Winning the Clutter Battle (Through Surrender)

Winning the Clutter Battle (Through Surrender) at

In my never-ending war against clutter, I win some and I lose some.

And then there are those moments when I realize that fighting IS the problem.

Like that picture above. I’d REALLY like the basket to sit to the left of the TV since the right side borders the path to our half-bath where I send guests.

But even though I’ve moved the random games into the basket many MANY times, they never ended up there naturally. (By naturally, I mean my kids putting them there.)

So I gave up. And did what works. I moved the basket to the spot where the games mysteriously pile.

Going with what works at

Now they are mysteriously piling up inside the basket.

Go me.

I need to watch for other battles I’m fighting unnecessarily.


Planning the Menu According to What’s in My Freezer

Menu Planning with What's in the Freezer at

We have about a week and a half before payday, and the grocery budget is almost gone. There’s enough for fresh veggies and milk and lunch stuff, but it’s time to get careful.

And creative.

(Three family birthdays and a mother-in-law in ICU 45 minutes away kind of does that to a budget.)

Anyway, there’s no reason to worry. Thankfully, I’m a frugal shopper even when things are hunky-dory, so the freezer has plenty of food in it. These times actually help me be purposeful about using up my random finds.

My Menu Plan:

Monday – Chicken and Black Bean Burritos (This is picnic food to eat at my 7th grader’s football game.) I’ll use frozen, pre-cooked chicken.

Tuesday – Something in the Crock Pot with stew meat I found on sale a long time ago. Probably something like this.

Wednesday – Skillet Lasagna (Using pre-cooked ground beef.)

Thursday – Tamales with homemade enchilada sauce. (I have some frozen that someone gave us.)

Friday – Out to eat. Something cheap. (Hubby insists we eat out on Friday nights. I don’t argue.)

Saturday – Fish sticks and mac and cheese. Because we have those things.

Sunday – Homemade pizza

Monday – Chicken and Bacon Sub Sandwiches (another football game picnic and again with the pre-cooked chicken)

Tuesday – BBQ Chicken Sandwiches (in the crockpot)

Wednesday – Beef Stroganoff (using frozen, pre-cooked ground beef)


Whew. Now I can hit that Aldi that’s near tonight’s football game and pick up the odds and ends we need to make this happen.

Yes. I still use eMeals, but that doesn’t work when I’m in this crunch.

Oh, and Zaycon is having a chicken event soon which is a good thing since I am almost out! Not sure what Zaycon is? Go here to see how I manage buying 40 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts at once. If you already know what it is, go (affiliate link coming up) here to see if there’s an event near you.



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