I will with another e-book that’s part of the bundle) but was excited to learn about these homeopathic remedies that I’d never heard of, but are readily available.
  • The lessons are specific and address common childhood issues like ear aches, cold and cough and more. I feel I have a place to go to get specific information on what to do in the moment when one of my kids experiences these issues. There are also printables for reference so I don’t have to play a video in the middle of the night if I need to find information on a specific problem. Please note, though, that these aren’t around-the-house remedies so I would need to have the basics on hand already.
  • You can watch any video/lesson in any order.
  • No tests.

This course got me excited. Here’s a video that shows SO much about it. (If you’re reading by email, you may need to click through to the blog to see the video.)

And, again, it’s valued at $99. So, getting it as part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (for 29.97) is like getting it for 2/3 off PLUS you get so many other resources about all sorts of things related to homemaking. The combined value of everything included in the bundle is more than $1200.

So this is my last push to help you understand the value of this available-only-for-a-limited-time bundle. It’s gone as of (11:59p EST) on Monday, April 27.

Need to know more?

Here are the other posts where I’ve shared details about the sale:

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A Few Highlights of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


A Few Highlights of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

I had big plans to make a video with one of the characters from my Clutter Avoidance video series. It was going to be me explaining how to look at and download the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle to Aunt Myrtle.

Aunt Myrtle was going to be whichever character’s wig I could find first.

I did the screen cast part (which is the video of just my computer screen with me explaining what I’m doing) explaining it all to Aunt Myrtle (hence the different-though-not-completely-distinct voices and me having a conversation with myself) but then couldn’t figure out how to combine that with other video of me in the wig and such.

Oh well. You can still check out the video with me having a conversation with myself. Let me know if you catch the parts I thought were funny. (Keep in mind it’s supposed to be Aunt Myrtle’s computer.) It truly does show how The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle works, so maybe it will help. Just click on the picture below to see the video (things are wonky and I can’t link words for some reason!!)


I also promised to point out some of the major values before this bundle goes away after Monday, so here you go.

I’m going to start with the Bonus Offers. If you’ve clicked over to look at the bundle, you might not have scrolled to the bottom to see them.

(Oh. And as of now, all links are my affiliate links to the bundle!)

My favorite: Choose 1 FREE Online Class from Craftsy (Select from 24 of Their Most Popular Classes) Up to $60 Value
I signed up for the digital photography class and have been very impressed. I had access immediately. It’s a 59.99 value. (Double the cost of the bundle, but free with purchase of the bundle . . . )
The full value of all the bonuses is $300. For real. The scarf and kid’s activity box do require you to pay shipping, but She Plans Dinner and Craftsy are COMPLETELY free.
Then there are the courses. Some of these have big price tags, but are included in the cost of the bundle, which makes the value pretty clear.

healthyhomeThe Healthy Home eCourse. A $95 value!!! Did you catch that? This course alone costs more than three times the cost of the bundle. So you get it at 2/3 off AND all the other goodies.

I am currently going through the course. My thoughts: It’s a real course. It has modules and units and you have to go through in order. Some are audio files, some video files (all done on their site and don’t have to be downloaded), some written sections.

And you have to go through in order. Which I already said, but it was the thing that stuck out when I wanted to go ahead to the Cleaning section and couldn’t. I had to wait for my test to be graded.

FOR REAL. A test. Graded. Not that it was a hard test, but it does make me take the next stuff more seriously. There is an emphasis on essential oils, but so far I haven’t felt like it was a sales pitch for them. It’s interesting stuff.

Then there’s 14 Days to a Better Neck. That was a title that made me say, “Huh?” But I’m doing it. It’s a series of videos with stretches and exercises specifically designed to help your neck. To help you get rid of neck tension. For people who carry their stress in their necks. Which means PEOPLE LIKE ME! I may be jiggly everywhere else but I have a neck of steel, people! Every masseuse ever has laughed at my warning about my neck and then told me post-massage that I really should get weekly massages. That YES, I have the tensest neck of anyone they have ever worked on.

The value of the neck program is 14.00. Adds up quickly, right? Makes 29.97 look pretty good, huh?

And there’s an audio decluttering course. Having something to listen to while decluttering is ideal! (Like my podcasts!)

And then there’s the second to the right on the top row up there. We’re not going to talk about that one, but I’m totally going to listen!

There’s really enough to go check out to see what appeals to you. Really. Just like Aunt Myrtle did.


Go here to check out the bundle!

Or you can buy now!

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