I’ve Been Quoted!

I'm quoted in Better Homes and Garden!!! ASlobComesClean.com

See that green bumpy bubble at the bottom left of that magazine cover? Well, that article includes a quote from me!

How cool is that?

The Spring 2016 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Storage magazine is on sale now through March 29th! Here’s a peek at my BHG debut:


There’s a typo in this (it wasn’t in the quote I sent), but I’m hoping it was fixed before printing! I need to get a copy, obviously!!! Typo or not, that’s my name right there! Get it at your favorite newsstand, or get a digital version here.

And find more tips and fun things here.


Merry Christmas! (Our 2015 Family Photo!)

Christmas 2015

Our niece got married earlier this month, and you’d better believe this mama took the opportunity to get a family picture while the kids were nicely shined up!

I wish you the merriest of Christmases and look forward to lots of decluttering fun together soon! Sign up for our free email list here so you don’t miss anything, and here if you want specific alerts about the live Decluttering Club videos next week!

For now, go enjoy the people you love and focus on Jesus, the greatest gift ever given. If you want to know more about my faith, this e-book is free, no strings attached.


Know What’s More Annoying than Not Having a Dustpan?

Know What's More Annoying than Not Having a Dustpan at ASlobComesClean.com

Know what’s more annoying than not having a dustpan and having to use the old wet-a-paper-towel-and-wipe-up-the-bits-and-pieces trick?

Know What's More Annoying than Not Having a Dustpan photo at ASlobComesClean.com

Not having a dustpan and having to use that trick even though I DID have a dustpan about three minutes before this picture was taken.

Right. I had a dustpan the first time I needed it, but the second time it was nowhere to be found.

No. Where.

After four or five frantic trips through the house, I gave up, mumbling and grumbling.

I wiped up the random bits and pieces, and then I put the broom away. And found the dustpan where it’s supposed to go, in the laundry room.

Who thinks to look where something actually goes?? Not me.

Who puts the dustpan “where it goes” even though it’s still being used? I’d have never guessed this, but the answer is me.

Know What's More Annoying than Not Having a Dustpan pin at ASlobComesClean.com


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