That Trip to the Trashcan Takes a While Sometimes

Using the One In One Out Rule with the new remote (eventually) at

Big news in our house:

We got a new remote!!!

Our DVR died recently. This seems to happen every five years or so, and thankfully the company sends us a new one without a lot of hassle.

But as I learned last time, new DVRs don’t come with new remotes.

Sooooo, the remote we had was about ten years old.

The battery cover was long gone. The faces of the buttons were gone.

This time, while on the phone with the satellite rep, I thought to inquire about a new remote control. I decided it was worth $20 every ten years to have one that works without standing up and repeatedly mashing buttons and muttering unkind things about technology under my breath.

And after a tell-me-every-teeny-tiny-step call with customer service, this one even controls the TV and the Blu-Ray and everything.

We’re big time now, y’all.

And yet the old one sat by the new one for a week. I hated that thing, but didn’t pitch it until I was “cleaning up.”

Whatever. It’s gone now.


A Solution That Works! (Finally!!)

Finally Finding a Solution that Works at

I wrote a post a while back about how I was giving up on how I wanted things to be and just going with how they are.

I wanted that basket on the other side of the TV. So it wouldn’t run the risk of hanging halfway off the side of the dresser.

That never worked. As you can see in the top picture, the pile o’ games and movies kept happening on the other side.

I’m so glad I gave up.

I took the picture on the bottom without any staging whatsoever. It’s exactly what this space looks like on a random day.

Sure, there are pieces of a craft project, a tub of flannelgraph, and one measly little game on the left. And a green pony-tail holder and a movie just to the side of the basket on the right.

Yeah, okay. The basket sits precariously balanced on the edge.


THAT being its “natural state” is such a huge improvement over its previous “natural state.”

As someone with (generally unrealistic) dreams of systems that DO the work so I don’t have to, I’m calling this one a win!


Random Reality Check – 1/26/15

A Random Reality Check at

Welcome to today’s Random Reality Check.

I love sharing tips and recipes and such, but the main thing that matters around here is reality.

There’s Theory of Keeping a House Under Control, and then there’s Reality of Keeping a House Under Control for Someone Who Really Wishes It Would Just Stay Under Control On Its Own So She Could Do Fun Things Like Plan Parties and Direct Plays and Write Books and Maybe Learn to Knit.

This blog is the second kind.

Anyway, I thought I’d give a reality check report on this beautiful Monday morning.

I decided to write this post last night, at a time when I felt my reality was pretty admirable (considering the slob-thing). I felt pretty under control when I was in bed before 10:00. I even woke up gently just before my alarm went off at 4:45 so I could get to my 5 a.m. workout.

And then, I could NOT find a certain piece of, ahem . . . equipment that is rather essential for a workout of any kind.

Like, couldn’t find either of my two equipment options.

So I didn’t work out.

I was so irritated with myself as I crawled back under my warm covers.

Anyway, that kind of sums up how things are right now. My dining area, living room, and kitchen are clean. Clean enough that we had people over last night for our church home group. The gameroom (that people have to enter to get to the guest bathroom) is mostly clean. The floor is clear. The sides of the room are more cluttered than a Normal Person’s home, but pretty good for me.

And just to be clear, I’m proud of that picture (explanations and all) of my living room on a random Monday morning.

Oh. There is a corner of clutter in the Dining Room. It’s made up of we’re-in-the-middle-of-something-but-people-are-coming-over-so-I-need-to-clear-the-table projects. They’re balanced on top of a box of books that I meant to take to Half-Price Books at least a year ago when I was going somewhere in Hubby’s car. Then, six months ago (or so), he needed the trunk space and hauled them back inside.

Leaving them out in plain sight will help me remember to take them, right? (<–one of my favorite delusions)

Last night I felt pretty good. Monday mornings are pretty nice when I spend an hour or so cleaning on Sunday afternoon. And as long as I keep up with doing MOST of my daily tasks through the week, it will only take an hour or so the next Sunday afternoon and I’ll avoid Disaster Status. (Usually.)

It’s a routine that works well for me right now.

But then, I get those rude reminders that all is nowhere near perfect when things happen like happened this morning.

Bedrooms (with their lovely closable doors) are my nemesis.

Especially my own bedroom.

I worked in there last week (post coming up soon) and made HUGE progress. Lovely progress. In just two little ol’ hours.

But those two little ol’ hours revealed how many clothes had escaped my wash-everything-in-the-house Laundry Days. And the resulting laundry pile was somewhat ridiculous, even more so since we’ve been on Bare Minimum Clothes Washing Status for over a week since my washing machine died and I’ve been using a friend’s while we wait for my new one to be delivered this week.

I know my pink “equipment” is in the pile. It has to be.

But it’s mixed in with all sorts of random things that probably weren’t technically dirty but fell to the floor from their precarious perch atop my Pile of Good Intentions. (Y’know. The end of my bed where I “neatly” place the things I only wore for a short time that I could wear again. But then don’t. And then they fall to the floor.)

AND, I have another piece of “equipment” that I haven’t seen in weeks.

So that’s my reality check. I’ve come a long way. I dread spending an hour or so each Sunday afternoon getting the house ready to let people in the front door, but it’s a thousand-times better than my pre-blog way of making creative excuses for why I could never (ever) host gatherings unless I knew I had two weeks to clean.

But I will always struggle.

I sometimes wonder if I’ll EVER get our master bedroom under control in a sustainable way. In a way where I’m not overly proud of it having a mostly clear floor even though a laundry pile as tall as my oldest kid waits to be spread back out over the floor in an insanely-early-in-the-morning moment of panic.

Blergh. Laundry Mountain Fell and Formed Laundry Ocean.

What’s your reality right now?


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