My Book Cover!! And You Can Pre-Order How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind

As I head into my blog-free summer (ideas of how you can get your deslobification inspiration needs met are at the end of this post), it’s time to reveal something exciting!!



That’s my book cover, y’all!!! I love it so so so much. My main request was that the cover show that this book will be funny. I think my publisher nailed it.

And . . . I’m excited to let you know that How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind will be released into the world on November 8th, 2016! It’s available for pre-order now at the following sites:


Pre-Orders Available at:



A few reasons to pre-order:

  1. So you’ll be sure to get it right away! I’ve looked around, and the general info seems to be that pre-ordering gives you a pretty good chance of receiving the book ON release day. Not a guaranteed chance, but a good chance.
  2. So others will be more likely to find out about it! I’m speaking to those of us who once thought there was absolutely zero hope for our homes. Then we stumbled upon our people, and learned we weren’t alone in these struggles. I stumbled on my people by starting this blog/deslobification journey, and so many of you have told me you found your people when you learned about this community of kindred spirits. Pre-orders help bookstores determine how many books they need to put in their stores, and they also help with rankings that will give the book more exposure. More exposure = more people finding hope!
  3. In case you’re not a fan of politics, you’ll know you have something to look forward to on November 8th, which just happens to also be election day.

How to Keep Getting Deslobification Inspiration Over the Summer

It’s officially summer around here. If you’ve been around a while, you know I take summer off from blogging/podcasting and such to focus on my family. I love this job (that I created out of thin air), but I love my family more.

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Or if you’ve always wanted to read from the beginning, go here to find out how (and why) I recommend doing this. You can read it for free here on the site, or you can purchase the first three years of the blog in e-book form here.



Fun and Easy Learning Games for Kids – Book Review

100 Games  Simple and Easy Educational games for preschool and early grade children

I’ve always viewed myself as my kids’ main teacher, even though they go to public schools. At 10, 12, and 14, they’ve passed the point of me helping with math or science homework. Now, I mainly fulfill my role through in-the-car lectures on a vast array of subjects. From dissecting why that particular building at that particular corner has housed six failed restaurants in their lifetimes to the social repercussions of “forgetting” to wear deodorant, this mama can talk. And talk and talk and talk. They love it.

But this book, 100 Fun and Easy Learning Games for Kids, is exactly the kind of thing I would have EATEN up when they were little. My friend, Kim Vij of The Educator’s Spin on It, is one of the authors, and she did an amazing job. The book is beautiful, y’all. And the games are truly so simple and creative and are perfect for keeping brains alive in the summer time!

I flipped through and immediately knew which activity I wanted to share with you.

We are so excited that we have two new cousins whom we met over the Memorial Day weekend! My cousin and his wife adopted the sweetest kids. They are aged three and seven. (Just the right ages for this book!)

Family Word Puzzle Learning Activity

The Family Word Puzzle activity was perfect to make for our new family members. I printed photos of the other five cousins and created puzzles with their names. They took home a fun game to play while they’re apart, and they can practice spelling with the names of their new best friends! Seriously, these new cousins fit so beautifully into our family.

Awesome idea, ridiculously easy to put together using scrapbook paper I was never going to actually scrapbook with, and fun enough to make the eyes of everyone at the lakehouse light up? That’s what I call success.

I gave the colorful, fun book to their mama to take home!

Check out Kim’s book on Amazon (through my affiliate link, of course). If your kids are older like mine, this book would be a great gift for a mom of kids aged 3-7.


This activity from the book 100 FUN & EASY LEARNING GAMES FOR KIDS has been shared with permission from the publisher. I received a copy of the book.  


As Soon as I’m Done, I Always Find One More Thing

As Soon as I'm Done, I Always Find One More Thing at

It happens pretty much every time I declutter or straighten or whatever.

I think I’m done and I smile smugly and turn away from my totally finished project.

Only to run smack dab into One More Thing.

One more thing that needs to go in the spot I just filled as full as it can be before it morphs into a mess.

One more thing I can’t believe I didn’t see in all the time I was focusing on dealing with this space I truly believe I deserve to no longer have to deal with.

One more thing that makes me question whether my new “solution” will actually work, and whether there’s ever any point whatsoever in trying to come up with a solution since things like this happen to me every single time I think I’ve made progress.

Yes. I’m aware of my tendency to be over-dramatic.

But even though I initially reacted in the same old way, I used my hard-earned knowledge to deal with this problem.

I practiced the One In One Out Rule.

one more thing need to containerize old burp cloths at

I’d found some old burp cloths that I now use as cleaning rags. Using them means they’re not clutter, y’know.

But the container for cleaning cloths was full. My auto-response was to pile them on anyway, tucking a corner in here or there and convincing myself they’d stay under control and not spill out everywhere.

one more thing containerize old burp rags at

My auto-response isn’t usually a good thing.

As soon as I realized what was happening, I took out enough of the microfiber cloths to make room for the burp cloths. That’s how one in one out works. I got to keep what I wanted to keep because I made room in the container by getting rid of things I didn’t love as much.

one more thing rags contained in their container at

That’s the Container Concept.

That plastic box determined how many cleaning cloths I could keep. No analysis or math or hem-haw-pondering was necessary.

Yay for grasping concepts that once eluded me.


No idea what the Container Concept is? Here’s the post where I finally understood it:

Ooooh! “Contain”er . . . Now I Get It!

And a few more that might help:

Baskets? Oh. I get it now.

One In One Out

Containers and Limits and How They’ll Change Your Life – the podcast

One In One Out – Podcast


And . . . today’s affiliate links: Microfiber cloths, plastic shoe box sized containers.

Using the Container Concept when There's Always One More Thing at



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