Cleaning the Bathroom, Protecting My Hands, Maintaining My Sanity #protectthis (A Sponsored Post)


We all know I have issues, right?

No? Well then, welcome.

The biggest issue I have with bathroom cleaning is the grossness. The ickiness. The feeling that if I deal with one nasty spot I’ll have to take a shower, so why not wait until I have time to deal with every last little nasty spot. Why not wait until I have time to take a shower? And wash my hair.

So not only does a mess have to break through my Slob Vision, it also has to be shower-worthy.

But shower-worthy messes are, in general, overwhelming. So I put them off even longer.

It’s a vicious cycle, people.


But, like so many of my beloved vicious cycles, it can be broken with one good DUH moment.

Like, cleaning gloves. So when Full Circle asked me to clean something while trying out their new Splash Patrol natural latex cleaning gloves, I said “duh.”

Not to them, but to myself. Of course I have something I can clean while wearing cleaning gloves, and it was a definite bonus that these cleaning gloves are cute.

Here’s the thing. That vicious cycle I talked about can drag on long enough that I need a little stronger cleaning product, which is yet another great excuse to procrastinate and puts me through another loop of the cycle.


So I pulled on the gloves (which fit my non-petite hands quite well) and started on this spot.


I know. So awful, right? We had what I thought was an awful, horrible problem that would surely require a plumber, but then Hubby fixed it pretty quickly once I told him about it. (We have separate sinks, so I’d just been using his . . . )

I had waited long enough, though, for the sink to be fully disgusting and awful. I started out with my normal, non-scary cleaning methods, and didn’t make much headway. I had to pull out the hard stuff.

I sprayed it with some potent cleaners, and got to scrubbing. Thankfully, because I was wearing the cleaning gloves, I didn’t feel the gross-griminess or the panic that powerful cleaners were seeping into my pores. I didn’t feel the need to jump into the shower once I was done.

Which was good, because this grossness took multiple sprays and multiple scrubs. Every time I walked by, I pulled on the gloves and worked a little more. Finally, it looked like this:


Yay for gross jobs done without a full hazmat suit!

So what makes Splash Patrol natural latex cleaning gloves different from other gloves I’ve used?


The inside is soft. They’re natural latex, but there’s a fuzziness-something inside that meant my hand didn’t get sweaty like it sometimes does inside cleaning gloves.

I also like the drip-catching “sleeves” that meant if I accidentally held my hand upright (like if I waved at myself in the mirror), I didn’t accidentally cause cleaning product to drip down my arm and send me running for the shower.

When I was done, I rinsed the gloves and then hung them on a hook under my bathroom counter.


I thought about taking them to the Laundry Room where I keep most random cleaning items, but decided I would be more likely to use them quickly when needed if they were hanging right in the place where I use them.

But most of all, these gloves are cute. And cuteness helps a lot when you’re doing something you really don’t want to do.


And . . . leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a pair of Splash Patrol natural latex cleaning gloves! Just tell us what intimidating mess you’d clean while wearing them! One commenter will be randomly chosen as winner using, and that person will have 48 hours to respond to my email. If they don’t respond, they’ll forfeit the prize, and I’ll have to use to find another winner. You must leave a comment on the post on the site. Email responses can’t be counted. If you’re reading by email, click the title of this post and leave a comment on the site. Continental U.S. only. Read all my giveaway policies here.



Getting Help When I Need It

Are you ready for this? I know I am.

I’m determined to write this post quickly before I head to the doctor for the second time with a kid who has the strangest, won’t-go-away rash.

But I also want to clarify and justify and explain and all that, because what I’m about to tell you could be a little controversial for this particular site.

I scheduled something. Something awesome. Something that makes my heart swell with excitement and makes me smile every time I think about it.

Something that also took a huge burden of stress off of my shoulders the minute I made the appointment.

Want to know what I’m talking about? Well, before I share, let me do a little more concrete justifying.

If you’ve been around a while, you probably know what I’m talking about. If you’re new, please check out those links in the list directly above to fully understand that this isn’t a lightly made decision.

And most of all, you know I’m going to blog all about this and give you a reality-based perspective.

Ready? I hired someone to clean my house. She comes Thursday.

Did you hear a choir singing hallelujah, or is that just in my head??

So what’s the reality based perspective I have to give at this point?

Well, reality is that time and energy are finite. And I’m having a group of people over Friday night. And this week, I’m recording my audiobook two days (in a studio more than an hour away), promotion videos (with a real crew and everything) one day, and I start back to Bible Study on another day. Today was the only day I’d be home, and now with the surprise doctor appointment, even that day is gone.

Not that I feel like I need all that craziness to justify hiring someone, but it prompted me to get busy and get it done.

And reality is that my Crazy Eyes softened to Slightly Overwhelmed Eyes the minute I received confirmation the cleaner was coming.

The details so far:

I stressed over finding someone. How to find someone? I live in a mostly-offline area and googling isn’t really an option. I felt funny asking local friends on facebook because of the whole normal stigma plus the stigma of me being a Slob Blogger, and the worry that someone would offer to do it whom I knew. I wanted a little anonymity. I racked my brain, trying to imagine which friends had cleaners, but feeling funny asking people randomly “Do you have someone clean your house?”

I texted a friend who had raved about her cleaner, but who had said she thought hers wasn’t taking new clients. I thought maybe her cleaner could recommend someone if she couldn’t do it. Thankfully, she had a spot open for me.

I’ve been cleaning ever since I set up the appointment. Post-summer clutter and book-releasing craziness is still a problem around here. I am determined to get the house to a point where she can just come in and deep clean, so that means surfaces must be cleared, floors cleared, clutter piles removed, etc.

I didn’t tell the kids. I just told them to clean their rooms.

I could share more of my thoughts behind this, and I will, but now I need to get ready to head to the doctor.




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