Decluttering the Pantry (And Breakfast Nook)

Decluttering the Pantry (With a Webisode) at

It was time for a pantry clean-out.

Summer, how I love thee. Summer, how you cause havoc in my home.

Actually, it was time for a whole-house clean-out. When things get crazy around here, it’s time to declutter. Some people might just call it “cleaning up” but it helps me to think of it as decluttering.

It’s the only way I know to get some traction going.

I started in the kitchen because it’s visible. It’s a place where people actually go. Where I can’t seem to keep them from going . . .

I’m not sure how these pictures are SO bad, but I’ll share anyway.

Now, if you know how I roll, you know that a pantry doesn’t technically count as a visible space. And I have to start with visible spaces or Doorbell Time comes and I’m not ready because the linen closet is organized but the living room furniture is loaded up with randomness.

BUT, in order to declutter the breakfast nook next to the pantry, I had to clear out space in the pantry.

So I did the easy stuff. And the first of the easy stuff was the trash.

Trashing the Trash in the Pantry Cleanout at

Like the now-stale bags of chips and the wrapping from that Costco-sized pack of mac-and-cheese.

And the tea.

Undrinkable Tea at

Ugh. The tea. That probably wasn’t even purchased with a coupon. I honestly don’t even know where it came from, but whoever put it there failed to see that it was supposed to be refrigerated. Since I don’t drink tea (my grown up taste-buds haven’t come in yet), I didn’t notice the bottles for a very long time. And once I did notice, I didn’t move them.


They’re gone now.

I also went through the pantry finding expired and empty boxes. I was determined to ONLY focus on trash, but things like this couldn’t be overlooked:

Cleaning up the spilled honey at

The top of the picture is where I wiped up spilled honey. The bottom of the picture was the icky shelf I couldn’t ignore while I had a wiping-up-cloth in my hand.

Once I made room in the pantry, I was able to clear the floor.

Cleaning out the Pantry and Breakfast Nook at

In the end, the pantry looked ever-so-much better.

After purging the pantry of trash at

I know. I didn’t do a good job of taking pictures. But I did make a video:

Click here to see the video if it isn’t showing up for you.


Oh. You’re wondering when the last time was that I cleaned out my pantry? I’m pretty sure it was right before a national news crew came to my house.




How to Remove Sticky Residue (And Convince Your Family You’re Crazy)

This is a two-in-one post.

First, I’ll share the method my mother taught me for removing gum from hair and sticker residue from glass.

Spread a little peanut butter on it.

For example, these glasses I was thrilled to find at the Dollar Tree recently:

How to Remove Sticky Residue from Glass

They’re HUGE. My one complaint about the glass glasses I’ve been using for over a year now is that they’re too small. As a fanatical ice-water lover, this mama likes big ol’ glasses.

So I flipped them over and did what my own mama taught me to do. I peeled the stickers off as much as I could and then slathered them with peanut butter.

Using Peanut Butter to Remove Sticker Residue at

And that was when the bonus happened. Oh, how hilarious my family members think they are as they walk through the kitchen and make cute little comments about what Mama is up to now.


A few hours later, I wiped them off and was able to easily scratch off the rest of the paper with my fingernail. I then re-slathered more peanut butter on the rest of the sticky residue.

The next day, it was super easy to wipe off the rest of the glue. Then they went into the dishwasher:

Removing Sticker Residue at

Now my new favorite grown-up glasses are ready to fill with enough ice-water to last me an hour or so.

Glasses with Stickers Removed at

Not that I don’t have to get up more often than that, to . . . you know . . .

Do you use this trick?


Extra vs. Excess

Is there such a thing as too many? Yes. There is. at

Everyone needs an extra pair of tennis shoes, right?

It only makes sense.



Yard work, muddy camping trips, the (very real) threat of falling off the boat while on a fishing trip. Life happens, and it’s good to have an extra pair of tennis shoes.

But what about an extra extra pair?

Every time I buy new tennis shoes I feel like I’ve made a HUGE purchase. Like, comparable to buying a car or a house. Part of that is because my frugality doesn’t exactly match my extra-wide, high-arched footsize. Cheapo workout shoes aren’t worth it. (Especially since I’ve actually been working out.)

As I was getting our gameroom back in order after the summer, I had to work on the Sea of Shoes in there. And that was when I realized I now had two extra pairs of tennis shoes. No, this didn’t occur to me when I bought my new shoes and started wearing them instead of my old (but not old OLD) ones.

But as I filled up the shoe-shelf (a CONTAINer), I realized my space available hadn’t increased with the purchase of new shoes.


Only the number of shoes in my house increased.

Double duh.

Oh, don’t worry, I came up with all sorts of scenarios where I’d be glad to have that extra, extra-nasty pair.

But then I realized that in all of the time when my now-old pair was my new pair, I never once cried over not having an extra extra pair.

Which means I don’t need to keep the extra extra pair.

Extra is fine. Excess isn’t.



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