End of March Reminders

March 31 seems to be the deadline for sooo many things right now, so I thought I’d make some reminders before it’s too late!

And this is one of those posts that’s full-to-the-brim with affiliate links. You’ve been warned.

My sale on my 2 e-book set ends on March 31. Get both 28 Days to Hope for Your Home (Not for the Mildly Disorganized) and Drowning in Clutter? (Don’t Grab a Floatie, Drain the Ocean!) for only $5. Use the code SPRING14. Normally, these e-books are $5 each. Go here to read more and/or purchase.

A book I really loved (when I read it over ten years ago!), The Widow of Larkspur Inn (The Gresham Chronicles Book #1), is free on the kindle through the 31st. (I got it and plan to read it again!)

All You Magazine (the ONLY magazine to which I subscribe) is only $5 for a one year subscription. That’s an amazing price. But . . . that price is only through March 31! Click here to Get 1 year of ALL You for just $5! Their lowest price ever!
All You 6 issues for $1.66/issue

You can vote for America’s Biggest Hot Mess once per day through March 31!

And this one has a code good through March 30.

A Sense of the Resurrection

Amanda White, whom I’ve met and who has cute spiky hair,  wrote Truth in the Tinsel a few years ago and has now written A Sense of the Resurrection as a guide to teaching your children about Easter. I have this e-book, and it’s beautiful. Amanda gives 12 simple but intensely meaningful lessons that you can do with your children to teach them truths about Jesus’s resurrection by using their senses. I really think you’ll love it. Use the code OHEASTER to take the price down from 7.99 to 6.39.  Go here to purchase and/or read more.


Spring Cleaning Tips and an E-Book Sale

I wrote a post for Home Depot’s blog with ten super-simple cleaning tips. Go here to read it.

Also, since I know the thought of Spring Cleaning can be overwhelming, I’m running a sale on my 2 e-book set through the end of March. The e-books included are 28 Days to Hope for Your Home (Not for the Mildly Disorganized) and Drowning in Clutter? (Don’t Grab a Floatie, Drain the Ocean!).

Get the set for $5 by using the code SPRING14 at checkout. Go here to read more about the e-books and purchase.

($5 is normally the price of one of those e-books!)


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from ASlobComesClean.com

Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your time with your family!

As always (if this time of year makes you think about spiritual matters), please feel free to email me anytime with questions about my faith in God. I’d love to share my hope with you.

Note: My husband has comforted me by assuring me that the kid in the white shirt isn’t almost as tall as me. He claims it’s an optical illusion.

Another note: You can’t really see it, but the dress I’m wearing? It’s my Christmas dress. I’ve worn it every year since my husband and I were dating. I even wore it three days before that tall kid was born. It totally passes the One Year Test.


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