Need a Win? Grab a Trash Bag!

Summer is over. As I sit here in my eerily quiet house, I’m back to blogging. So far, “blogging” has involved a phone call which moves me one step closer to making a very exciting announcement. It has also included starting (but not finishing) several different posts that have been rolling around in my head over the summer.

But alas, I want to get a post out NOW. Just so I can say I’m back.

I looked at my photos. Like any self-respecting Slob Blogger, I can’t clean without a camera nearby.

This one from Saturday seemed perfect.

It’s a two-second task. Yes, it’s irritating that this task even existed.

A Two Second Task Pitching Empty Shampoo Containers at (650x433)

I pitched the empty shampoo bottles in my kids’ bathroom.

Right. The ONLY difference in these before and after pictures is the absence of empty bottles.

2 second task at


I could blather on and on about how I obviously hadn’t been doing Habit #3 from 28 Days to Hope for Your Home lately. I could lament the fact that my Slob Vision Genes are clearly dominant and have been passed down to my children.

Whatever. I’m going to focus on the amazing difference achieved in less than a minute. Yay for trash bags or recycling tubs or whatever you have!

Need a Quick Win Grab a Trash Bag! at

Need a win? Grab a trash bag!

Sometimes you just need to get something done.

Like this post.

How was your summer??

Ummm, in the spirit of total honesty, I should probably show the other ledge. The other ledge of the same bathtub.

2 More Seconds at


From Our Mailbox: Using an Awkward Pause - From Our Mailbox

Note from Nony: The messages are coming in, asking when my kids start to school and when blogging/podcasting will resume. They start on Monday, the 24th! I’m sad they’re going back, but ready to get back to this blog job. Here’s hoping for a new post on Monday, unless the unexpected happens (like it did last year on the first day of school).

For now, though, another reader story!

I love this comment left by one of you with an example of how unnatural it feels to use an awkward pause the way I’m pretty sure Normal People  just naturally do. But all that inner monologue is worth it!


Dear Dana,

You know, typically I just use awkward pauses to sneak onto Facebook or play my favorite iPhone game, 2048.  Today, however, your voice was ringing in my head as I went to pick up my phone, and even though it’s been a couple of months since I last heard/read this post, and the one about using an awkward pause to finish laundry, somehow I could still hear your sweet Texas voice saying, “switch out the laundry!  Set the kitchen table!  Put away that basket of clothes!  Do SOMETHING!  Your time is valuable!”

Ok, so none of those are actual quotes from you, but I’ve used these last few minutes to declutter a sheet (it had been sitting on my washer, waiting for a decision to be made, for approximately 10 days), transform the coordinating (and useless) mattress cover into a rag/drop cloth (it’s in my hubby’s rag bin now; should he choose to discard it, that’s still ok), and gather up enough laundry to create a full load (the washer had been patiently waiting for me to gather the rest its hot load so it could fill the rest of the way for, umm… a few hours.  Good thing I didn’t fill it all the way originally, or that water could no longer be considered hot!)

True, I didn’t have to sneak onto my computer and find this post to comment, but I thought I would let you know, because much of this day has been less than victorious, but your encouragement is still working, even during the summer break.  And now, I will quickly close my browser before I accidentally hit the Facebook tab.  😉


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Stress-Free School Supply Shopping? It’s Sortof Possible

I posted this on FB, and then realized I should put it here for those of you who aren’t on Facebook. Really, this has significantly reduced my Back to School Stress.

It’s also an opportunity for affiliate links.

Before my oldest kid started school, I had visions of strolling down the school supply aisle, leisurely filling our cart with fresh crayons and puppy dog notebooks.

That aisle is like a war zone, and with three kids and our town’s short supply of plastic folders WITH BRADS in specific colors, it is a dreaded day at the end of summer. This year, though, I got almost ALL of our school supplies early one morning, while the kids slept and I sat at my kitchen table in my pajamas. Most were comparable in price to what I’d spend at the store, so I’m done except for the things I KNOW are always super-cheap and plentiful this time of year, like crayons and notebook paper.

Glue is 52 cents at the time I’m posting this. It’s an add-on item, which means it ships free with a qualifying order over $25, but I hit that with no problem shopping for three kids.

And typing the words “3 inch binder” into a search bar is SOOOOO much easier than driving to four different stores in two different towns to find the world’s most ridiculously big binder. (So thankful they gave the option of a 2 inch one this year.)

Oh, and of course this is an affiliate link. FYI, I ordered yesterday morning, and the vast majority shipped last night and is supposed to be here tomorrow. Yay for Prime. If you don’t have it, Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


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