As Soon as I’m Done, I Always Find One More Thing

As Soon as I'm Done, I Always Find One More Thing at

It happens pretty much every time I declutter or straighten or whatever.

I think I’m done and I smile smugly and turn away from my totally finished project.

Only to run smack dab into One More Thing.

One more thing that needs to go in the spot I just filled as full as it can be before it morphs into a mess.

One more thing I can’t believe I didn’t see in all the time I was focusing on dealing with this space I truly believe I deserve to no longer have to deal with.

One more thing that makes me question whether my new “solution” will actually work, and whether there’s ever any point whatsoever in trying to come up with a solution since things like this happen to me every single time I think I’ve made progress.

Yes. I’m aware of my tendency to be over-dramatic.

But even though I initially reacted in the same old way, I used my hard-earned knowledge to deal with this problem.

I practiced the One In One Out Rule.

one more thing need to containerize old burp cloths at

I’d found some old burp cloths that I now use as cleaning rags. Using them means they’re not clutter, y’know.

But the container for cleaning cloths was full. My auto-response was to pile them on anyway, tucking a corner in here or there and convincing myself they’d stay under control and not spill out everywhere.

one more thing containerize old burp rags at

My auto-response isn’t usually a good thing.

As soon as I realized what was happening, I took out enough of the microfiber cloths to make room for the burp cloths. That’s how one in one out works. I got to keep what I wanted to keep because I made room in the container by getting rid of things I didn’t love as much.

one more thing rags contained in their container at

That’s the Container Concept.

That plastic box determined how many cleaning cloths I could keep. No analysis or math or hem-haw-pondering was necessary.

Yay for grasping concepts that once eluded me.


No idea what the Container Concept is? Here’s the post where I finally understood it:

Ooooh! “Contain”er . . . Now I Get It!

And a few more that might help:

Baskets? Oh. I get it now.

One In One Out

Containers and Limits and How They’ll Change Your Life – the podcast

One In One Out – Podcast


And . . . today’s affiliate links: Microfiber cloths, plastic shoe box sized containers.

Using the Container Concept when There's Always One More Thing at



Keeping a Move-In Ready House Clean With Swiffer Giveaway!! (Sponsored post)

fun with my friends at swiffer keep house move in ready at

That’s me in the middle.

If you know who that is, you’re excited!

But you might also think something looks a little funny. Here’s the real picture:

with Jonathan Keeping home move in ready at

Within moments of posting that photo, a friend edited it.

I met Jonathan Scott (and only Jonathan) at a Swiffer (and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser) event recently. (Remember, I’m a Swiffer ambassador this year.) He’s a spokesperson singing the praises of using Swiffer products to make it easier to keep things clean after a move. Here he is sharing his cleaning tips on video.

Jonathan Scott sharing move in ready tips at

Y’all, he was so nice. Very funny, very excited to talk to anybody and everybody, and just generally fun.

Some of my favorite tips Jonathan (my friend Jonathan . . . ) shared that are perfect for those selling a house or moving into one (or anyone else, really):

If your hardware (drawer and cabinet pulls and handles) is in bad shape, clean it with a Magic Eraser. He says that many times, these pieces are just grimy and a good cleaning makes a huge difference.

Pay attention to the areas around doorknobs and lightswitches. They get nasty. Use a Magic Eraser to clean them off easily.

Use a Magic Eraser to easily remove stickers and their residue from the bottoms of coffee cups, etc.

Chat Bubble 4


OK. Now that I’ve written the tips I remember, I realize they’re all about Magic Erasers instead of Swiffer. But we all know how much easier cleaning is with Swiffer, right? If you’re not sure, see the other posts I’ve written as a Swiffer ambassador here and here.

I also loved that Swiffer gave me an assignment to gift a recently-moved-or-moving-soon friend a set of Swiffer goodness! I knew immediately who I would surprise with the two green boxes. My friend, just moved into a home with all wood floors. She (and her cutie-pie) were excited to get the tools. This is something that Swiffer often does for people who move Habitat for Humanity homes, giving them the tools they need to maintain their new places!

The daughter of my just-moved-in friend opening their Big Green Box of Swiffer fun!

And y’all, because I know how excited you get, I get to do ANOTHER Swiffer giveaway!!! Same old rules, but I’ll state them again.

You must comment on this post to be entered. (If you’re reading via email, click on the title of the post to get to the blog and leave a comment.) U.S. residents only. (Sorry!) One commenter will win. One comment per person. Prizes are provided by Swiffer, not me. I’ll use to pick a comment number randomly. If (and this is the most important part) you are the winner, you MUST reply to my email within 48 hours of the time when I sent it. So pretty please, use an email address you check regularly. The giveaway will end at 9 p.m. Central time on June 20, 2016. See all my giveaway policies here.

Here’s what’s included:

Swiffer Sweeper Small Box Starter Kit
Wet refills
Dry refills
Swiffer Duster
Duster refills
About a $50 value.
Yay! And happy commenting!!!

Keeping a Move-In Ready House Clean With Swiffer pin at


Straightening Up the Dining Room Table (Because Better is Good)

Straightening Up the Dining Room Table (Because Better is Good) at fb

There’s a difference between a ridiculously cluttered table and a table with stuff on it.

Even a table with too much stuff on it.

Oh. You don’t think there is? Well, it’s my blog and I say so. There is.

straightening dining room table before at

Oh the dining room table. The bane of my Slob Existence. The glorious flat surface just inside my front door that doesn’t HAVE to be used on an average Wednesday so it’s always available for absentminded (and sometimes present-minded) piling.

But even though this uniquely re-clutterable spot shouldn’t qualify as a real decluttering project since it’s everyday procrasticlutter, I tackle it using my same old decluttering strategies. When I can tackle it that way, I’m ever so much more willing to tackle it at all.

straightening dr table IMG_6270 (600x400) (600x400)

And tackling is the only way.

Step One:

Trash. Trash is the easiest of the easy stuff.

straightening dr table IMG_6271 (600x400) (600x400)

Once the trash was gone, I took the OBVIOUS stuff (which is ever so easy once I see it as individual items instead of a mass of overwhelming STUFF) where it goes. No decisions necessary. Just a bunch of duhs. A bunch of well-yeah-I-know-where-that-goes kind of stuff.

straightening dr table IMG_6272 (600x400)

Then, the piles were smaller, but I wasn’t quite in the mood for a solve-it-all kind of thing, so I settled.

I settled for better. My goal was to be able to let someone in the front door and have them think, “Oh, I just love how Dana didn’t feel the need to clean before I came over. We must be close. Like, almost BFFs. I sure like Dana.”

So I consolidated and straightened. A little.

straightening dining room table better is enough at

It’s better, y’all. Better is good.

Note: If you came over and it looked like that, we’re BFFs. Really. This post wasn’t talking about you.

Another note: Obviously, it didn’t even occur to me to straighten the frames on the wall. Sorry OCD friends, but you get what you get when you venture to my Slob Blog.


Straightening Up the Dining Room Table (Because Better is Good) when it comes to flat surfaces at fb


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