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This one will help you avoid the need to use any of the Clutter Guilt Conversations I posted a while back.


I call it “Let’s get this clear before I take it” approach.

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Me: It is so great to see you!!

Them: You too!

Me: I can’t believe how big Annie is now! I’m not ready for mine to grow up that fast.

Them: Oh they do, they do. They grow up so fast! And don’t let me forget I have a HUGE bag of clothes in the car for you! We cleaned out all our closets on Monday. There’s some stuff in there for your kids, and some stuff for you too! We’re the same size, don’t you think?

Me: That’s so sweet of you. What do you want me to do with the stuff we can’t use?

Them: What do you mean?

Me: I always get so stressed out about how to get rid of stuff people give me. Decluttering is hard enough for me as it is, you know! I hate trying to remember where everything came from, so I’m asking upfront if you’re okay with the fact that I’ll probably either donate or stick whatever we don’t need in our garage sale.

1st Ending

Them: Oh, I can’t stand the thought of all that nice stuff going into a garage sale or a thrift store. If you finish using it, just save it for me and bring it back next time you come this way.

Me: Oh, well in that case, I’d better not take any of it. We really do have what we need and even though I know we’d love it, I can’t handle the stress of having to store it and try to get it back to you.

Alternate, more-likely ending

Them: Oh. Well I’d never thought about that, but I guess I don’t mind. You do whatever you need to do. Once I give it to you, it’s yours.

Me: Thanks! I like you!


“You Know I Can’t Handle More Stuff” Approach – Clutter Avoidance Conversations

Avoid Clutter with this Strategy You Know I Can't Handle More Stuff!

I’ve got five six of these Clutter Avoidance Conversations to help you get through family gatherings without bring home stuff you don’t need.

Today’s approach: “You Know I Can’t Handle More Stuff”

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Them: Hey sweetie, come in here for a minute, K?

Me: What do you need?

Them: Well, I have been working to clear stuff out of my house, and look what I found!! (Shows a box full of stuff)

Me: Wow! Go you!! You’ve been working hard!

Them: I have. I REALLY have. (Hands box to Me) Why don’t you go ahead and take it out to your car so you don’t forget when it’s time to leave.

Me: Oh, you wanted me to take it?

Them: Well, of course. I don’t need any of it.

Me: Oh, you know how hard I’ve been working to declutter my house too. I can’t take any more stuff since I’m trying to get rid of my own stuff!

Them: But you’ve got such a huge collection of tablecloths and candlesticks and . . . well . . . everything!

Me: Right. And you know how much of a struggle it is for me to keep my house under control.

Them: (Nods too knowingly)

Me: So thanks for understanding why I just can’t take them.

Them: Well, I really want them gone, so why don’t you just go ahead and take them now and you can figure out where to put them later.

Me: (confused) No, I meant I can’t take them at all. Too much stuff in my house already, you know. So go ahead and donate them. I’ll be okay!

Them: Donate them? Give them away?

Me: Or do whatever, but please don’t worry about me one bit. OK? Oh, I better go check the rolls!


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