Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015

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Two years ago, I participated in the first Utimate Homemaking Bundle. This year, my e-book, Drowning in Clutter? is included in the same sale that runs for only 8 days, and it’s this week!


Let me explain. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a collection of 76 e-books, 6 e-courses, 14 printable packs, and more. Like, so much more. The people who organize this sale go to amazing links to include bonus offers. The bonuses alone have a value of more than $300.


Obviously, the thought of 100 digital files is overwhelming. I recommend that you check out the resources listed, make a note of which ones sound interesting to you along with their values, and do the math to see if the 29.97 price tag is worth it to you.

And don’t worry, it’s not all about decluttering!! There are e-books on cooking, marriage, faith, meal planning (with specific Costco and Aldi meal plans included), budgeting, parenting, homeschooling, working from home, pregnancy and babies, DIY, and more.

See all the books here.

bundle imageIt’s definitely worth a browse!

I’ll share some of my favorite included resources this week, but don’t forget that it’s only available for 8 days and then it’s gone!

Have questions? Here are the answers.


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Daily Deslobification Blogcast is Now Live!

The new daily audio blog from Nony at ASlobComesClean.com !!!

It’s officially official now! The audio versions of the blog posts here at A Slob Comes Clean are live!

There are currently 21 posts that have an audio player at the end of the post. I know at least 500 of you have already discovered this (because you’ve listened to them!), but I’m just now officially launching because I got notice that we’re live in iTunes.

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If you subscribe there, the podcasts will automatically download for you (at least with an iPhone).

I’d love feedback if you have suggestions for improvement, and I’d LOVE for you to rate and/or review in iTunes if you like them. That helps a TON to get the word out to podcast listeners which is how many of you have found me in the first place!

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Priorities – And Sledding without Snow

Snow Day in Texas at ASlobComesClean.com

It’s 2:20 on Wednesday afternoon, and other than a quick, not-a-real-post on Monday, I haven’t blogged this week.

We had “snow” days on Monday and Tuesday, which were really Ice Days. The roads were bad, so school was canceled, but we managed to get out with friends to have a BLAST “sledding” in our laundry baskets.

Today, it actually snowed, but school wasn’t canceled.

My 13yo took that pic as I dropped him off, but now there’s not a patch of snow to be found. All of it has melted.

So why a post about priorities?

Here are mine:

1. Be mom and wife.

2. Be a blogger.

Basically, I have always been committed to putting life before blogging. I consider my family my life’s work.

I’ve re-committed to that lately. Not that anything has changed, but I’ve decided to not let my blood pressure rise when blogging gets pushed down the list by Mom Stuff.

Even though blogging (and podcasting, and speaking, and writing e-books, and interacting on social media) is officially my job, if my priorities got out of whack, I’d have to let it go.

I’d prefer not to let it go, so I’m committing to not let it get out of whack.

Sorry if that’s confusing, but this hour between getting home from counting money for a school fundraiser (a Mom Thing) and picking up kids from school (another Mom Thing) is going really quickly. I don’t have time to blather AND edit.

Basically, these “Snow” Days have been a test of my renewed commitment to stop blogging as needed when Momming throws me a curve ball. It was way more important to watch the fourth Harry Potter movie and work on a Star Wars puzzle and dig out coveralls and mismatched gloves than it was to write.

Here’s hoping tomorrow allows for some time to write the posts that have been rolling around in my head.

Oh. And don’t forget about the Spring Cleaning Printables Bundle that’s going on right now. It’s one of the ways I get to call this my job.

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