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Ask Nony: How Do You Stop Judging Yourself?

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Reader Question:

i relate to you so much so i feel i can ask you this….how do you stop judging yourself when things get on top of you? like when i go to a friends i find i’m judging myself on how their home is compared to mine. i was wondering if you’ve been through it? still go through it? and if so how do you curb it enough so you don’t give up on trying to at least slightly curb your messiness.


Nony’s Answer:

I totally relate. I still get so frustrated with myself when I suddenly see a big mess that’s making life difficult that has escaped my Slob Vision until the moment when I desperately need to find something.

The best cure is to do something. Even something small like setting a timer for 5 minutes and tackling a visible space. It’s amazing how much hope this gives. Don’t focus on the big picture and the big feelings of failure. Look around, see which visible space makes you want to cry the most, and give it five minutes.

Even better, take a picture before you start and again after five minutes. This will give you visual proof of how much can be done in such a short time and will inspire you the next time you feel this way.

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Why I Purchase Chicken in Bulk

Why I Buy Chicken in Bulk at ASlobComesClean.com

Full Disclosure: Even though I’ve written about my love of purchasing chicken in bulk from Zaycon many, many times, they offered me a product from their extensive line for writing about it again. I jumped at that chance. I’m also using my own referral link so I can build up credit for my next chicken purchase. You can do the same thing by referring your own friends! Just grab your own referral link after signing up through my link to be notified of sales in your area! And, there’s an awesome chicken event starting right away with many new locations!

I was purchasing chicken in bulk long before I’d ever heard of Zaycon Foods. It just works for me. It works for my style of meal preparation. It also works for my style of budgeting.

Meat is generally the most expensive part of our meals. (And I learned fairly soon after Hubby and I got married that he wasn’t a big fan of meatless dinners.) When I was a kid, my mother passed on the tip to stock up on meat whenever I found it for less than $2 per pound. Buy enough at that price to last until the next good sale.

I find it bizarre that $2/lb is still the price I watch out for thirty years later. I almost never find any kind of beef for that price anymore, but I do find boneless, skinless chicken breasts for that price when I’m watching carefully.

When it’s on sale, I buy as much as I can afford in my budget and then divide it up to freeze for individual meals. Pre-Zaycon, I would generally buy about 10-20 pounds at a time. I also started pre-cooking some of the chicken and freezing it that way to make future meal prep go more quickly. The more success I had, the more I tried to buy at one time.

Things I love about purchasing in bulk:

  • The more I purchase at one time, the longer I can go without needing to search for sales. With Zaycon, I am usually good until their next chicken sale and my reminder for that comes through my email.
  • Even though trimming and bagging and pre-cooking a LOT of chicken at once takes a LOT of time and energy on the day I do it, it eliminates SO much time and energy out of my daily cooking routine. When I don’t have to trim chicken (or even cook it when I use my pre-cooked chicken!), I’m more willing to make dinner and I can make it very quickly with significantly less mess.
  • Getting a LOT of chicken all at once, even at a good price, can be a challenge for the budget in that moment, but it means I’m not spending money on chicken at all for a long time. Not needing to buy chicken allows me to stock up on other items when they go on sale. Then, having plenty of pasta or beans or frozen veggies already in the cabinet or freezer means I can  spend a big chunk of the budget on chicken the next time I need to make a bulk purchase. It’s the good kind of endless cycle.

Because this was already my kitchen style, I was immediately intrigued when I learned that I could get 40 lbs at a time at a good price from Zaycon.

Zaycon is increasing the number of “events” and the areas where they will happen. And they’re offering chicken for 1.69/lb, which is a GREAT price for boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I have been very pleased with the quality every single time I’ve purchased. AND, while I’ll love it if you sign up as my referral, you need to refer your own friends with YOUR own referral link! Through June 30th, first time buyers will result in a $5 credit for the person who referred them! The Zaycon referral program is ALWAYS awesome since the referrer gets a $1 credit every time their referral makes a purchase (not just the first time like other programs), but this makes it extra amazing!

Don’t wait, though. I know from experience that Zaycon events do sell out. It’s also worth it to go ahead and get on their email list to be sure you are the first to know about future events in your area.

Sign up for their email list here.

If you’re confused how this all works, don’t worry! I have a ba-jillion posts that will help you understand:

How I trim and package 40 lbs of chicken at once.

How to Shred Lots Of Chicken in Seconds With No Carpal Tunnel Pain! (also includes links to recipes in which I use shredded chicken)

How to place an order through Zaycon.

How a Zaycon pickup works (This one is from when I picked up bacon, but the process is the same for chicken.)

Freezer Cooking Podcast

Do you purchase chicken or other meat in bulk?

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