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I’ve gathered some of MY favorite posts and several favorites of my READERS, here in one place, in no particular order, just for your inspiration and motivation. I think these posts are what have helped the most in this whole process of De-Slobification.

Defining Normal

The Layers of a Clean House

All Housekeeping Points Expire at Midnight

Accepting How I Learn – Why Flylady Didn’t Work For Me

Oooooh! CONTAIN-er – Now I Get It!

How to Open Your Home to Unexpected Guests

Letting People Into Our Lives, Not Just Into Our Home

How to Declutter Without Making a Bigger Mess

Letting Go of Someone Else’s Memories

Decluttering Tip – How to Easily Determine Value

My Garage is Now . . . Organized!

The Biggest Slob Excuse of All and How I Got Over It

Organizing the Laundry Room

How Not to Get Distracted from a Decluttering Project by Other Decluttering Projects

Can a Germaphobe Be a Slob?

Having a Garage Sale Vs. Donating It All

{Ahem} My Thoughts on Hiring Someone to Clean Your Home

A Tale Of Two Houses – Part One – My Clutter History

All Those Interlocking Pieces

The Real Reason I Have to Sweep Everyday

I Can’t Afford Library Books

I’m Keepin’ My Mannequin

Another Reason I don’t {Often} Buy Storage Containers


I love hearing about your journey and experience, so please feel free to comment on any post!


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