Promotion Ideas for Frugal Bloggers

People come to you looking for deals . . . but not just any deals.

They want the best prices on things that will improve their lives.

28 Days to Hope for Your Home is a practical, easy to follow resource for those who feel overwhelmed by their messy homes.

Be sure to emphasize that the introductory price of 4.00 is 50% off of the regular price of 7.99. (If you would like to promote the e-book at a time when it isn’t on sale, email me for a special code for your readers.)

Ideas for promoting 28 Days to Hope for Your Home:

  • Ask if they’re having trouble printing coupons because they can’t find their printer under the piles of clutter.
  • Ask if they’re wasting money eating out because they are too discouraged by their messy kitchens to cook.
  • Share your least favorite cleaning task.  Tell how often or how long you put off that task.
  • Tell a funny story about a time when your doorbell rang at the worst possible moment.

Point out the value in this e-book:

  • 28 days of specific instructions to develop four basic habits that will help you find hope for your home.
  • Insights into the reasons why these habits are so hard for some women to embrace.
  • Bonus sections which include practical strategies for decluttering, dealing with laundry, and preparing quick, home-cooked meals.
  • Since it’s an e-book, they get to download it immediately to their computer, and do not have to pay shipping costs.  It can even be read on a Kindle!

    Please emphasize that this e-book is “not for the mildly disorganized.” We don’t want people thinking that they are buying a book about how to get completely and perfectly organized in four weeks.  This e-book is to help the hopeless gain hope!

    If you happen to be someone who doesn’t struggle with these issues and didn’t realize that others do, let me assure you that there are many women who feel isolated and overwhelmed in their out-of-control homes. Honestly, when I started A Slob Comes Clean . . . I thought it was just me.  I’m constantly amazed at how many women share my struggles.


    Feel free to take any quotes from this page or the landing page, and up to fifty words from the e-book itself.  I ask that you do not reveal more than one of the habits in your post.  (Gotta give them a reason to buy, right?)

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