2 Day Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Flash Sale

Disclosure: Affiliate links galore, coming right up!

In case you missed this earlier in the year, they’ve brought it back for two days only!

The short story is that it’s a collection of 86 resources (including e-books, online courses, etc.) valued at . $913.88 and $275 worth of bonuses!

Curious? Here are the posts I wrote in the week it was initially offered last spring. Please note, though, that there are a few items not included in this flash sale, so be sure to double check that the thing you want the most is still included.

A Few Highlights of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Flash Sale

One High Value Resource that Might Make the Bundle Worth it to You

Whatever Works for YOU

Two Very Different Women Who Both Cooked for their Families

If you were sad to miss it before, and are ready to grab it before it’s gone forever, go here:

If you want to check out what is included to see if it’s right for you, click here:


A Few Things

Thanks to my amazing assistant, Linda, I’m able to write blog posts ahead so I can focus on book-writing. But with that, I find I’m missing adding little things to let you know about current stuff that might be time-sensitive. So here’s an in-real-time post to catch up on a few things.

I did my first Periscope on Monday. Periscope is an app and lets you broadcast live while the people watching get to leave comments and interact. It was fun. I cleaned my kitchen from the weekend craziness. Those of you who watched said you’d be all for a Kitchen Cleaning Club where we (mostly me) yak away while cleaning our kitchens together. If you have the app, follow me @aslobcomesclean and set it to notify you when I do a ‘scope. (That’s what the cool people are calling them: ‘scopes.) I have no idea when I’ll do them at this point. If you’re on desktop, go here to watch any I’ve done in the past 24 hours. After 24 hours, they won’t be on Periscope but I might put them somewhere else. I haven’t decided if I’m keeping this one or not. (I look scary in it.) Let me know what you think about a Kitchen Cleaning Club?

Did you see that post at the end of the summer, before I started back to real blogging, about the $20 credit for new users at ThredUp? ThredUp is a place where you can sell your own high-quality used clothing by sending it in with their special mailing bags. You can also buy. I’ve ordered several things and I’m seriously amazed at the quality. As someone who struggles with destructive levels of frugality, I’m finding it’s a great place to get nicer-than-the-stuff-I-buy-in-stores clothes for much lower prices. Go here to get $20 in credit to use on the site when you sign up through my link. It looks like now, those who sign up have to use the credit to get $10 off each of their first two orders. But really, you can find things for just a little over ten so it will still be worth it. Also, be sure to request a bag with pre-paid postage so you can declutter your own closet.

Zaycon has way more chicken events than ever before. I can’t find it now, but I thought I read that it’s in all the continental states. If you’ve checked before and didn’t find one in your area, check again. If you have no idea what Zaycon is, it’s a way to purchase meat in bulk. To find out more, go here.



My Need for Visibility (And How I Lived to Tell About a Decluttering Mistake)


My Need for Visibility and how I lived to tell about a decluttering mistake 1 at ASlobComesClean.com

I bought that soap dispenser on the left years ago. I loved that thing.

But it simply didn’t work in my kids’ bathroom. I have to encourage them to care (at all, even a tiny bit) about using soap, so they were never going to let me know it needed refilling.

And at a glance, I can’t tell it needs refilling.

And a glance is all it’s going to get in that bathroom.

So as I cleaned in there recently, I made the Big Girl Declutterer decision to get rid of that beloved-but-totally-impractical-for-that-bathroom dispenser.

Yay me.

And then I started writing this post.

And the image of the ugly-and-recently-broken soap dispenser at my own sink came to mind. I realized I could have used this way prettier one in my own bathroom.

Or in the guest bathroom where we’ve proven we can handle an opaque dispenser.

So I feel the regret of getting rid of something I really liked and could totally have used if I’d just held onto it long enough to one day realize I had a perfect place for it at the exact same time I remembered I had it.

OK. Now that I say it that way, I see the improbability of all that. The improbability of it NOT sitting in some random place for months (or years) on end. Taking up space. Taking up mental energy.

It was a decluttering mistake, but I survived.

And, I went to amazon, and spent less than $11 and 3 minutes to find and order (affiliate link alert) one I love just as much. I’ve decided that the free physical and mental space in my home/brain is worth eleven bucks. Especially since I’d probably have ordered it anyway while that one sat forgotten in a cabinet somewhere.

My Need for Visibility and how I lived to tell about a decluttering mistake at ASlobComesClean.com

Example of Nony’s Excessive Need to Clarify All Things: When I went to find the one I ordered, the price had gone up significantly, like three whole dollars, AND no longer had free shipping. So I linked to another one that was more comparable in price to what I paid. But who knows how long it will be that price.


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