My Book Cover!! And You Can Pre-Order How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind

As I head into my blog-free summer (ideas of how you can get your deslobification inspiration needs met are at the end of this post), it’s time to reveal something exciting!!



That’s my book cover, y’all!!! I love it so so so much. My main request was that the cover show that this book will be funny. I think my publisher nailed it.

And . . . I’m excited to let you know that How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind will be released into the world on November 8th, 2016! It’s available for pre-order now at the following sites:


Pre-Orders Available at:



A few reasons to pre-order:

  1. So you’ll be sure to get it right away! I’ve looked around, and the general info seems to be that pre-ordering gives you a pretty good chance of receiving the book ON release day. Not a guaranteed chance, but a good chance.
  2. So others will be more likely to find out about it! I’m speaking to those of us who once thought there was absolutely zero hope for our homes. Then we stumbled upon our people, and learned we weren’t alone in these struggles. I stumbled on my people by starting this blog/deslobification journey, and so many of you have told me you found your people when you learned about this community of kindred spirits. Pre-orders help bookstores determine how many books they need to put in their stores, and they also help with rankings that will give the book more exposure. More exposure = more people finding hope!
  3. In case you’re not a fan of politics, you’ll know you have something to look forward to on November 8th, which just happens to also be election day.

How to Keep Getting Deslobification Inspiration Over the Summer

It’s officially summer around here. If you’ve been around a while, you know I take summer off from blogging/podcasting and such to focus on my family. I love this job (that I created out of thin air), but I love my family more.

While I’m on summer break, you can still keep up with things. I’m sending out a weekly newsletter sharing what I’m getting done (or struggling with) and links to some of the most helpful past content from the archives. Sign up here, and you’ll also get my best decluttering solutions delivered to your inbox over the next few days.

Or you can try out podcasts. Just click on one that sounds interesting to you and then look for the grayish bar with a play arrow on it. Click that play arrow and you’ll hear my voice coming out of your computer! I’m told again and again that this audio format is perfect because it lets people actually clean while they’re being inspired to clean!

I also have some videos ready to be uploaded soon, so subscribe over on YouTube!

Or if you’ve always wanted to read from the beginning, go here to find out how (and why) I recommend doing this. You can read it for free here on the site, or you can purchase the first three years of the blog in e-book form here.



How to Remove Hairy, Scary Dust Bunnies from a Broom Without Touching Them


How to Remove Hairy, Scary Dust Bunnies Without Touching Them at title

Dust bunnies happen.

Especially with wood floors.

Hairy ones happen, especially in our family of hairy people.

hairy dust bunnies 1 at

They stick to the end of the broom and won’t come off into the dust pan like I totally think they should.

So, I bend the broom as flat on the floor as possible, and vacuum them off. Yay for no need to touch them.

vacuum the hairy dust bunnies from the broom at

Or, if I’m wearing shoes (which I pretty much never am at home), I step on the bunnies (the DUST bunnies, people, I’m not a monster) and pull the broom so they come off. That mostly works, but sometimes they reattach to the broom when I then try to sweep them onto the dustpan.

Touching them? Not an option.


Affiliate links to things mentioned in this post:

My vacuum which I totally love. (that link is to a newer version, as I can’t find the exact one, probably because I’ve had it for 14 years)

An angled broom and dust pan.


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How to Remove Hairy, Scary Dust Bunnies Without Touching Them at pin


4 Things I Found When I Cleaned My Laundry Room

4 Things I Found When I Cleaned My Laundry Room at fb

My Laundry Room has a wonderful feature.

It’s called a door.

A solid one. And it closes.

I use this feature all the time. Doorbell ringing soon? Throw it in the Laundry Room. Not sure where that goes? Throw it in the Laundry Room.

Know I’ll use that someday but just don’t have time to deal with it right now??? Throw that sucker in the LAUNDRY ROOM, baby!!

Here are a few things I found in the most recent excavation:

4 things carbon monoxide detector found in laundry room at

A carbon monoxide detector. I grabbed this at Costco when they were on sale. I intended to get a new smoke detector, but when I saw these, the thing that happens to me a lot happened. A headline went through my brain.

“Mom is too cheap to buy a carbon monoxide detector even when they were on SALE just weeks before entire family (and their dog) die of carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Carbon monoxide poisoning is serious. I spent the money and felt better about myself. I hadn’t given in to my tendency to not buy things we really really need because I’m ridiculously frugal/cheap.

I did, however, give in to my tendency to throw things in the laundry room instead of taking the time to rip open a difficult-to-rip-open package.

4 things money found in laundry room at


Yay for laundry money. Double yay for five whole dollars of laundry money.

4 things leotard found in laundry room at

An outgrown, hole-ey gymnastics leotard.

We paid a LOT of money for that thing, y’all. When you have to get a certain one, you CAN’T be frugal. I’m pretty sure the expense was the reason I made my daughter keep wearing it after she randomly snipped a hole in the front while cutting something.

And I’m pretty sure the expense was the reason I didn’t throw it away once it was outgrown and no longer needed (since we’d stopped gymnastics).

And I didn’t stick it in the Donate Box because it had a hole in it.

It’s a vicious cycle.

So I threw it away.

4 things lost ipad found in laundry room at

And last, but not least (definitely not least), my long-lost iPad.

I’m guessing I was listening to podcasts (<– linking to my own even though I don’t just listen to my own!) while folding laundry straight out of the dryer and it slid down and under and such. Thankfully, it was unharmed.

(Unharmed when I found it. It was soon dropped and very much harmed after that photo was taken.)


What have you unearthed lately?

4 Things I Found When I Cleaned My Laundry Room pin at


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