Instructions for Reading on Kindle

You can send documents including PDFs to your Kindle or Kindle app.  (I have the free app on my iPhone.) Most of my e-books are available directly on Amazon for the Kindle, but if you have it in PDF form, the following instructions will allow you to read it on your Kindle as well.

How to send Year One: The First Year of to your Kindle.

With your purchase, you received TWO download links. If you want to read on your computer, just download the PDF version. If you would like to read on your Kindle (or Kindle app), download the link that ends in .mobi. When given the choice, save the file to your computer.

After you download the file and save it on your computer, you can attach the file to an email sent to your Kindle email address. (Look for it in your “downloads” folder.)

To find your Kindle email address, go into your Amazon account, scroll down to Digital Content and click on “Manage your Kindle.”

Scroll down and click on “Personal Document Settings” under “Your Kindle Account” on the left.

Look for the email address listed under “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings.”  It is  This is the address to which you’ll send the pdf.

Be sure the email address you’re sending the attachment from is listed under “Approved Personal Document E-mail List.”

Cool, huh?

You can do the same thing with the PDF version of any of my e-books. If you send a PDF to your Kindle, put “convert” in the subject line of the email and the document will be easier to read. It’s a little wonky that way, but the font is big enough to read easily. (The wonkiness of a converted PDF is the reason I am offering the file of Year One specifically formatted for Kindle.)

Please be aware that Year One takes a while to send to your Kindle because it is a big file. It could take a few hours to show up.


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