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I have some fun stuff planned for the blog this week, but just wanted to remind you about the AMAZING giveaway going on here. It’s for a $500 Home Depot giftcard and it’s sponsored by Extra Space Storage. Seriously, if you decluttered something this weekend, you NEED to enter!!! Winner will be chosen at random so you don’t have to have the BEST decluttered space, just A decluttered space.  Go here to see how!


Hiding Solutions from Myself

Hiding Solutions from Myself -

I can come up with some great solutions.


But the hidden ones rarely work.

While I’d love for my house to look perfect at all times, some of the ways we make things work keep it from looking perfect.

Half-full (or worse, ALMOST full) water bottles grate on my nerves. I try to avoid letting them happen, but they happen. To keep from wasting the nobody’s-gonna-to-drink-it-now water, we use it to water the plants.

Actually, Hubby does. In our house, he’s the one who handles NOT killing plants.

When one of the irritating bottles appears, everyone knows to take it to a certain spot in the breakfast area.

But as I found when I decluttered/switched-out-old-storage-containers-for-new-ones recently, I once had the really great idea to put them in a less obvious spot. A logical spot.

Logical + Less Obvious = Doesn’t Work ‘Round Here.

Really, it would be so nice if those eyesores could be two feet away, hidden inside a cabinet.

Oh well.



Go declutter something, ANYthing, right now! Take a picture and follow the instructions here to enter to win a $500 Home Depot giftcard from Extra Space Storage here! No before pictures necessary!!


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Podcast #39 from - Clutter Guilt!

This podcast is about the guilt that can make it soooo difficult to declutter! Sometimes it’s guilt laid on by others, and sometimes it’s imagined!

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