Privacy Policy uses and google analytics to collect site statistics which are used to solicit advertising and for general family entertainment.  Mama has to know what to say when her 8yo asks how many people came to her blog today.

Sitemeter provides general information such as how people arrived at this site and how long they stayed.  You can click on the green and white symbol at the bottom of the page to see my sitemeter statistics for yourself.  Perhaps it’s just me, but I find it fascinating.

Google analytics basically does the same thing, but helps me see how many people came from a certain site, which percentage were new, and how many of them stuck around.  I use this to determine if it’s worth my time to link up on various sites.

Personally identifiable information is not available through these sources.  While they supposedly say the location of the visitor, they’re often wrong.  I know this because I can tell when the visitor is me, and the location is rarely the same, and is never my actual location.  Nothing to freak out about.

As stated on my disclosure page, some advertising is run through a third party, and I have no control over the ads themselves.  Anytime that you click from this site to another site, you should check that site’s specific privacy policy.

Emails – Email addresses are required to leave a comment.  This prevents (or supposedly prevents) comment spam, and also allows you to receive direct replies to your comment via email.  I do not collect or sell any email addresses you leave here.  You will only be signed up for daily emails if you . . . sign up for my email subscription.

If you have any other questions regarding privacy, please use my contact page.


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