It’s Not About Fitting In More Stuff

It's Not About Fitting In More Stuff at

Skirt hangers.

In my mother’s mind, they’re God’s gift to skirt-wearers.

I know this because she has been giving them to me.

Over and over.

Year after year.

Always with a hopeful look upon her face. Hopeful that this item which is the Ultimate Skirt Hanging Solution in her own closet will change my life the way it has changed hers.

There’s hope in her eyes, but little memory. She seems to have forgotten all the other times she blessed me with other skirt hangers.

And all the times she neatly placed my many skirts upon them.

And all the times they were left empty, as skirts lay on the floor.

I’m going to be honest. I don’t get skirt hangers.

“Get” as in understand.

I know the textbook definition, but they truly boggle my mind. Yes, they allow more skirts to hang neatly in a narrower amount of space. Kind of the definition of an organizing solution, right?

But they don’t work for me.

I hang them neatly one time. The one time when I get the hanger. The one time when I’m feeling the hope that something is finally going to WORK.

Then, in the moments of dressing, when organizing isn’t my sole focus (or my focus at all), I yank a skirt off the hanger. And in the moments of hanging up clothing, when organizing isn’t my sole focus (or my focus at all), I hang up a skirt. My first choice is always the single skirt or pants hanger that came from the store. Right next to the handy-dandy hang-em-all-together Skirt Hanger.

If my first choice isn’t available and I have to use the multi-skirt-hanger, Super Busy and Efficient Me deems it best to hang the skirt from just one side of the skirt hanger.

So much faster than going through the hassle of using BOTH clamps.

But even though that who-cares-if-it’s-whompy-jawed decision always feels right in the moment, it never ends well.

So, as my Slob Vision cleared during a recent trip to my closet , I grabbed my camera to take a reality-based picture of just how skirt hangers work in my home.

Then, I removed the hangers and one of the two remaining dangling skirts, and stuck them all in the Donate Box.

Skirt hangers ARE a great organizing solution. But only for someone who will use them. For me, it’s not about fitting in more stuff.

Any organizing solution that is meant to help me keep more is pretty much guaranteed to fail in my home.

What does work?

Keeping less. And storing it in the easiest, most hassle-free way possible.



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In With the New, Out with the Old

In with the New so Out With the Old at

Did you notice my lovely new red dutch oven in this post?

My mother gave that to me for Christmas after I noticed its lovely redness while we shopped together.

It sat in my garage for a month or so until I remembered it when I was making four meals of pot roast for the freezer.

It worked beautifully. Just like the orange dutch oven that my mother used to use.

Ahhhh. Memories.

Except the orange dutch oven wasn’t a memory.

It was shoved in the back of my kitchen cabinet, taking up the room I needed to store my pretty new red one.

Years ago, I sold the rest of that orange Descoware on eBay. I had realized that even though it’s good stuff, I was gravitating toward my newer stuff and it was just taking up space. I kept the Dutch Oven, though, because of its unusual size.

And . . . keeping one piece makes it easier to get rid of sentimental stuff like the set of pots and pans with which you learned to cook.

But in the more-than-10-years since I decided this item was worth keeping, I hadn’t used it.

Not even once.

For some reason, the oval shape kept me from using it on the stove top, and I just never thought about it for things in the oven.

The red one is pretty. And sturdy and large enough to use for all the things I imagined I’d do with the orange one (but never did). And it’s round, so I’ve already used it for more than just roasts.

I don’t need both.

I can’t possibly justify keeping both.

So the orange one now sits in the Donate Box. I’m counting this as a One In One Out.

It still counts, right? Even though I’m replacing an item I never actually use? At least I’m not shoving or stacking building a new cabinet.

Which is totally what I would have done pre-blog.



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