Factoring in Travel Time

Factoring in Travel Time at ASlobComesClean.com

It was a perfectly good envelope. A perfectly good, big envelope.

There was no reason to pitch it. No reason at all why I couldn’t re-use it.

And aren’t envelopes (especially big ones) the stuff of dreams? Just imagine filling them with photos or coloring pages or full-sized papers that needed be kept together. Or sending off our tax information to the accountant.

But I’ve learned to factor in travel time.

I tend to be that person who thinks/says “Oh. I totally have time to do that!” while assuming she’s being completely realistic about how her day is going to go.

But then I’m also that person who realizes she didn’t consider travel time.

Run into “town” and go hither, thither and yon?

Sure! Sounds like a plan!

But getting from hither to thither takes fifteen minutes which makes that five minute errand take twenty minutes. And who has the time to get to yon?? Yon is, like, another 27 minutes in the opposite direction.

I generally have a list of five errands at the beginning of a day, but am lucky if I make three happen.

Travel time.

I also have to factor in the “travel time” of useful stuff that randomly ends up in my possession. Like the envelope. I got it at my kids’ basketball game when my husband asked me to pass out team photos.

But when I looked at it, I realized there was too much travel required between “Oh, look at the pretty free envelope!!” and actually putting it where envelopes go inside my home.

I’d have to hang on to it until the end of the second basketball game. If I wanted to NOT forget about it on the floor, I’d probably need to fold it up and stuff it in my purse. Then, it would no longer be pretty. And would almost certainly become one with all other other trash in there.

Even if I managed to get it to the car, the travel time between the gymnasium and my house would almost guarantee it ended up in the floorboard, ready to be muddied by Kid Shoes and forgotten by Mom Brains.

And even if I managed to get it out of the car and into the house, it would most likely end up on a pile of other randomness and not make it to the Envelope Drawer until a future Decluttering Project. A decluttering project that would likely happen just AFTER I needed the envelope, but didn’t know where it was.

Y’all, one free envelope isn’t worth all that stress.



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It’s Not About Fitting In More Stuff

It's Not About Fitting In More Stuff at ASlobComesClean.com

Skirt hangers.

In my mother’s mind, they’re God’s gift to skirt-wearers.

I know this because she has been giving them to me.

Over and over.

Year after year.

Always with a hopeful look upon her face. Hopeful that this item which is the Ultimate Skirt Hanging Solution in her own closet will change my life the way it has changed hers.

There’s hope in her eyes, but little memory. She seems to have forgotten all the other times she blessed me with other skirt hangers.

And all the times she neatly placed my many skirts upon them.

And all the times they were left empty, as skirts lay on the floor.

I’m going to be honest. I don’t get skirt hangers.

“Get” as in understand.

I know the textbook definition, but they truly boggle my mind. Yes, they allow more skirts to hang neatly in a narrower amount of space. Kind of the definition of an organizing solution, right?

But they don’t work for me.

I hang them neatly one time. The one time when I get the hanger. The one time when I’m feeling the hope that something is finally going to WORK.

Then, in the moments of dressing, when organizing isn’t my sole focus (or my focus at all), I yank a skirt off the hanger. And in the moments of hanging up clothing, when organizing isn’t my sole focus (or my focus at all), I hang up a skirt. My first choice is always the single skirt or pants hanger that came from the store. Right next to the handy-dandy hang-em-all-together Skirt Hanger.

If my first choice isn’t available and I have to use the multi-skirt-hanger, Super Busy and Efficient Me deems it best to hang the skirt from just one side of the skirt hanger.

So much faster than going through the hassle of using BOTH clamps.

But even though that who-cares-if-it’s-whompy-jawed decision always feels right in the moment, it never ends well.

So, as my Slob Vision cleared during a recent trip to my closet , I grabbed my camera to take a reality-based picture of just how skirt hangers work in my home.

Then, I removed the hangers and one of the two remaining dangling skirts, and stuck them all in the Donate Box.

Skirt hangers ARE a great organizing solution. But only for someone who will use them. For me, it’s not about fitting in more stuff.

Any organizing solution that is meant to help me keep more is pretty much guaranteed to fail in my home.

What does work?

Keeping less. And storing it in the easiest, most hassle-free way possible.



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