How to Use Reusable Cloths to Clean the Bathroom Without Being Gross

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How to Clean the Bathroom with Re-Usable Cloths without Being Gross at

I’m all for green cleaning. Really.

Is it bad to admit, though, that my cheapness is more of a motivator than my sense of activism and earthiness?

Oh. It is bad to admit? OK. Then I’m not admitting anything.

I was just asking hypothetically.

One of the biggest draws of disposable cleaning products (wipes and paper towels) is that I can throw germs in the trash and never see them again. (Not that you can see germs, but in my imagination I can.)

Also, on my Bathroom Cleaning Chart for Kids, I make a BIG deal about using a new wipe on different parts of the bathroom. I can’t bear the thought of someone “cleaning” the sink and faucet with a rag that just cleaned the potty.

The potty used by . . . boys.


So here’s my new trick.

I used a permanent marker to label the microfiber cleaning cloths so ANYone (anyone who can read, at least) knows exactly where it’s okay to use that cloth.



Swooshy Pants Must Go

Swooshy Pants Must Go at

Those are swooshy pants.

In a Donate Box.

Swooshy pants should really be the easiest type of clothing to purge, but I somehow still struggled.

Oh. Not sure what swooshy pants are? They’re the ones that make a swooshy sound when you walk.

I think I’ve debated about those pants every time I’ve purged clothing for the past five years. Honestly, I haven’t worn them in those five years either.

It’s just that every time I started to pitch them, I would think about how one day, one coooooold day in the future, I might need them.

I mean, they are wind-breaking pants. (Please, no obvious jokes on that one . . . )

And they are lined!!! With really warm and thick something-or-other!! If I ever needed to spend time out in the freezing cold in a situation where I did not care one bit about how I looked, these would be the perfect pants!!!

But then, that happened.

I’ve mentioned my 5 a.m. Camp Gladiator workouts. Well, these workouts happen no matter the weather. Even when it’s like 20 degrees. Or colder.

Even when the wind is blowing like nobody’s business.

They also happen in the dark. Yes, there are a few lights. But honestly . . . this is as close to a who-cares-what-I-look-like situation as I’m ever going to get.

I’ll admit that I skipped the workout (the only time I’ve skipped) on the day when school was canceled due to an ice storm. But it was still scary-cold two days later when I did go. I had stressed all night about how cold I was going to be.

Around 2:30 a.m., I remembered those red workout pants. I think I even got up to be sure I still had them and then slept less fitfully after I knew I had something warm to wear.

I got up at 4:45 and put them on. I even walked to the kitchen to get my water and unlocked the front door. But as I walked out, the swoosh became too much for me to bear. The swoosh plus the elasticized ankles.

I had to turn around and put on less embarrassing pants.

I was cold, but I managed.

And now I know the answer to the age-old declutterer’s dilemma:

If I had to be outside in the freezing cold while it was pitch dark, wouldn’t I be glad for these pants, even though they’re swooshy?


The answer is no.

I wouldn’t.


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If It Won’t Fit

If It Won't Fit, There is No Decision to Make at

A while back, I decluttered a kitchen cabinet. Inside, I discovered some trivets or hotplates or whatever-you-call-them.

I was proud of myself for choosing to keep only two. The two that fit in the drawer next to my stove where I keep such things.

I was practicing my hard-learned Container Concept. Go me.

But evidently, in the moment when I decided they fit, the drawer didn’t have everything in it that it usually does. I’m guessing an oven mitt had been randomly left on the kitchen table.

So once my kitchen was totally clean, I couldn’t shut the drawer. After three or four attempts to get it closed, I realized that my container (the drawer) was overflowing. Something had to go.

I removed the strawberry trivet that I hadn’t used in years anyway. (And that also appears to have something on it that looks a little like bird poo. Even though it’s not.)

If it won’t fit, I can’t keep it.




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