Last Resort Clutter Avoidance Conversation – Play the Crazy Card

Last Resort to Avoid Clutter - Play the Crazy Card Videos at

I saved this one for last.

It was a last minute, impromptu brainstorm, but it’s also kind of my favorite.

Sometimes, you just have to get your point across.

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Enjoy time with your family!! I’m taking off the rest of the week to be with mine!



“You’re so funny!!” Clutter Avoidance Sample Conversations

Clutter Avoidance Videos at - You're so Funny!!


This is the last of the Clutter Guilt Conversations for now. Watch them at your in-laws’ house and maybe you’ll avoid having to actually go through these situations in real life!

FYI, I’m taking the rest of Thanksgiving week off from posting on the blog. Watch for a Black Friday sale on my e-books, but let’s just spend this week enjoying our families!

Clutter Avoidance Conversation – The “You’re so funny!!” Method

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Them: Welcome, Welcome!!! I’m so glad you’re here sweetie pie!! (Goes in for a kiss on the cheek)

Me: (Wiping off cheek) Oh, it’s so good to see you too!!

Them: Before I forget, look what I found yesterday? Monopoly!!! Now, it’s missing about half the pieces and I think the dog must have chewed up one of the corners of the board, but I thought to myself, “Self, you know who would like this? NONY! That’s who!”

Me: Hahahaha!

Them: (confused) haha

Me: Ha! Ohhhhh. Let me get this crockpot plugged in! It is SO good to see you!

Them: ha?

(Later . . . )

Them: You know, I have such great memories of you and your cousins playing Monopoly every Christmas for hours and hours! We’d listen to y’all from the kitchen and giggle. Every single year, you’d get so mad and start crying and say you hated this game and you weren’t going to be their cousin anymore! Hahaha!!

Me: (good memories kind of laughing) Hahaha. Ahhh.

(Getting ready to leave)

Me: Thanks so much for hosting this year! I’m stuffed and we had so much fun!!

Them: Oh, don’t forget about the Monopoly game!

Me: hahaha!!! Oh you!!I hope we get to see you soon!!! It’s been so fun! (Turn and leave. Without the Monopoly.)



“Let’s Get This Clear Before I Take It” – Clutter Avoidance Conversations

Avoid Clutter - Have an Upfront Conversation at

This one will help you avoid the need to use any of the Clutter Guilt Conversations I posted a while back.


I call it “Let’s get this clear before I take it” approach.

Click here if you can’t see the video.


Me: It is so great to see you!!

Them: You too!

Me: I can’t believe how big Annie is now! I’m not ready for mine to grow up that fast.

Them: Oh they do, they do. They grow up so fast! And don’t let me forget I have a HUGE bag of clothes in the car for you! We cleaned out all our closets on Monday. There’s some stuff in there for your kids, and some stuff for you too! We’re the same size, don’t you think?

Me: That’s so sweet of you. What do you want me to do with the stuff we can’t use?

Them: What do you mean?

Me: I always get so stressed out about how to get rid of stuff people give me. Decluttering is hard enough for me as it is, you know! I hate trying to remember where everything came from, so I’m asking upfront if you’re okay with the fact that I’ll probably either donate or stick whatever we don’t need in our garage sale.

1st Ending

Them: Oh, I can’t stand the thought of all that nice stuff going into a garage sale or a thrift store. If you finish using it, just save it for me and bring it back next time you come this way.

Me: Oh, well in that case, I’d better not take any of it. We really do have what we need and even though I know we’d love it, I can’t handle the stress of having to store it and try to get it back to you.

Alternate, more-likely ending

Them: Oh. Well I’d never thought about that, but I guess I don’t mind. You do whatever you need to do. Once I give it to you, it’s yours.

Me: Thanks! I like you!


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